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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Skin Woes


I was born milk coffee colour like Pocahontas while my elder brother came out like fresh milk. My mum couldn’t resist kopi-o after her first child you see. Not only did I not come out as Snow White, I inherited my mum’s bad skin. She had bad acne as a teenager which then later turned pockmarks like Mark Lee. All that was salvaged later on in her adult years, thanks to facials and skincare.

That's a studio shot of mother & daughter, no photo editing.
My mum gets hysterical whenever strangers comment how she looks like my sister. She is very proud of not looking her age (56). I aim to be like her one day. She was appalled with my pimply skin at puberty, so my self-esteem plummet. She introduced me to facials and skincare when I was 15. Costing $35 at Far East Plaza, I saved on skincare by dipping into her pots. That did not get rid of my pimply skin.

Only when I turned 19, then I realized I have been doing it ALL WRONG for the past 4 years!! Thankfully, my skin wasn’t beyond help. I was using the wrong skincare (mum’s for mature skin, thus oilier), the facial treatment wasn’t suitable either.

I am an active girl, and being active means being out in the sun. I’m not a vampire you see, I am not only active at night. Besides, being out in the sun prevents jaundice (although I’m no longer a newborn), it also provides Vitamin D that you can’t get from food.
Being active also makes you more attractive to men (because you look fun and adventurous). Although I must stress, there are men who prefer the fairer sex who can be go-getters too despite the skin colour.

Most importantly, having a bikini tan line undeniably gives the illusion of a fuller chest. Tested and proven!! *cheeky smile*

However, as The Internet tells us (I read it off the Internet is the new My Friend told Me), the sun is very bad for our skin. It causes premature aging, dehydration, pigmentation and many more. The end result could be as bad as a smoker’s skin.

Doing a lot of sports (perspiration, hot yoga=bacteria on mat) gives me breakouts. That’s what I’ve been battling with lately (I thought puberty was over!)

It’s a tough decision. I can either a) not exercise, get fat but have clear skin OR b) exercise, be sexy but bad skin.

I have asked men before which will they prefer. A not so pretty girl but hot bod OR a fat girl but pretty face.

Many went for the plain Jane with a hot bod. I guess its like bedding Stephanie Sun or Britney Spears! Hot bods with bad skin. Check out celebrities with bad skin here.

Bella Skin Care told me I can have the best of both worlds. The White Renew Chargold Therapy . Blocked pores, dull skin, uneven skintone, pigmentation, blackheads and whiteheads. All signs of congested skin and often affecting not just teenagers, but adults too. Damn right it does!

All these congestion is giving me adult acne, and when you get adult acne, it doesn’t heal as fast!

So they lay me down for a simple head massage while letting me breathe lavender oil. You start relaxing and drifting into lala land. I get self conscious about sleeping with my mouth open, drooling or snoring. Most of the time, I won’t remember the awesome shoulder massage the therapist performs because I was in such deep sleep. They even have paraffin wax for moisturizing your hands too!
Nothing turns a man off clasping a hand as rough as his (this is why they love long hair too because it’s a contrast to their short crop!)

The White Renew Chargold Therapy is appropriate for clogged pores because naturally you’ve have A LOT to extract = pain! Therefore a sebum lotion is applied first, to make the gunk surface up, for easy (minimized pain) extraction. Then an ultrasonic spatula is used to gently eliminate uneven skin tone, blemishes, rough skin, excess sebum & surface pigmentation. Aloe Vera gel (healing properties!) is then massaged into the skin. Ending off with a charcoal mask with GOLD pigments. Well, the gold is really there for anti-aging properties as it reduces toxic free radicals (that you get when you exercise a lot!) I felt like Cleopatra. All in one for the woes I face as an active sportswoman!

The good news is, win vouchers from Bella Skin Care’s facebook page by

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I will be choosing a winner for a Bella Skin Care’s package weekly. So long as you participate in any of the above ways, you’re in the draw. Trust me, you WILL want to win a Bella Skin Care’s package. I don’t want to calculate how much I’ve “invested” in my skin for the last 6 years.

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