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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hong Kong is a shopping paradise for women. But with that 'tag', you'll be surprised with their service standards. Better not say more, i just saw on the New Paper about this blogger being arrested for making a 'racist' comment when he thought his blog is only read by friends.

Better to just keep it simple. More visuals, than words shall we?

I've always preferred Chi-na architecture than Ang-Moh. Call me traditional.

But er, no i won't decorate my house with Chi-chong antique cupboards or chairs.

Look how packed the largest casiona in Asia is.

I'll let you interpret this yourself :P

Wedding pictures at the the Ruins of St Paul.

Oh, i like Romanian architecture too. I just can't stick to one, can i?

Totally magnificiant! Good thing my mum said to go in the observatory when i wanted to give it a miss. I was like "Whats so nice about Jelly Fish! I only like to eat them."

Things like these make you marvel at His works.

Ocean Park has 2 parts, you take a cable car to get from one end to the other end. I wonder what happens if the cable car breaks down.

I normally never liked cable cars. Too slow...and when the wind blows, it sways so hard i fear for my life. But this one was stable and fast. Yet it doesn't compromise on height.

I had to take this alone.

This was the street i lived in. The night is bustling with life. Hong Kong is really a city that never sleeps. The later it gets, the more street peddlers appear.

I am in love with jellyfishes AND pandas.

Then of course, there's the food part of Hong Kong. Everything else is relatively cheap, except food. Although still affordable.

I never dared to try the steamed egg dessert at the Bugis dessert store (scared will waste $$ b/c it isn't nice) but in Hong Kong you have to, don't you? One word.... milk. Too M-I-L-K.
Macoroni is also their staple breakfast food.

Their wanton noodles come in JUST wanton and noodle. Costs SGD $8 for a small bowl. Bleah.

Another staple local food...instant noodle with luncheon meat.

I think Singapore's food is better. Although we lose in Tim Sum, but at least ours feels a little healthier. Just a little. And better priced.

But this...oh such a brillant idea! You Char Kueh wrapped in Chee Chong Fan.

Dessert shops are found everywhere. We had dessert every night. Which i think you might notice my pictures started with a sharp face going towards round. My pictures are not in order though.

Miriam Yeung, I think that's how her name is spelt.

Night view atop The Peak.
The street i lived on was littered with pet shops. On the first day, i was delighted to walk through it everytime i get home. Increasingly, i find it 'painful' seeing all these adorable furries caged up. Especially those who are not puppies anymore!

Guess who i saw!

I had to go through this alone, again. It was great fun although my throat felt sore afterwards. It's this asylum where you walk through in a group, with 're-enacted' scenes from horror films. So i saw scenes of a child sitting by a corner, an operating theatre..with the usual scary shocking stuff lah. Even the guys in the group were afraid i tell you.

So so cool, although i admit 98.9% of the time, i only peeped through my eye lids.

I admit i am short.

Mum has always wanted to do that. Get in between George Bush and Bill Clinton.

Couldn't resist.

I've checked. Still xxx below.

Like those old country side China film.

Only that the train is fake.

We had our first meal in Hong Kong luxuriously on top of the Peak. Like on Westin. Only that the food is so much more worth paying for than in Westin. Totally fine dining, and only because we're too tired to search for any more eateries and Mum said to give the bill to Dad. Haha. Imagine living there!

Massaging her face, i think.

She has bad posture. Haha no la, just that this is a vertical (slanting) train we took up to the Peak. You feel giddy after a while, because you're perpetually slanting for quite a while (train moves slow!)
Rooms in Hong Kong is small and rent is expensive. Glad that i found this place so we got to experience the local living style. Extremely small, but hey, we get to step into a real Hong Kong 'HDB'!
I shan't even get into what i bought....too long a list. Muahaha...perhaps, maybe you will see my purchases in time to come.
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