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Friday, November 5, 2010

Lunchtime Quickie

You see, i am ACTUALLY not SO happening. My daily routine is wake up, go to work, slog till 6pm then home to exercise for about 20 mins, bath and dinner, soon it's bed time! Occasionally i go to events and parties, but i'd prefer sticking to my usual routine of work-park-home! The times where i have to go for facials after work actually frustrates me and like a fish out of water, i hate missing my jogging sessions!
So Glow Couture comes up with a fix that is perfect for people who'd like to seize the day. Little Miss Petite Visage at The Central Mall (Clarke Quay). The perfect lunchtime quickie!
The therapist conducts a 35 minute treatment that consists of microdermabrasion, healing masks after and a shoulder massage. Now, extraction usually happens in a facial and it's $#%&*(@ painful! Microdermabrasion is using machine and technology to suck the gunk out of your face. Microdermabrasion is very dehydrating (as i've experienced at Bioskin, skin felt tight after) so it's superb that Glow Couture slap on healing hydrating masks after. Those spanish products works! My skin felt fresh, light and clear.

I like it that Grace the therapist did not try to up-sell me because she advised that i not do this too often because i do not need to. Just for maintenance every 3 months or so, she says.
After the treatment, i spent 10 minutes buying my mum's birthday present in the mall, another 13 minutes  pigging out on awesome pasta (cooked in an open kitchen, starting from $7, very garlicky and rich) in the basement (called Pasta and Soups, shares space with a European looking mart).
Spent the last 2 minutes of the lunch hour just gazing at this lazy hamster that sips water half asleep!

Carpe Diem!

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