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Friday, September 25, 2009

Happy Breath Day!

My witty girlfriend, S thought of what to put on the cake.

It was a durian cake! The whole family's favourite.

My dad loves his new gadget. He talks to it.

Though i spent a three figure sum for the entire night, it was well worth it seeing a happy family.


Genting hasn't changed since i last went there 13 years ago! Like kids again, we excitedly analyzed and strategised which ride to conquer first.

I LOVE the weather up there. I think everyone does.Eating hot cup corn in the chilling weather while queuing up for rides was simply divine. Ok, not the queuing up part. We love the Tower of Terror. The one that goes 9 storeys up and drops down unexpectedly. Somehow, we managed to jump queue ( i was SO AFRAID i would get stoned) but thank God we did. Because it rained shortly after. Imagine queuing all the way till its almost your turn then *plop plop.....rooooooar.....shiiiiiiiiish.........*

I regret not buying that photo they took of us when we were high up though. His expression was priceless :P But $15 was very pricey for a photograph. I guess that's how theme parks make more money.

Anybody who sees this museum ought to pay it a visit. It costs SGD 15 for the museum AND the haunted house.The haunted house is not quite worth going (more neon 3D effects than real stuff). But the one in Pattaya, Thailand is. The museum is 90% similar to the one in Pattaya, which is why i encouraged him to see and i wouldn't mind seeing them again too.

Inside, you find interesting facts like this. And...

shrunken heads!When i first saw this in Thailand, i was spooked out. I thought it was REAL. But seeing another one here in Genting, i kinda suspect they're all replicates.

All i all, i didn't get to shop nor eat as much as i planned too. I bought nothing! But it was good to get away for the weekend. Away from work stress. We walked around alot. He had some new experiences with herbal jelly and theme parks.

Travel Tip: We stayed at Orchid Inn that is only RM 88 a night for 2. It's very conviniently beside Times Square, Imbiah Station. Going up to Genting costs only RM 10 for the Genting Highway bus from KL Sentral Station. We bought the package that includes the outdoor theme park pass + cable car + bus for RM 35.

Oh! And Krispy Kreme is CLOSER than we thought!! They have it in KL's Time Square. Yipee!! I only had 2, i used my last RM 5 :P

I love holidays!! Going to Japan AGAIN!!! But that's next year. Hahaha. I can't wait. Darwin first, i need to go apply leave. Ta ta!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

S'pore-born Porn Star Dead

I found this article from the Sunday Times on my table when i got home.

I wonder why my dad purposely left it there for me. Obviously asking me to read.

I wonder what was he hinting....

Do porn = death? Or date a Westerner = death.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Chunk Fest

It always seems like a blogging diarrhoea after a weekend. It was pretty fun hopping from one place to another. Chunk Fest was quite a disappointment. I was expecting it like Australia Big Day Out, but it looked like it was trying to achieve that but failed miserably. There weren't as many fringe activities as they promised to have. It wasn't as happening as i thought it would be. But the venue was nice, the skyline was pretty. It wouldn't have been such a let-down if the weather was within control. Like D said, if only Singapore is 10 degrees cooler. Not too ambitious, are we?
The ice-cream was not even free! And they melted before you could even say A to D! So i paid $4.50 to try one of the twelve flavours they wouldn't otherwise have in their stores. Yellow Brick Road was a tasty blend of chocolate and peanut butter.

Church Camp

Watching Jump! reminded me of our church camps. We always have some sort of talent show as a finale. And i remember winning the Best Actress Award ( i really really don't know how! I can't lie for nuts!) We would do all sorts of stupid acts like Jump! This camp was ONLY 3 yrs ago!! Why did it seem like yester years? We even looked yester year. This photo was West Side Kids. HAHAHA! I think it must be the "in" thing in 2005. Probably some Taiwanese drama.
I LOVE church camps. The young, the old...everyone gathers to sleep together.

I lost count on the number of camps we went. Yet each one, the memory stays.
Every morning, we wrestle to get to the loo.
Then pose in front of the mirror in the hotel lobby.
At night, we gather to gossip.
Gawd, i miss those times. We grew up in the same neighbourhood but have grown apart as we grow up. I always feared we will never have times like this again (and it seems true), but they'll always be family to me.
Don't bother watching if you're not from my church and don't undersand Mandarin.


Stop and stare...
One foot long chilli chicken sausage that the waitress promises to be "very nice!" It's just another sausage that costs $13 and looks like dung.
I love their Skinny Pizzas though. Wild Truffle Mushroom is my favourite. Pity Suntec City's outlet didn't have the sweet potato fritters (was looking forward to that one). Their apple cider which has 2% alcohol tastes like beer to me. My friend noticed that they put grass with every dish. I was telling him i chose this place because i felt really unhealthy the past week having consumed zero vegetables. So he said, "there you go, you get your grass!"
I did get to have a taste of their weird ice-cream flavours though. They have Mexican Chilli, Truffle Mushroom and Parmesan Cheese. I would say only the Parmesan flavour is the most edible.Mushroom just taste weird, they even have mushroom bits like the Campbell soup!Mexican Chilli was just horrendous for the throat. I won't bank my money on a scoop of their ice-cream. Max Berner, which was a wiser choice for desert at the Esplanade was heavenly. So empty, so quiet, smells so good.
Now, if you watch the above youtube clip, i would say you've already watched 15% of the show. It was very light-hearted and cute. People were roaring with laughter, especially the children and the Aunties. I don't get it, why are Aunties SO EASILY TICKLED? I wonder if they were like that when they were younger. Laughing at anything and everything. I sat beside an Auntie, that's why. And i knew if my mum had been there, she would be reacting THE SAME WAY.

How appropriate, that i caught this with my takewando friend. Who else, would otherwise be interested? Haha.

House Keys.

One for mum, one for dad. One for Brother 1, one for Brother 2. Brother 1 and 2 don't seem to like my choice for them. Hahahaha.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

About Life.

The world is never black and white. Neither do you see the world with rose-tainted glasses.
The world is grey. With a lot of sitting-on-the-fence approach with issues.
Neither do you cross the line nor stay behind the line, you stand ON the line.
That seems safer.There’re many double standards. Like how a man will be offended if the woman fantasizes about someone else while making love with him, yet it’s acceptable if the man masturbates to the porn of someone else in his alone time. Food for thought.

I’ve watched The Cove and its one show hard to sit through. It builds up very steadily the impending issue of dolphin slaughter. It’s very well developed and informative. Instinctively, you’ll hate the Japanese for doing these things to such beautiful intellectual creatures. God created a permanent smiling face on the dolphins (reminds you of Joker, no?), that disallows captured/tortured dolphins to show their pain (by far, I have only seen dogs showing emotions. Their eyes well up with tears if you reprimand them. ) Have you seen any other animals expressing emotions? I think my hamster showed pain when she was giving birth too. But that could be my imagination.

When I walked out of the theatre, my head cleared and emotions aside, I started taking the issue apart and analyzing it. After all, any form of media is propaganda. The Cove talks about how whale meat is a commodity in Japan. Because there is a demand for them and not enough whales, the unethical business men supplies mock whale meat. Dolphin meat. The whole film advocates the immediate halt of dolphin slaughter for its meat (that is highly toxic and therefore not nutritional at all to humans) and as entertaining performers (because dolphins in captivity do not live long). I second that.

Through the film, it has highlighted the politics that go around the World. Like how they wiped out WW II history from their textbooks, I am sure this film will never be heard in their country due to media control.

This film has created uproar around the world and people are criticizing Japan because of this. Firstly, I am not defending Japan, neither do I condone any animal/human cruelty, but people need to start seeing that such unethical incidents are not happening ONLY in Japan! Some parts of the world kill dogs and monkeys. Some parts of the world kill for fur. Some parts of the world throw male chicks alive into the machine that spins it up into a bloody mess (because they can’t produce eggs). WE eat frog porridge and drink turtle soup. Frankly, the film has made me contemplated turning vegetarian.

1) The truth is whale meat is NOT the food for common folk in Japan. It is a premium meat. Sushi is a treat for the Japanese, unlike in Singapore where we can eat sushi at the belts for $2.99 and $5.99 for the red plates. In Japan, sushi can cost USD 1200 for 5 people.

The Cove might have made a vague unfounded impression that the Japanese eat whale meat like the world eats chicken.
The film uses shock treatment to make people change their lifestyles. I hope it makes you to think more about your own lifestyle and what you can do to make the world a better place than to be focused in hating the Japanese. Then again, we have the shock tactics on our cigarette boxes too, I don’t see anyone changing.

When MJ died, I took a closer look at his lyrics. It seemed like he was crying out for help. Help for the dying world.

So if we’re going to boycott Japan because of their actions, I think we have to boycott German beer (no explanation needed), diamonds (at the expense of poverty) and not use oil (because then we fuel indirectly terrorism?) That won’t be realistic.

Still, I applaud the film makers of The Cove. They have brought an issue and discovered secrets that the world didn’t know about. I hope international pressure is enough to stop the slaughter. Every year, the massacre starts September to March. 200,000 dolphins are killed/ captured each year. I don’t think the film is really highlighting the fact that the Japanese are consuming whale meat. Rather, highlighting the fact that people are eating dolphin meat (assuming its whale) that is highly toxic and therefore hazardous to human’s health. Also to ask people to not support dolphin acts because if we buy show tickets, we show the demand and therefore the supply. The buying and selling of performing dolphins is a billion dollar industry.

I am very touched by the production team of the film. They are such fervent advocators who gave up time and money (2 most important things to man) for a cause. It makes me feel ashamed that I haven’t been able to step out of my comfort zone to do more. The world is not just about me, me and me. Perhaps we could start somewhere. Let’s write in to Resort World to say we don’t want dolphins at the new entertainment resort.We have a realistic world where needs conflict with wants. Hopes clash with necessities, morality is over-rated. This world is grey, so grey.

It’s September now, the killing has started……

My Haircut.

It was a lunchtime quickie. The sales girl was telling us how some boyfriend really broke up with his girlfriend of 3 years after she cut her hair. How shallow can men get!! Hair GROWS!! What if due to natural elements, your wife loses her hair..are you going to DIVORCE her? Maybe not, but perhaps you might have an affair *rolls eyes*
I guess if you are thinking of going short, do it like how Bel inspired me. Get a wig.
I think its s-exciting that its as if he is dating a new girl too! Keep the passion in your relationship, girls.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Battle at Kruger

You know i only share worthy videos, so here's one.

It's 8 mins long, but have the patience to watch. It's seriously an epic at nature's best. I am enlightened with how:

1) Animals communicate and take revenge (Mummy Buffalo brought back the whole herd)

2) The lions stay away from the water due to other creatures in there

3) Buffalos won't be your choice of meat at any restaurant (it will be seriously TOUGH!)

Just to answer some of the questions in your head:

1) Buffalos are naturally "blind" by nature, thus they walk right into the lions

2) This bunch of tourists are EXTREMELY LUCKY to be able to catch this sight. My friend who showed me this video is a native and told me in his entire life living in South Africa, he has never seen a wild lion. It's extremely rare to see a lion in the wild.

3) A night spent at the game reserve (like a safari trip in the Kruger Park for tourists)in South Africa will set you back about a thousand bucks. This is next up on my list...

Thursday, September 3, 2009

A New Moi.

On Friday night: On Wednesday afternoon:
Don't expect me singing nor dancing anytime soon!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ways you can watch the Grand Pix.

The Ah Beng squat.
The one-leg kopitam uncle stance.Leg-very-tired squat.and if someone pushes you, you give the "want to fight?!" look.the tai tai with sunglasses look.I don't understand what's all the hype about F1.
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