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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Family Portrait


Meant to have a diversified culture theme (but only one is wearing Jap instead of Chinese)


Meant to be a mafia/ superhero theme.

Suggest a theme? How about dysfunctional family? Or kinky family? Hahahahaa..i HIGHLY DOUBT my parents will be game.

We need to have another one guys..29 Oct. The date's been set. Oh, right...don't bother suggesting a theme then. Because it'll be GRADUATION time.

Been a long Bonjour

I never did write about France, did i? The trip was taken 2 years ago...looking through the pictures i guess nothing extremely exciting happened, thus that was why i never did write about it. Besides, 2 years winter fashion sense sucked.

Besides, it was so darn cold, and my ass was being freezed off that wasn't quite in the mood to take any pictures. Except my brother, who's a bigger cam whore than me. Hahaha..

But you know as i read through my old's really nice reminiscing. So maybe i should...

I've been really blessed to be able to take family holidays annually (but Dad is saying that is soon to stop. Cannot support anymore, with us all adult fares)

I've always wanted to be a air stewardess for this reason. But Dad said why clean people's vomit when you can hold a 9-5 job and still travel? Makes sense...but awww, you know i'm a person who do what she says. So i said it, and i wanna do it. Clock's ticking...

We spent much of the trip with extended family....and in Germany, the town's pretty dead. And i was bored out of my wits, so i scraped around pieces of paper to make them all a birdie farewell card.

See! Bored.

Very very distant family..sorta, ok, not really.
We visited the chateaus, the museums, the cathedrals, the castles, the Pradas and LVs, certainly an artistic part of the world.

We've seen snow before, but still have yet to experience falling snow.

Paris's Disneyland is a no go. Mainly kiddie rides, and it's small. Stick to the America's theme parks instead.

When my dad saw this pic, he ordered "DELETE!". Hey, you brought us there! Ha ha ha...this is not the only picture taken. But i shall give him respect and not put the rest. Ha ha ha.

We popped SO MANY eclairs there, it costs a bomb. And while i was popping this eclair, Ivan was peeing into a bottle at the back. It was a 3 hour drive to Paris!! Besides, 2 years has passed already...i don't think Ivan is embarrassed anymore. Haha.

I hoped he washed his hands. French not what we think it is. I like French food in Singapore, but when i get the real deal over's cold,weird and tasteless. Except the escargots and crepes. Look at this desert found in the DisneyLand restaurant. Appetising?

True Ghost Stories

You know i write somewhere else too. I was assigned to write for our station on our website and i'm loving it! Its one area i get free reign, one area no one edits or watches over me (but of course, initially i got rapped for the suggestive innuendos).

I'm quite proud of that segment, really actually. Because i get to write creatively what i think about our station, our work place and our shows. Increasingly, i'm getting more encouraged about it because quite a number of colleagues out of my department are reading and loving it.

However, what's written over there is different from what's over here. It's work over there after all, and i try not to cross the two. You never know who reads what, what secrets are dug. Its scary, Google and the cyberspace.

But just because i just shared the office ghost stories over there, i thought of transporting more of the horror over here. Plus the personal ghost stories too as well of course.

Hungry Ghost Festival starts tomorrow, by the way.

I'm always amused and spooked by the thought that at those 'concerts' staged at this time, the front rows are always left for the ghosts to sit. Humans sit third row onwards.

This is our lift landing, i'm on the 4th floor (the highest) and there's no other building or trees around.
But look what's this. A pair of handprints. Numerous of them, imprinted all over the glass.

I'm sure there's nothing to be alarmed about. I deduced it to it being monkeys. But then again, there're NO trees or buildings anywhere close to this. And its dome shaped too.

So how did the monkeys get up?

But there's this story that spooked me out for awhile. A colleague said she once saw an old man squatting in front of her when she pee-ed. This was in the afternoon. Misconception that they only appear at night! Haha...
And this corridor that i took in office always reminded me of those in the hospitals. Then of course, you get the usual stories that typing and children giggling can be heard at night when no one is around but a human stayed back to work.

If you ask me if i believe in ghosts....i do. And i do, because i've experience. But my faith have kept me from being afraid of them.

Except when, friends are around and their fear catches on. I don't see them now, but i did when i was in my secondary school days.

I see them in school mostly. And at home too. That was the period when my elder brother was really rebellious and into punk rock, heavy metal.

And i know its not my halluncination because certain experiences, my friends saw it too.

They're mostly dark figures to me, faceless.

The one vivid experience was when we camped in school.

5 of us stayed up late (in the classroom), just chatting and gossiping. Suddenly i saw the laundry line moving up and down (there's no wind), i thought my eyes was playing tricks, but when my friend saw me staring at the laundry line, she told me "i saw it moving, did u?"

Our hair stood...the atmosphere was thick. We wanted to get out, but the door did not budge (the lock was supposedly spoilt), and as my friend and i struggled to pull/ push the door, we heard a knock from the outside. We screamed, and ran back to our covers. As we ran across the room, i accidentally kicked my friend who was sleeping (5 of us awake, 10 others already asleep). NO ONE, and i mean NO ONE stirred. We then got worried for one sleeping girl because her feet was facing the door (there's a Chinese superstition about that)

We decided to call our friends next door (who were awake and studying) to come open the door, but we never heard their phone ring. They were just next door!

So we shouted, and alas the guys above us (boys and girls were seperated into 2 floors to sleep) heard us and came down. The girls next door eventually did, and said they were nonchalant about anything. Their phone didn't ring, they didn't hear our commotion.

After the guys checked that we're alright, they asked if to leave the door open (scared we get shut in again) or to close it (scared that something might come in). We seriously didn't know which option would be better.

The 5 of us held hands to sleep that night. I couldn't sleep at all. Because i keep hearing someone in heels pacing back and forth in the corridor.

That was the one time, i feared i would never survive the night.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Flashy cars, fat wallet, good looks don't impress me.

Because i've a good pair of legs to walk, a good job that pays ok, and good looks will never last.

Good company, good fashion and good manners do however, impress me.

Good chef, and good food too. Oh, how worthy it was to hunt high and low for Dim Sake. Just when the boy was grumbling and making a fuss how i led him up and down, round and about.

And we did work up an appetite.

Xiao Long Bao shooters, cod fish with mango, abalone dumplings, lobster rolls, sashimi...

Oooh, oooh, oooh....tuna belly...a delicacy i was told.

" People avoid it because of the price."

*rooooolls eyes and looks at boy*

" Show-off! I'm not impressed with your wealth just because you're ordering it."

3 years back, we realised our number sign (if we actually believe it) is the same, so we're both very head-strong with each other. Its almost like a negative pole versus a negative pole.

But ok, he didn't want to tell me what the total bill was that night. What a total gentleman :P

The deco didn't quite impress me when i first stepped in, but slowly it grew onto me and i learnt to appreciate. Rows of dim sum bamboo trays lined the walls. The colours were stark white, sparse but the lighting was dim enough to make it cosy.

After the somewhat dinner, we went to Marriot for coffee and struddel. Oh, what a Saturday night, what a Saturday night.

On the work front, this certain artiste said i lost weight. And this certain artiste whom i see every week at recordings. And this certain artiste is so funny, humble and down-to-earth with me, i'm increasingly growing onto him. But hey, just as friends, just as friends.

Things are happier now at work, it's so nice to smile everyday. I missed the happy me, quite frankly. The guys at the other channel are starting to talk to me, and it's great knowing new people. We need to cross The Divide. Like, seriously.

I've a guardian angel at work with me! One who surprises me with sweet nothings. Someone who is so sincere, no motives, just pure concern.

I relish in these moments. Nothing fake, nothing plastic.

I'm snapping out of it, snapping out of you.

Oh, how i love those lines. I think my colleague's husband proposed to her here.

This is how i like to spend my Sundays. Just fooling around, after sunday service.

I've yet to satisfy my hunger for controversial shots. No, not the bedroom controversial. Maybe something that involved my Minnie Mouse costume. Again, i said not the bedroom controversial.

Somebody said my legs too toned?

Yes, i like my bags big. And yes, the photographer's favourite picture of the day. My hair over face.

Alot of narcissism here, but hey, it's displaying art. Heh.

But really, i always think the credit is to the photographer.

And its always the novices who take better pictures. Though its alot of trial and error.

We ought to try that someday.

The secret garden. And these were not posed.

I seriously was just moping and thinking about things, and he was a feet away.

The specs is in rage now?

Random picture out of the blue, i miss my Perth gang. And i HAD to go buy Haggen Daz when we sat and everyone ate Cold Rock. But i feel so cheated! Haggen Daz now charge an extra $1.20 if it comes in a cone???!!??! Since when!!!

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