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No photoshop, no falsies,no push-up bras. 
Just real life situations.

I was nicknamed Chrispy by a suitor when i was 15. I found him irritating then, but was touched by his creative gift of a minature blow-fish that swam up and down in a slender bottle (Winnie the Pooh no less, my favourite). Yummy Chrispytine...Still is part 2, which explains the Still.

Dissed blogging when it first started in 2000, why would anyone want to bare their soul to strangers and air dirty linen. Succumbed and jumped on the bandwagon when i went Australia, so that my parents could stay current with down under news. Chrispytine started with very mundane posts like me learning to cook. I thought i successfully made sambal stingray, only to have my then-boyfriend appalled i placed an ENTIRE stingray fin in front of him half cooked.

I like telling stories. I’ve taken photos like a pigeon eating Kentucky Fried Chicken and a fly squashed by a fry. I headline them as “It’s a Bird Eat Bird world out there” and “Death by Fries” to depict society. I am a flawed but improving photojournalist.

In 2010, one of my readers ( I'm not a scizho!) nominated me for the Omy Blog Awards. I dropped her an email of thanks to no avail. I really wish to buy her a meal one day because that nomination had opened many doors. Since then, i've been engaged as an influencer for brands like OCBC, CASIO, JOHNNIE WALKER, been on media trips invited by CANON, ROYAL CARIBBEAN, SCOOT and conducted workshops for brands like PANASONIC on How to be a Great Blogger.

Sabah Tourism even picked up my blog post about my Guide to Climbing Mt Kinabalu and promoted it to their 102K fans with 38 shares, 503 likes and 13 comments. Even my bikini photo won't warrant that!

Today, a sizable traffic amounting to 60,000 total web hits stalks this site with a particular interest in the beauty,fashion and lifestyle topics that i enjoy sharing. Winning 2012's Supper Blogger awarded by Singapore Press Holding as a notable wordsmith in the blogosphere was certainly an honour.

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Photo Studious said...

OMG! I almost fell out of the chair when I saw the winning Charity Date bid! Awesome blog by the way and will be following your future posts!


Anonymous said...

You are awesome! Just know that someone there's a guy who thinks you are the most perfect woman in the world :)

*here's to next time

Anonymous said...

your laughter and energy is so captivating

tran quoc dan said...


Anonymous said...

is yummy christine a bloody spg,filipino is already here to steal your market,karma

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