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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Christmas Gift Ideas

In the bloggers’ generation now, everything is about narcissism. Ever since getting more involved with the blogosphere, I am amazed how bloggers are recognized in public like a television celebrity, their reviews are valued by companies as much as getting reviewed in traditional media, and how gossip can be as malicious amongst the bloggers! It's pretty juicy to hear, someone should start a tabloid on bloggers. I’ve heard gossips about bloggers like:

“So-and-so uses the bad publicity to get so-and-so sponsorship. Good on her, but what’s the point when it’s all gonna get really ugly.”

“So-and-so just wants to use my blog for her blog’s publicity.”

“So-and-so will get nasty and write about you on her blog if you don’t say hello to her.”

“Don’t support so-and-so’s events, otherwise so-and-so won’t sign you on.”

Indeed, the pen IS mightier than the sword.

If you have a narcissist girlfriend, boyfriend or blogger friends (if they are true at all), here’re some gift ideas every self loving individual will appreciate. After all, another bag, dress or gadget is so predictable.

1) Pop Art Canvas can help you create canvas artwork from your images. Their artists took one of my images and turned them into artwork inspired by legendary pop art artists like Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Mel Ramos and Takashi Murakami.
Blog header inspired by Andy Warhol

With the Japanese’s fascination over Manga babes, I asked to see myself animated. The good artists kindly obliged. Do my big wide teary eyes look like I’m about to be attacked by a giant tentacle?!?

Imagine if this could be hung on your wall, 12x12 inch square canvas. Prices start at $160.

2) Cartoon Caricatures

I had this drawn for free at one of those fun fairs. Being typical cheapskate queue loving Singaporean, I waited an hour. I think there’s a shop at Far East Plaza that can do this, but I can’t remember the unit number nor the price.

3) 3D figurines

I’ve always wanted something like this, but it’s really expensive, and I am worried it wouldn’t look like me! It’s the sweetest couple thing to place on the display mantel though! Prices start at $120 for one figure (without decorations), saw one such shop at Cineleisure near Pasta Mania.

Have you shopped for Xmas presents already?

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