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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Get a Perspective this November.

If you haven't been in Amsterdam with me, fret not.

There's plenty of sexuality happening in Singapore (as if we don't already, what with Cecilia Sue and Alex Tan) this November 8-11 at the National Museum. Last i watched a movie at the National Museum was Sex Dolls (my entertaining review), part of a Japanese film fest.

This year’s Perspectives Film Festival's lineup explores sexuality’s impact and influence on love, fear, death, psychology, gender relations and what is termed deviant in society. While the topic is commonly regulated, Perspectives 2012 has curated films that explore the complexities of human nature in relation to sexuality.

Inspired by true stories, Zenne Dancer tells the tragic story of three close friends, Yildiz, Daniel
and Can. Born to a conservative Muslim family, Yildiz forms a strong friendship with Daniel, a
German photographer, and Can, an exuberant male belly dancer. This film was made in tribute
to Yildiz, whose confession of his sexual preference has led to his murder by his father.

Zenne Dancer is the first film in Turkey to showcase honour killings related to homosexuality.
The practice of honour killings commonly focuses on women who are deemed to have
disgraced the family. Zenne Dancer questions prevalent gender hierarchies, demonstrating that
men can be as vulnerable to the impositions of society as women when it comes to sexuality.

The film broke new grounds in Turkey for its bold and honest depiction of the torment and
shame that the homosexual community is put through. In particular, the film uncovers the
degrading screening process that gays undergo for exemption from the Turkish military.

Belle de Jour is about Severine, a married woman who is unable to bring herself to be physically
intimate with her husband. A combination of frustration, curiosity and a disturbed childhood
results in Severine visiting a brothel where she eventually offers her services as a prostitute.
Severine starts to lead a dual life, working in the brothel in the afternoons, and being a chaste
wife to her husband outside of her improbable profession.

The film's breakthrough quality comes from its brazen exploration into eroticism, sexual
deviance and sexuality, which challenged the audiences of its time. In line with social
conventions, such bold cinematic forays are usually led by male characters. However, in Belle
de Jour, a sadomasochistic housewife serves as the strong and unforgettable lead character.
What makes Belle de Jour truly an exploratory journey into eroticism and deviance is the feeling
of intrigue and bewilderment shared by both Severine and the audience, as they journey
together into the world of eroticism.
The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a film adaptation of the British rock musical stageplay, The
Rocky Horror Show. First screened in 1978, it tells the story of a newly-engaged couple, Brad
Major and Janet Weiss, who become stranded after suffering a flat tire. They approach a nearby
mansion and are introduced to a group of people very different from themselves.

The longest-running release in film history, The Rocky Horror Picture Show is still a midnight
staple in cinemas around the world. It was traditionally known for its fan participation and
midnight screenings. At the time of its release, the film provided a refreshing and quirky take on
sexuality due to its interesting mash-up of the horror, science fiction and musical genre.

Also, fan participation, such as shouting at the screens, was considered to be a novelty which
provided an interesting twist to the film experience.
Fire examines the lives of two married women, Radha and Sita, thrown together by the absence
of their husbands’ care and attention. From what initially appears to be shared solace, Radha
and Sita’s friendship evolves into a romantic and sexual relationship that both struggle to come
to terms with.

Fire was the first movie in the Indian film industry to portray a lesbian relationship. The portrayal
of lesbianism drew much public attention, as the film contains a social commentary on how
obsolete traditions are hindering a seemingly modern nation.

The film set off a flurry of riots and criticisms, including attacks by Hindu fundamentalists in
some movie theatres, causing screenings to come to a halt. After a brief period of hostility,
campaigning efforts by free speech activists and film personalities allowed theatre screenings to
resume. These conflicting reactions to the film are testament to how strongly it challenged
India's deep-seated cultural norms.
Set in patriarchal Korea in the 1960s, this highly acclaimed film is a domestic horror-thriller that
charts the destruction of a family when a dominant female character is introduced amongst
them. Dong-shik, a piano teacher, hires a housemaid to ease the burden on his pregnant wife at
home. But he soon falls prey to the feminine charms of his housemaid, who terrorises the whole
family and makes their lives a living nightmare.  

The film explores a reversal of power in gender relations, subverting the traditional dominance
of the male gender in society as the male character succumbs to his baser instincts, upsetting
the harmony in his family. The weakness of the male sex as portrayed in this film raises
fundamental questions about male dominance at a time when men commanded almost every
aspect of social and political life in Korea.

In the film, the characters represent their respective social roles more than as individuals. By
making the audience relate to the characters in such a way, Kim makes the point that events in
the film can occur to any one. The Housemaid represents a stylistic break from realism and is
perhaps the finest film in the "Golden Age” of Korean cinema. Still thematically relevant today, it
stands out as one of Korean’s best films in the horror-thriller genre.

Note: I believe i may have watched the remake of House Maid 2 years ago in Golden Village, don't remember it being impressive.

Set in the final years of communist Romania, this bleak and suspenseful tale is about the fear
that two female Romanian students, Otilia and Gabriela, experience while trying to procure an
illegal abortion. The film follows the drama that ensues as the female characters negotiate the
bureaucratic and societal layers of the repressive Ceauşescu regime to attain their goal.

This pitiless and violent story becomes a haunting intellectual and aesthetic achievement in its
telling. It perfects the realist and minimalist approach characterised by the Romanian New Wave.
Using meticulous camerawork, Mungiu conveys to the audience what it is like to live in a
repressive regime. He accomplishes this through the intentional fidgeting of the camera
combined with long sustained shots, leaving viewers with the impression that the two leads are
constantly being watched. In particular, the film highlights how simple every day tasks seem
especially difficult to accomplish in Communist Romania.

I think i would park myself at the museum and look studious next week! Check out the website for film timings and how to get tickets.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I've done a gazillion personality tests and they all analyzed me to be a logical and rational person. I am, except when it comes to affairs of the heart.

I'm an old world romantic, where i believe a kiss (doesn't even need tongue!) or hand holding seals the deal. That's why i keep suitors at arm's length until i'm sure. I'm quite a prude like that.

Unfortunately, reality isn't like in the movies, a kiss these days mean nothing. It could mean fun or it could mean a workout (120 calories an hour).

Having been in a steady relationship for 6 years, my eyes opened up to the flawed world since the last break-up. Men can be such jerks!

Since the break-up, i've reconnected with old friends, cultivated female friendships and i've travelled alot. Alone. Which sucks because i get weird stares using a tripod & i'm always afraid someone's gonna do a Mr Bean on me (run away w my camera).

I've asked myself if chemisty is more important than the 5Cs, and i've laid criterias in my head for the next partner. I thought with the criterias, it'll lessen heartache. Although really, the only criteria i have is to have a Christian partner, a church going one because its something important to me to share as a couple. Besides, having it otherwise, i know, will cause my parents heartache.

I got to admit when work is stressful, i looked to my suitors who've proposed and contemplated if i should just sell my soul. Being a tai-tai is every Singaporean girl's dream right?

But i can't. I'm idealistic and i concluded 2 way chemistry is too damn important to lose. This revelation came when a cute smart Christian guy with all the 5Cs tried to get fresh but i stopped him in the cinema. I was interested in him but when he tried taking my hand, it just felt uncomfortable. He said "you're just not that into me." I was stumped and mumbled, "but this is only the second date".

Then, i realised, he's right. If i felt chemistry, anything also can! Hahahaa.

Also, i thought about sex (obviously). I can't imagine laying beside someone i've no chemistry with. Although i've seen women doing it, i've heard women growing to love, and the Aunties advise "what have you then left when chemistry fades?".

So, i bought a house. If i don't meet someone whom i've chemistry with, i don't need anyone. Period. I'll have my house, my bolster and i'll adopt a dog.

BUT chemistry is a dangerous thing. It throws all rationales out of the window and it's a scary thing to lose control for an organized freak like me. Yet i like spontaneous activities, i am a ball of contradictions.

After my past boyfriends told me the reason for our break-up is because i'm too accomodating and nice (& they take it for granted), I've read the book Why Men Marry Bitches to toughen up.

But i just can't exercise it, because it's just not my character! I don't sweat the small stuff, dwelling on the negative just makes me miserable. I do love myself as much as loving him.

While i count every relationship as an experience in maturity, i believe it was chemistry that made me tolerate too much. All the cheating, all the lies, all the signs onset that we didn't have the same life goals nor values, i pushed it aside.

I'm a hopeful girl. All the deceitful partners didn't make me lose trust. But the logical mind tells me once bitten, twice shy.

Life to me, is about relationships. With family, with friends, with lovers or even with pets. I'm willing to give up many things to follow a partner to the ends of the world, i did & almost did again later. In a very old fashioned way, i believe in sticking it out through thick and thin. I remember supporting my first bf through school. I studied and held 3 jobs to feed him & myself. That went on for 18 months and i was happy being the home maker. The most hurtful was when he threw a hissy fit because i went to my friend's house to shower (it was winter and my heater was spoilt) and dinner was served late. I remember crying out to him how "my head tells me differently from my heart" and i believed him that "things will be different". It wasn't.

After all these experiences, when the time or the person comes, should i follow my heart still? Is there a game to play? I suck at chess, i'm better at reversè.

I vowed to not be the hunter because it seems like its innate for men to treasure their throphy better after working hard in getting it. But i like defying all odds, i like going against the current like a silly guppy in a tank.

I hate holding back.

The Bible has meaning behind discouraging premarital sex and cohabitation. I only get it now.

Cohabitation is discouraged because it takes away the sacredness of marriage. In today's world, we operate on trying before buying. Divorce comes easy, when it don't work. Heard of the stories how newly weds realise their living habits are so different that it causes friction? They're true and so a gf says seperate bathrooms makes a happy marriage. If living habits don't match, do you then call a marriage off? You shouldn't but i've seen people do.

In school, i've always failed in Chemistry. I'm better in Physics, making things work than finding things that work. Love is patient, love is kind. Love is giving, love is commitment. Love is supportive, love is accepting.

Today, ex lovers are successful and I'm glad i was part of their growing years. Never mind i was battered because some day, i'll find someone who won't leave me behind. For now i know i've loved and will love again.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Wanton Me.

I'm fascinated with sex.

But that doesn't make me a nympho.

I remember the fascination started at a very young age. I wanted to pursue sex as my studies but my poor father tried to talk me out of it in the most subtle manner by referring me to an elder in church who tried persuading me to study children instead. I told the Uncle as politely as i could that, "in order to have children, sex needs to come first."

It was an awkward moment and nobody else said a thing.

I ended up studying media because i gave up searching for reputable sex schools. Today, i am able to articulate clearly why i wanted to study sex. Perhaps, i wouldn't have shocked those two old souls like i did then.

Its my fascination with Maslow's hierarchy of needs. I wanted to know why sex is as important as eating, drinking and breathing. Why it's a word that Asians find hard to utter. 
Strangely, i chance upon deviant news naturally i swear! Contary to popular belief, i am not googling "porn" on Friday nights. I remember clicking onto an article about women rearing boars as pets because they have an appendage that hooks onto her wall and drills in like a screw. I remember my search term was "weird food".

Or when i was looking up "hybrid animals" on Youtube, i was distracted by "dolphins raping humans".

If you meet a dolphin like that, you could have drowned. Or have your neck broken, because a dolphin's ejaculation can break a human's neck.

Yes, i'm fascinated with sex.

And before you start judging, please read some of my favourite articles Lessons from a Russian Strip Club, Sex Doll movie review, and Sex Volunteering. Fine, if you're going to judge, you can also call me an SPG.

This fascination have made Japan and Amsterdam my dream destinations. Mainly because i'm curious to find out whatever i read on the Internet is for real. I'm like the frog who lives in the well and long to get out to see the world for itself.

It began with the forwarded emails. Absurd vending machines found in Japan and even school girl's saliva sold in vials! I had to find out for myself.
Vending machine selling bugs
Catch a boob instead of a bear. Just as cuddly.

In the last 3 years, i've visited Japan twice. I did not see any of these absurd vending machines but i did find used panties for sale and i did chance upon a role play cafe which was surreal.
Used is more expensive than new.
However, i'm doubtful if the shit restaurant (where you consume shit from naked girls on a strict diet pre ordered by you) or the restaurant where you penetrate your live meal is real.

Then again, i bought an unusual choice of a coffee table book titled Pink Box from Amazon and it provides pictures and proof of some of the deviant clubs' existence.
Joan Sinclair, a 22-year-old photographer, was working as an English teacher in Tokyo when a friend dragged her to the city's infamous Kabukicho red-light district, a neon-drenched enclave packed with 5,000 sex shops that cater to an impressively specific array of sexual fantasies and fetishes. She was hooked. Eight years later, she returned with a[law degree and a] camera and set out to document Japan's $20 billion sex-services industry, befriending hundreds of budding sex workers and their businessman clients. 
She's my idol, haha.

From this curiousity, i learnt about the Japanese history that public penetration is illegal and thus the creative ways of sexual services. Does this make the Japanese sick? Maybe not, if you understand their social circumstances.
Censored magazines are legal, uncensored are against the law.

I'm stoked that i'm visiting Amsterdam next week. Famous for their red light district, i knew i had to see it before it disappears like Venice.
Every country has a Tourist Info Center, Amsterdam has that AND a Prostitute Info Center. I was pretty tickled by that fact and found that it's founded by an ex-prostitute.
Mariska Majoor, at 16, needed money to buy a dog and thought that sex work was an excellent way of doing that. At that age, her life was centered mainly on the street and bars, she did not view this period negative. She saw what she did as work and was satisfied with the high earnings. However, as she grew older, she was bothered by the non-understanding and decretory looks of passer by in the Red Light District. She is now married with a daughter, is a writer and is active in various government initiatives.
Setting up the PIC was pretty entrepreneurial.

A fan for off-the-beaten experiences, i've signed up for her prostitute workshop. A private one hour session, it promises to teach the laws of attraction behind a window, how to spot a potential customer, how to reject, how to protect and how to communicate charges. The session then ends with the workshop participant standing behind a real window! Except no men will be walking through that door. I'll get to experience what it feels like to be watched (as if we don't get leered at enough in Asia already). Perhaps I can demonstrate a few chops of what I've learnt! Maybe it'll be effortless seeing how I'll be exotic meat, like lap cheong.

Its 8 degrees in Amsterdam now and completely optional to bring something sexy but if i do, preferbly white to wear behind the window because of the UV lights.

What should I wear?
I'm a good student, decked in white head to toe.
I'm pretty stoked yet nervous. I found no reviews about the workshop but reviews about Amsterdam prostitutes like our Sammyboy forums. I'll be the first to review so watch this space.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Month in Snapshots

Most weekends are pretty routine and habitual. Getting my 90 minutes of hot yoga, getting my hair treated at Hair Sciences, church and then meeting friends for lunch, dinner or coffee.

But some weekends are pretty special.

A friend introduced me to Little Myanmar here in Singapore! Little did i know that Peninsular Plaza located next to City Hall MRT has a thriving community there.
Store name: Yanant Thit Burmese 
He swears by the economy rice in the basement. Looking like a food court, each stall have their own designated sitting area. It's rowdy and boisterous with majority Burmese male workers eating or drinking (Myanmar beer is sold everywhere cheaply through the building).
It's pretty decent, much like Chinese food but different. Our dishes came up to $17.

We then explored the building to walk off the lunch.
The Burmese's most respected lady.
The Burmese are not as friendly as the Thais found in Golden Mile. They dislike being photographed and will not hesitate to shoo you away. I was curious about various sundry shops rolling something into small leaves. Many Burmese men were buying them in little packets to eat, presumably. 

It seems like there are various spices rolled into it, a white glue-like substance is used to hold it together. I tried asking them what it was but i don't know if they can't speak English or they refused to tell me (maybe they're not supposed to sell?) 

However, it reminds me of India, where they also rolled spices in leaves as an after-dinner mint.
It took me some guts to eat it because when overseas, you're just extra cautious about food poisoning.
But i ate it, and then understood what it feels like to be a cow eating grass.

Minty with some sort of tobacco in it, it does make you a little high.
I don't know if what's at Peninsular Plaza is similar, but perhaps the next time i'll buy one to try. 
Mediacorp's 8 Days actually has an imitation?
Then, there are the very special weekends where I do adventurous day trips. It felt like a mini holiday just crossing the border. Newly opened, everyone is talking about Legoland. It was a simple straight forward drive from Tuas Link with clear signs directing to Legoland.

We got there at about 11.30 am, queues for rides only took an average of 15 minutes with many rides we queued only for 5.

I'm a theme park queen, i strategize around the theme park.
Taking center stage in Legoland, many small worlds are built.
The rides were decent fun for an adult, but i could do with a higher level of heart thumping adrenaline. Buying tickets online is cheaper, however they don't quite sold out at the counter either. The exchange rate within Legoland is the same as in Singapore, so there's no need to worry about currency.
Did not expect to see a g-string cladded Legoman!
 Everything is built with Lego, i worry i will start dreaming of Legoland that night.
All rides are now opened, and we spent a good 5 hours skipping kiddie rides, shopping in the store and doing a repeat of our favourite rides.

Thereafter, we used the GPS to drive ourselves to a seafood hawker like Newton Circus Jalan Sutera, Taman Sentosa, 80150 Johor Bahru) and parked ourselves there for the rest of the night eating crayfish and frog legs HALF PRICED, durian HALF PRICED, and getting a massage HALF PRICED.

We are very Singaporean.

That's what i do on a special rare weekend.

P.S The nautical romper (size 6) is from 
Rompers are a great choice for your getaway wardrobe if you need to pack light.

Club Couture ships internationally for free.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Win a pair of Crocs!

When i was young, my taste buds taught me that "something healthy is never yummy". Today, my taste buds have accustomed to healthier eating and i can eat salads without dressing.

Unfortunately, its not the same with fashion. If it's ugly, no matter what, my taste will not become accustomed to it and i'll not wear it. However, there are people who swear comfort over style! Thus the relentless evil jokes over Crocs and Crocs fans.

Fortunately, Crocs took the jabs seriously. Like the social outcast in school who became a hottie overnight, Crocs underwent a make-over some 5 (?) seasons ago.

And i, became an advocate.

The first pair that bought me over was the hot pink wedges. Admittedly, style factor wasn't the most unique but i was already pretty surprised with the decent design. It is my default pair for traveling, it is water-proof, i've never found another pair of heels that gives such comfort, walking and standing for more than 12 hours.
Then, my second pair was a hit and miss. I thought the Boat Shoe scored high on style factor, however the leather was so hard that it never did soften. Their work shoe range was also the same. 
I'm not giving up yet though, because i'm convinced that Crocs is indeed comfortable. However, most females pride vanity over comfort. Although increasingly, i keep telling myself to put comfort over vanity.

With Crocs Fall/Holiday season, it seems like they've some designs that score both on style AND comfort!

Leopard prints are out, it's giraffe now!
Shimmery white, this reminds me of our Esplanade.
 Look who i bumped into the store? Oli Pettigrew, celebrity ambassador for Crocs.
Hello, hello? Earth to Oli, earth go Oli.
As part of the brand's New Crocs New You campaign, they have launched a website where you click around an interactive video to get styling tips. 

I ACTUALLY enjoyed going through the site, it was simple to play, the models were pretty, it loaded quickly AND ok, i admit i chose the UGLIEST Crocs options and i was pretty impressed with the fashion styling that went with it. The Crocs that on its own look hideous like  the Cobbler clog
ACTUALLY looks very nice when paired with skinny jeans! See model below in, 4th picture from the left.

Never would i expect this super molded weave boot can also be part of party fashion. See model in first box from right.
Besides, you get to enter a lucky draw for a stay in Capella AND get a shopping coupon if you just visit the site and play. No strings attached!

However, here's a little bit more effort if you want to WIN a pair off my blog.
I asked Oli which is his favourite pair for a man,  he pointed this
A mix of denim and suede, it is a pair that matches with anything (berms, jeans etc) and everything (berms, jeans etc).
 As for the ladies? Oli thinks this.
 Looking classy and comfortable (wedge heel), it gives ladies the height without the pain!
 It is also my favourite pair of the range.
 With the hard front, you can kick attackers in the nuts.
Get your own pair (prices start from $59.90) by leaving a comment with your name, email and gender. Also, tell me why you'll want the New Crocs. One male and one female will be picked and my decision will be final on the most creative entry.

If you win, you may choose another design than Oli's recommendation.  Good luck!

Contest ends 10 October 2012.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Things to do in Singapore: Golden Mile

I've always been an advocate for the non-conventional places to go, eat and do. Getting our picture taken against a couldn't-be-more-fake backdrop and shopping for gifts in Little India couldn't be more amusing. This is probably another of those places not mentioned in any traveller's guide like Geylang.

Even I, myself only recently discovered Golden Mile to add to the cheap date ideas list. Golden Mile have always just been a location for me to board the coaches to Malaysia. Only stepping in to visit the loo before departure, i never did think it was a place i would come hang out or eat. The entire building is permeated with smells like salted fish and the floors were grubby. A huge difference from the shiny malls on Orchard Road.

Little did i know that if you want to experience Bangkok, you can do it in Golden Mile without buying an air ticket.

En-route to dinner, i pass by skimpy cladded Thai girls. I can't decide if they are working girls from the bars around or they're Singapore residents missing home.

Reeling in the sights and sounds, i hear noisy Thai chatter and animated Thai songs thumping through the KTV lounges.

My friend introduced me to New Udon Thai Food. There's nothing Japanese about it, but rather it's steamboat plus bbq in one!
Costing $21 per person, it's a novelty to see a concave steamboat. The ones along Bugis Street usually have a bowl sunken in the middle for the soup while the hot plate surrounds it. Food is cooked with electronic gas.

At Golden Mile, New Udon Thai Food is the only one offering steamboat bbq and with the concave middle where you grill food, while soup surrounds like a moat.

Lard is given to put on top, the food is cooked with charcoal beneath.
Not free flow
The ingenious bit is that as the food is cooked on the concave plate, all the juices will drip into the soup adding that extra oomph. You may cook the seafood and meat on the hot plate, and the vermicelli, egg and vegetables in the soup. 
While this may be an unconventional date idea, do note that not every girl will appreciate being taken to a meal filled with smoke that would make her hair and clothes stink.
 Ask for the Thai ice tea!
 Thereafter, take a stroll and check out what Little Thailand has to offer.
Clothes comparable to Bangkok prices. Starts at $15 for a decent dress.
I was thrilled to see Thai massages although my friend doubt they are "clean".
Missing any mobile wires? They have shops selling random stuff.
 I was amused to see "hampers" packed in a pail with goodies and toiletries inside. It costs $35 and i exclaimed a bit too loudly, "Do the Thais give this to each other as gifts?!?"
 I got corrected by the store owner that this is for praying. This "hamper" is presented as gifts to Buddha and not to men. Ignorant me!

The Thais like in Thailand are very friendly and have no problem with you taking photos.
I find the strangest things on sale.
Turning nipples pink, whitening groin areas.
 I try not to make a deduction from the numerous vanity products for naughty bits i found on sale.
Will you dare try these slimming creams?
 If you'd like to get the BBQ Steamboat thing home, you can purchase one from the supermarket on 2nd floor for $30+

But otherwise for a souvenir, you can get Lighter Babe of the Month.
I know of someone who collects Lay's flavours around the world. Here, you can find Thailand's flavour e.g. Sushi, crab, lobster
 Like in Mustafa, i chuckled to myself as i discover strange perfumes.
 Brue Lee's deodorant surprisingly smelled pretty good (i like it) and it was long lasting (my hair still smelled after a shower). For ONLY $3.90, it is MADE IN FRANCE!! Don't play play...
 I love their copy liners. No limitation, No Imitation 0_0
Comes in Be Water, Anger Blinds and Don't Think, Feel.
 I saw this and it reminds me of the Harajuku Lovers fragrance collection created by pop star Gwen Stefani! It also smelled pretty good except it's only $8.50 and made in China.
Harajuku lovers can be bought in departmental stores, starting from $70+
After strolling around and having a chuckle at what we find, we went back to level 1 for desert!
 As authentic as it can get! It reminds me of the food court in Platinum Mall in Bangkok.
 We settled for red ruby and mango sticky rice (my favourite) for $3+ each.  

Unlike Little India and Chinatown, stipulated by the government and the urban planners that it shall be named as that, i wonder how did Golden Mile come to become "Little Thailand". Like how did Lucky Plaza becomes Manila on Sundays or Peninsula is Mynmmar (next post coming up). Did one villager move to Singapore, set up shop in Golden Mile and started bringing more towner in? I heard that's what the Indians do at banks. Ha ha ha.

Golden Mile, due for an en bloc any time now, where will the Thais move to if it gets demolished?  Better visit now before it disappears.

As the night gets late, i spot more skimpy cladded girls appearing and i saw them taking off their cardigans and leaving them in these lockers unlocked.

Golden Mile, what a colourful sight.
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