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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Adventure Land-Water slides and Land rides

This sting ray costs only $6.70, its massive. Like a shark's fin! Sambal stingray, here i come!

I am Hawk Hogan...i lift two girls up.

Very hilarious pictures! The middle guy look like a frog! Boyfriend, where have your six pecs gone?

These young girls..actually advertise themselves!!! Rather creative, you must say. They scribble their My Space profile link on their shoulders. The boyfriend says in Singapore also got girls do. Got meh?

Valerie is scared.
This is such a candid shot! I wasnt really puking.

We all brought our own lunch. I packed ham cheese avacado sandwich. I shall soon post 'how to cut an avacado' for my dear mother who don't know how to, but like to eat :)

All burnt and tired.
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