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Saturday, October 14, 2006


I think i look more and more like my mother..ok,ok got to give some credit to my dad too.

I even got my mother's ass. Which is a compliment to her, after 3 kids...still got an ass like mine..hahahahaa

Wednesday, October 4, 2006

She said I got Talent.

After searching high and low, I finally got a lady driving instructor. All the other ones I got from the yellow pages, the men sounded weird. Communication break down. Today’s my first driving lesson, and I’m hooked!! So fun, like Daytona.

She said this’s her first allowing a student on her first lesson to go onto a busy street, because i got talent..i’m a goooood girl, she says. Hahahaa…

Yeah, talent. Talent that Dad didn’t realize his car moved from the parking lot to the staircase one day when we were all rushing for school/ work. Hee hee heee

Its really different though, how they access driving here. Do you know for your test, you drive barefoot? Hahhaaa..pity whoever has Hongkong foot. Now, why is it called Hong Kong anyway.

Also, so interesting, they give you scenarios. Like going to the shopping center, leaving something behind and going back etc.

I hope to pass first time, because I don’t wanna lose time. I’m juggling work, studies and driving now. And I like being a super woman. SO I’m taking auto, and I’m not a loser, Norman.

I didn’t want to waste brain juices figuring manual out. I tried, clutch, press, stall. Most cars are auto anyway, but I DID consider..what if one day I kana kidnapped, then the car is MANUAL!! Then how I escpae, I wont have the skill. I will be dead…

Norman says I’m irritating, because of such thinking but hey! Things DO happen what…but Norman helped me figure it out..the kidnappers will probably be just as loser as me. They use auto cars too..hahahaha

And I think I’m so disciplined. I actually bothered to wake up at 7am this morning to run, then went for my first driving lesson at 9am, then studied, cooked lunch, went for lectures, cooked dinner and studied.

The boyfriend says my cooking is getting better by the day. But the boyfriend’s greedy, always say I cook too little, but reaching the end of the meal, he’s always complaining he’s too full.

I’m going to wake up at 7am everyday now, leading up to my exams. Ok, try to. So I can make up for loss time. The 2 weeks I played with mum and ivan.

Ba ba black sheep, have they any you. Yes sir, yes sir, I miss you.

P.S I overheard my house mate talking with her girlfriend on the phone..their baby will be called Lychee.

Monday, October 2, 2006

Time flies...fruit flies, summer flies.

My house mates left them a note, and Ivan wrote back. Its been whacky, them fooling around. You see Ivan in my house mate (a female)'s room, entering and leaving at weird hours of the night. I hear CK now playing soccer on his own outside..aww, he must miss Ivan. Lawrence thinks my mum is hot. The boyfriend realised where i got my butt from..ACCIDENTALLY. Right...hahahaa. Its so quiet around here now.

My brother so romantic ar...returning home from the air port..i saw he left me a poem. Ok, at least this is so much easier to decipher than those on his blog.

When they're here, you feel them taking up space. When they're gone. Its suddenly so empty.

The locals are really generous with buskers. 10 dollar, 5 dollar..a shower of coins...what can i busk about? I realised, i don't have such skills.

One of my own convicts in cell 5. This is what Ivan does when there's nothing to do. Stare in space...the other day on the train, a little boy was asking if he could stay at his friend's house for the holidays. The parents rejected his idea..he start whining and pleading saying its sooo boring at home. Is perth more boring than singapore?

i hear Singapore's planting such along Orchard Road now. Is it true? Spring is here.

I look like a stick insect!!

The torchlights were momentos to keep. Cool! You should have seen the souveneirs. Even cooler!! LIFE SIZE Prison cell key rings, miniture ball bearings, cuffs etc. Pity they were not made into key chains then at least they're practical then higher possiblity to purchase.

Their uniform's really funny. Look more like clowns. Anyway, good thing we went for the night tour, its fun and there were actors and rehearsed scares. You pay the same price for the day tours sans all that.

Now, this IS really like prison break. 3 levels high, rows and rows of cell. Its scary if you're alone here at night. Know why the wire net's there? Was implemented after a 17 year old boy fell off the top floor and died. Wasnt sure if he commited suicide or murdered.

Michael Fay never learns his lesson isn't it? hahaa..these drawings depict their life in prison actually. Some of them. So bored, they used chalk.

A double room, with a bucket to share for poo.

A 20cm x 20 cm cell, maybe? But Yay! Personal bucket.

This is the nastiest room of all. The gallows. Had a nasty musty smell in it as well. But i think its rust. We were joined with a school kids tour, these kids were really well behaved. But in this room, a couple of them felt giddy and wanted to leave. I was so afraid the one next to me will puke on me. Hahaha..but the boys who pull their hoods up were kinda unsettling in such a dark eerie prison. Plus they were so see them with their hoods on bobbing around.

This reminds me of the easel that you do paintings on. But its actually a spanking post.

This prison is about 200 years old. No longer functioning, its now supposedly 'haunted'. After the tour, we all gathered to exchange photos as some people pointed out 'orbs' in their cameras. As well as 'faces' in their orbs. I suppose it might be reflections, but oh well...things of the unexplainable. Its how you believe it. But i got to hand it over to the guards who lock down the place at night after all the tours. Freaky scary, with hundreds of cells to lock.

A prisoner's timetable. 6am, out of bed. 11.15pm, back to bed. That's quite a hard life. Looking at their living conditions, you cant help bu pity them. Oh well, nobody asked them to commit crimes. Now, what's the difference between a prisoner and a convict?

And so after the trip, everyone's hooked on Prison Break..i've watched snipplets of it here and there like thrice. The settings are so similar to the show, so surreal. What a kick! Scofield is really really good looking too, reminds me fondly of a friend. Same attitude, same look, same eyes. Irony bit, his father owns a funeral parlour. Hahahaa.

We took little photos of the few. I guess i wasnt so much in the mood, because when they leave, looking at them will be unbearable.

In my garden, there's Papa rabbit and baby. Mama's missing. Maybe eaten by an eagle.

These are the very irritating yet very pretty birds that chirp every morning 530 AM!! outside my window.

Ivan's quite a photo whore now..he insisted on this picture.
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