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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Total Defence through NE mation.

I saw this poster outside the MRT station.

How many girlfriends dump their boyfriends when in NS? Boy gets enlisted, girl goes to Uni. Boy comes out on the weekends, but feels like staying home because he is too fatigue from field camp. Otherwise, he grudgingly obliges to going to the movies, only to end up falling asleep! Girl sulks, eventually gets hooked up with another boy from Uni. I’ve heard one too many such stories.

It shouldn’t be like that. Other than the fact that I do have a fetish for uniforms and disciplined men, why can’t girlfriends understand what the boys go through during National Service? They need the support while they chiong sua, feed mosquitos and walk grave yards. Girlfriends should be more patient and tolerant to their boyfriends who are enlisted; after all they are defending our home, protecting you.

I like it that Nexus is using N.E mation, a competition for youths to express their notions on Total Defence through animation. Students with no prior experience in animation were given training to equip themselves with skills to convert their stories into one-minute animation clips for public viewing and voting.

I attended their workshop at NYP and discovered the joy AND pain of animation.

Look at last year’s quality

Compared to mine and partner's (SeriouslySarah).

I am not the most patient person on Earth! Those students actually animated with 10,000 saga seeds. Do you remember saga seeds? Back in my school days, people used with saga seeds or folded bus ticket cranes or hearts to show their love. What do school kids do nowadays? Maybe they poke you on Facebook.

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