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Friday, November 28, 2008

Maxwell Food Center

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Spag Night

It is never a candle light dinner between 2,but between many other people. Ok, i've never really had a candle light dinner with just a man. I had one in Bali with a woman. Let me recall...ok, maybe i had candle light dinners with a man..but i don't remember it was ever all that romantic. Much less the one in Bali with a woman.

So yes, candle light dinners are much more fun with a group of people. Mass romantism.

The preparation that spoilt my French manicure. Ok, i think it was already alittle spoilt when i pressed the lift button.

Too much spag!
Sam's proud tower of bread.

My arms look damn long here. Everyone told me i lost alot of weight, i didn't feel so. But looking at this picture, got to admit i am rather skinny now. Funny though, the men say i'm better like that. While my girlfriends say i look pale.
See mum, Sam's not dangerous. He's harmless.

Knocking back tequila shots.

Monday, November 24, 2008

The 2 Million Dollar Yacht

I wish i can tell you it was a party filled with alcohol, skinny dipping and peeing in the sea. But my friends are very mellow, well behaved subdued people so there's none of that sort. And i'm not apologetic about it because its so much better to have the yacht as spotless as it started off as. Less stress that way.Everyone loves getting into the Captain's seat to pose, don't they.Climbing on board..Getting a welcome drink..
Shoot! I forgot to catch the sun set!
My French manicured nails that Siping bought me lasted only 1 hour the day i got it done before it got scratched. Why does it ALWAYS happen to me! Am i not gentle enough?This was what i caught them doing on the upper deck.
Caught in action.
Lawyers on board in case of anyone falling off deck and wanting to sue me.
Everyone who has met my dad says he's cute. Cute not in the good looking way but cute in the funny way.

Why was Ken sulking?
Permanent residences of the bow. And the bow is actually the best spot of the yacht.

And the stern was where the buffet table was set up. I wanted to decorate the boat like a love boat, Austin Powers style. But i didn't have time. All i had put up was a love dart thing.

Kind owner of the yacht, my uncle. I didn't take a picture with his baby! So so so cute and heavy. A 24/7 happy baby. I didn't take alot of pictures that night, was really tired and couldn't be bothered with the photo taking. Very thankful for Shyanne who probably documented almost everything.

I need to stop looking the same in every photo.

This looks like an advert for Peel Fresh.

And so i brought out this whacky precious (my uncle can only bring back one!)candle specially brought in from China saved for a special occasion. And since i had such an audience, decided to use it for a spectacular performance.

The guys were discussing whether to use anything from China while i was trying to read the instructions in Mandarin.
Look at Shaun's wide open mouth. I think he's afraid it will explode or something.And it opens its petals..And then it plays the Birthday song. Look at Siping listening with her ear..

And they sing, while DC shows his flaming support beneath.

Coincidentally it was my mum's birthday while it was my belated.

So i got her a necklace and a watch.
Thank you for all the presents, the time and effort to find Sentosa Cove.
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