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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Tips in Deciding a Hair Removal Specialist


Let's talk about body hair. 

I was an early adopter of Intense Pulse Light (IPL). It was an expensive investment but it was so worthwhile (no more forgetting to shave armpits!)
This is NOT me.
It has been 6 years or more since i completed my IPL and i haven't shaved my underarms since. As it was expensive then, i was reluctant to pay more for the larger surface areas. Going for the cheaper alternative, waxing was a horrendous mistake for my back. I got such bad acne on my back that i had to spend more money on a chemical peel to save it back. #punny

If you are considering to be hair free and fuss free at an affordable price, here're my tips in deciding a hair removal specialist. 

1) Safety
7 years ago when IPL was fairly new, I was convinced to take a package from Bella Skincare not because of Fann Wong's fair armpits, but because medical staff conducted the treatment sessions. Going to a reputable beauty salon is very important as any beauty treatment can have the possibility to go horribly wrong.  

Ginza Calla, Japan's renowned hair removal specialist with over 21 years of experience in the industry just opened doors in Singapore at Plaza Singapura (04-55). As i am biased towards Japanese products, because of their perfectionist culture, i decided to give it a go.

2) Price
Also because of its ridiculously opening offer. 3 sessions of lower arm and lower leg hair removal now only costs $40! Bella Skincare, my only other IPL experience charged by shots and it took me about 100 shots, 10 each month to be armpit hair free. That was about 10 sessions and it was a whooping total of $2000. I'm not good at math but it seems to be an expensive pricing model, especially when you end up with 2 shots for a last session. With 2 shots only, that session would deem ineffective. 

Ginza Calla don't charge by shots but give you the right amount of IPL according to your needs per session. Each shot by Ginza Calla is equivalent of 5 pulses instead of the usual 3 with other IPL machines.
Packages are catered to small or large areas and at Ginza Calla, it's a one-stop hair-free shop for EVERY body area. Including your pubic and ass hole region. Yes, you read that right.

3) Service
What makes good service is when you aren't rushed nor pushed into making decisions or buying. I was served hot unsweetened tea while i filled up my form of allergies, experience, concerns and others.
The consultant then asked where were my concern areas and honestly told me where i need and not need. She shared her own Ginza Calla IPL experience and invited me to touch her treated areas. I definitely could tell a difference between her silky soft treated skin VS my untreated rough skin! And to think i moisturize everyday :(

She then took the time to explain to me how IPL works and why shaving and waxing leaves behind a rough texture compared to IPL.
She's not lying because i do notice my pubic region is not baby ass smooth because of my regular waxing that rips the hair out, leaving pores larger and thus rougher. My legs, despite shaved regularly remains smooth because my leg hair is fine. The coarser your body hair quality is, the more detrimental it is if you remove it by any other methods than IPL.

4) Quality
Due to a country's long standing reputation of quality products, i am pleased to learn everything used in Ginza Calla is from Japan. I checked to see that they are not lying, i did see Japanese characters inscribed on the side of the machine they used. Not just the sticker you see in the photo below, but on the size where machinery usually have words.
Not just the machinery, but all gels and lotions applied onto skin is also concocted by this Japanese salon and their engaged dermatologists. Unlike other IPL services, Ginza Calla's first priority, while performing IPL hair removal, is to take care of the customer's skin.

This was NOT experienced at Bella Skincare. The procedure at Bella was short and swift. I enter, i lie down, they shave me with a disposable razor. The nurse then apply numbing gel, place glasses on me and start zapping away. With each zap, an assistant will place an ice pack before repeating the same. After 10 shots, i get up and go my way.

When my armpit was hair-free and i still had leftover shots, the salon suggested i could use them on other body parts like nipples or pubic region. I wasn't convinced by them, so i left those shots outstanding.

At Ginza Calla, i tested them out by allowing them to treat my forearm and stomach first (less risk).
I was SO PLEASED with them that in the same session, i requested for my asshole (they politely inform me, it's called the 'O' region), my nipples, and my entire pubic region including the labia (they again politely informed me, it's called the 'V' and 'S' region). All these code names.....hahaha.

They first cleanse the skin before using IPL. The therapist was SO GENTLE with me, i was on cloud 9. Having someone doing something your intimate bits takes alot of trust and despite my first time meeting her, i felt i could give her my life.
After cleansing & making sure your hair's the right length, here's what Ginza Calla does that no other IPL salons in my knowledge does. They use their own researched and developed Bihadajunbi lotion (in simpler terms, a moisturizer) on pre-treatment areas. This lotion is dispensed in a jet spray as if you are having an oxy facial on your v-jayjay. 
 Thereafter, the cold IPL gel is applied on.
Next comes the IPL pulses, before another round of the moisture-enriched mist shower.
Finally, cold moist towels are placed on all treated areas to prevent any redness. Ginza Calla is generous with their unique moisturising lotion. They apply through the high-pressure jet spray before and after IPL, they also give treated areas one last swipe with lotion before asking you to clothe. They even give a bottle to all package holders for home moisturizing. Super Kiasu! I love it.

5) Pain Factor
The coarser the hair, the more feeling you get. I wasn't convinced at Bella Skincare to use IPL on my nether regions because the underarm experience wasn't all that unfeeling. It was excruciating but my palms and feet get sweaty each time before treatment. The pain left quickly, i would describe it like an ant bite.

At Ginza Calla, i was SO AMAZED that it was so unfeeling that i fell asleep couple of times. It was like i was at a spa. You get a warm sensation every time the light flicks, but other than that i felt nothing. Zilch. The luscious texture of the Bihadajunbi lotion jet spray after each IPL also help with any sensation a customer may feel. After all, each person's pain tolerance and experience may be different so i can't vouch for all! And like i said, Ginza Calla's IPL was so unfeeling and bearable even if there was alittle feeling, that i immediately asked to do my nether regions. This was even better than brazilian wax!
Ginza Calla, Plaza Singapura 04-55 (the new wing). Call 6238 8859 for appointments or enquiries. Currently, most of their customers are Japanese who already know the salon and brand from home. 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Places to Go in Costa de Sol

We flew in to Madrid and drove 5 hours to Malaga, although one can fly in directly into Malaga. Malaga, an area favored by the Spainards and Europeans as a summer holiday destination because of its coast. 

However, my family weren't that much of beach babies, so we drove around looking for interesting places to hang out instead. 


In 2011, the film makers of Smurfs 3D promised to restore the Andalucian village back to traditional white after the premiere. It is a blessing in disguise for the town that they didn't honour their promise. For it was the only way to bring tourism and dollars to this otherwise small and extremely un-happening village.


We drove nearly 2 hours in search of this Smurf village. There were even day tours offering to take you to Smurf village.
However, other than 2 XL sized Smurfs and everything painted in blue, there're isn't anything else terribly exciting.
The town was cute, for 30 seconds. There is only one shop that sold Smurfs lollies, keychains and the signature character blue, white or red hats.
Panoramic view of the village
Still, it is a town to visit, just so you can say you've been to Smurf village. Unless, Smurfs become so vintage that there is no longer swag. 


Ayuntamiento, C/ Real Fábrica De Hojalata, 1
Málaga 29462

I like Rhonda because it is one of the most spectacular village i have been. Its location is dramatic, set in and around a deep gorge spanned by an impressive bridge. It is also touted to have inspired JR Tolkien! It is also listed as one of the must-see places in the world. 
My pictures don't do justice. The ones from the Internet do!
Photo by Francisco Marin
Ayuntamiento, Plaza Duquesa de Parcent, 
29400 Ronda. 
Rio Verde with Xtreme Adventura
Having tried canyoning in Mt Blanc, i thought to try the Spanish terrain. It was a drive to nowhere, and a 1 hour hike in the scorching heat with our equipment. 
By then, we were thirsty and eager to jump into the crystal clear cool water.
There weren't sexy slides or ropes in this canyoning experience. The route was disappointing compared to the fantastic experience i had in Mt Blanc. However, it had crazy jumps that i was forced to do because there would have been no other way out.

We went with Xtraventura Turismo Activo and photos of the experience were given to us freely after. While this was a beginner's route, i would think a reasonable fitness level is required as well as a daredevil spirit!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Evolution of Dating

3 years ago, when i went out with someone 10 years older, he imparted some "wise" words. That as i grow older, the notion of a date would matter less to me. 

There used to be a process when getting into a relationship. It starts with admiring from afar, to mustering the guts to break the ice, to going on dates for as long as you want before an eventful day where he asks if you want to be his "stead". It usually comes with flowers, a teddy or some dramatic gesture. 

When that was the trend in my teenage years, i remember comparing it to the movies and was appalled that reality was blatant and unromantic in how two people are tagged officially. I thought people tumble into bed together and that began the relationship, which seemed alot more romantic then.  

A decade later, indeed reality is like the movies. Except a committed relationship may not be the result of tumbling into bed. I grew up, innocence stolen. Today, i spoke to a 23 year old and got to know kissing and holding hands doesn't mean its official. I'm no Mary but i thought such frivolousity is only with older people, probably jaded and skeptical with bad relationships. I probably shouldn't generalise but it started other thoughts and discussion how dating has evolved. As with all evolution, like apes to humans, brick size phones to mini ear pieces, private information sharing to public social sharing, dating has also evolved. 

Before social media existed, fact finding starts from a date. Today, *no one goes out before doing some online CSI. Its a boon and a bane. You cut to the chase, to know if he has any lingering ex or currently dating someone else, but is this pre-judgement healthy? 

A relationship is only official once it's announced publicly on Facebook. A girlfriend was arguing with her boyfriend over his Facebook status, only to be appeased after he updated it. 

As a grown up, i then asked "where is that childhood innocence?" When there is no ambiguity if one is in a relationship or not because someone did ask "do you want to?" and there would be a "yes/ no" answer, typically. Its an irony that as a child, we can't wait to grow up and when we got there, we want time to turn back. 

Sunday, May 18, 2014

A Moroccan Hammam

Still reminiscing my Greek hammam experience, being rubbed by a sex god, i thought a Moroccan hammam would be the same.

Recommended by our riad, we navigated the Marrakech medina maze and arrived at Mille et une Nuits

The ones for tourists have English signboards outside, whilst the ones truly for locals, one would have to guess with signs. If you see an entrance that looks suspiciously like a public toilet, it probably is the local hammam as there are hardly any public toilets in Morocco. Local or for tourists, they all adhere to male and female hammam time on a hourly rotational basis. If you arrive not at the matching timing of your gender, you may either return or spend the hour waiting or getting another service done.

Mille has a nice lounge area to wait, with an extensive menu to spend more dirahms.
Photos can't describe the interiors of this traditional hammam. With minimal photos, i hope to take you into the hammam with some imagination.

The reception was nothing impressive. It was a narrow corridor & we talked about prices. After settling for the traditional hammam & hour massage for 55 euros, we ascended some stairs. Hammam means a steam room & may not include the scrub & bath by an attendant. So do ask what it includes.

Entering somewhat like a trap door in the ceiling, the walls and carpets were ruby red with typical arabic motifs. I felt like Jasmine in Alladdin. One would think the interiors were designed on purpose to give an atmosphere but i took a reality check and indeed this IS moroccan architecture. 

I did the massage first as the hammam was occupied by men. I didn't think an hour massage (i upgraded) was necessary as the moroccan massage was very oily with gentle strokes. After the massage came the somewhat shocking (in a good way) hammam experience. 

A large shadow loomed over me, and i raised my head up. An African older lady in a black onesie, tummy bulging, grey streaks in her sideburn and breasts almost to her knees greeted me with a twinkle in her eye. We didn't speak the same language, so she smiled, took my hand and clasped my arm under hers as if she was afraid i'll try to bolt. 

I bet we would have been a funny sight from the back as David & Goliath walked towards the hammam hand in hand. Because of the language barrier, i didn't get to change into my bikini. They stripped me to my panties & proceeded with the entire ordeal while i sat soaked in my panties. It would have been more comfortable if i was in my bikini bottoms but i could deal with it. 

Entering the old hammam was like going into a bunker. It looked like one of the scenes from Saw. The walls are made of marble tiles, most chipped and fallen. It had a low ceiling and it was steamy. 

She hostled me to sit on top of a plastic massage table and dosed me with warm water. This time, water didn't part on my face as it hit my forehead like it did in Greece or like when Moses toes touched the Red Sea. I quickly shut my eyes as she dosed me repeatedly. 

She then tapped the plastic table motioning me to lie down. I did and she pulled me across the slippery table top towards her like i was a dish she couldn't reach. 

I was then brutally sandpapered.I had to bite down my tongue with a grimace on my face. I was afraid to be rude, and i didn't dare let out a sound. Luckily it was quick. She scrubbed every inch of my skin, flipped me over and scrubbed again. Thank God she was gentle on my face. She just did a sweep of my cheeks and forehead. She also slathered a black translucent cake of seaweed all over me. I didn't really know what it was but i'm guessing (and hoping) its something for beauty. 

She chucked me into the hammam, a wave of steam rolled over me. I could feel the difference between this and the glass built steam room i get back home. There was a running tap in the corner while there are steps i can choose to sit in the square room. Everywhere look kinda icky but i try not to think about it. I chose a spot that looks the cleanest and sat down gingerly trying to minimise as little skin surface possible. 

After 10 mins, she came to get me. This time she slapped on a clay mask all over my body and face. This was nice, as she applied it with a backrub. As she applied my front, i almost let out a whoop as her fingers grazed my feminine bits. 

It was a return to the hammam to bake the clay. While i was meditating in there, she started cleaning the door from the outside. I was amused. For a country like Morocco, where dust & third-world sanitary makes it impossible to be clean, the locals do make an effort to make their working area clean. I constantly see shop owners washing and sweeping their store-fronts. 

When she was done cleaning, she summoned me out and gave me a final dose of warm and cold water. I almost drowned. 

The hammam experience is complete. My skin was baby smooth and my shoulders relaxed. As the saying goes...No pain, no gain.

Reservations are recommended , 05 24 44 30 79. 

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Review of Prestige Eye Brow and Lash Specialist

My tag have been no photoshop,no falsies, no push-up bra, just real life situations. I'm just not quite the kind of girl who is overly conscientious with looks. 

BUT there are some exceptions to using falsies. Like at a photoshoot, or on my wedding day, or travelling. 

I knew i was going to be tripping the Sahara desert under harsh conditions. I was limited to only bringing a backpack for 2 weeks, it is gonna be very hot and sunny with no luxury bathrooms nor hotels. Yet a camwhore i am, i wanted pretty travelgrams and nice pictures would mean having my beady Asia eyes actually visible under the squinting sun. 

So without any surgery, i went to PRESTIGE at Pacific Plaza #03-10 to widen my eyes. By adding silk lash extentions!
Procedure is tape is placed below your eye for better visibility and application.
I had a brief consult upon entering the decadent velvet newly opened boutique. Jac suggested to implant the silk lashes strand by strand to make my lashes look full yet still natural. I didn't have to tell her, but she was observant enough to notice and so assumed i am not one who applies daily heavy make-up. She took that into consideration in her recommendation, which i obviously didn't challenge. Other than silk strand by strand, there were other options like mink, or clusters Mink would have been even thinner, and i wasn't sure if it would have given the effect. So i settled on silk extentions. 

What i liked about Prestige was they are fast! Having tried lash extentions before at 2 other establishments, Prestige won the fastest fingers. In 90 mins, Jac have applied over 100 ( ok, she wasn't counting) silk lashes strand by strand to give me the effect i desire. I remember there were establishments that charged by the number of strands they use! Prestige doesn't do that. There was also zilch stinging or discomfort.
Before PRESTIGE lash extensions
After lash extensions
Jac did not apply the extentions close to the root of my original lashes, which is crucial to not having hair loss. The application was painless and there was no sting. After lying comfortably in the salon for 90 minutes,my eyelashes fluttered open, literally. 

I was told to not touch water for the next 3 hours, so i wore goggles to bathe. The lashes didn't drop for almost 3 weeks, and even behind glasses, they were soft enough to not create any discomfort pushing against my specs. I needed to adjust a little how i put on my contact lenses because i can't push my upper lid up as i usually would, but it was no biggie. 
The good thing with lash extensions is i refrain from rubbing my eyes, which is beneficial as frequent rubbing of eyes is what creates dark eye rings. 

It was amazing, to wake up ready to go without making up. To still have my eyes wide-open behind glasses and make nice travelgrams. 

My eyes appear larger with Prestige lash extensions.
In Florence without lash extensions.
In Spain with lash extensions
And here’s a photo comparision of Prestige lash vs Browhaus vs now defunct Musee. 
Left to right: Browhaus, Musee, Prestige
In my opinion, Browhaus was too dramatic for my liking. Musee, a Japanese salon was the best but is no longer offering this service. Prestige came next closest to being natural.

On my travels, I brought zilch make-up but still woke up beautiful and went to bed pretty. Only because Prestige lash extensions gave me bigger eyes.

If you are interested, make an appointment with Prestige at 67333369, price list and more info on services can be found at

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Theresa Beauty Mother Day's Promotion


Beauty is more than having a slim figure – that’s what Theresa Beauty believes in. Since 1987, Theresa has been making the journey to weight loss goal less arduous and more achievable.

It is also about taking care of your health. This allows you to fully enjoy that journey to greater radiance, energy and immunity – and get more out of life. In many ways, their weight management solutions are designed to ensure a beautiful inside-out transformation.

In their nature-inspired slimming programmes, their tasty 100% organic fruit detoxification juices are combined with the use of advance technology to make our transformation easier, safer and more effective. Alltheir programmes focus on sustainable results, underlining their belief in getting more out of life – in the truest sense.

Before I end this post, I want to share with you the much-raved-about facial treatments and an organic detox programme promotion that Theresa Beauty is having right now. This programme is designed to ensure a beautiful inside-out transformation, a package dedicated for Mother’s Day!

They are currently offering a 7 Days Unlimited Detox Treatment at a very special price of $38. This promotion comes with a complimentary Cocktail Juice bottle.
T&C: For Walk-in only. First-come first-serve basis.Availability only Mon-Fri 10am-5pm. For first time customers, and not valid with other promotions or discounts.

Not to forget, they are currently having this Visage Corrective First Trial Treatment promotion for you and your mom at a very special price of $68.
T&C: Reservations required. For first trial customers.Not valid with other promotions or discounts.

Definitely a great way to pamper your mom this Mother’s Day

If you are interested to find out more about this promotion for a pampering session for your beloved mummy and yourself, you can call them at 6482 1187.

Or simply fill up your details in the link below and Theresa Beauty will contact you for an appointment or dial their hotline at 64821187!

$68 for Mother and Daughter trial at Theresa for Visage Corrective Trial Treatment (U.P. $398)

$38 for 1 bottle 330ml Juice + 7 Days unlimited Detox treatment (U.P. $1434)

For latest promotions, check out

Like Theresa Beauty on facebook to find out their latest promotion!

Theresa Beauty outlets:
Ang Mo Kio Central | Clementi Central | HougangCentral | Jurong Gateway – JEM | Marine Parade Central |Tampines Central – Century Square |Toa PayohCentral
For more information, visit them
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