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Friday, July 17, 2015

Reasons To Love Shanghai

Other than it being the same memorable trip where i went to learn kungfu, i like Shanghai for various reasons.

Water Towns
When in a big city, it is nice to venture out of the city to see a different life. 朱家角 Zhu Jia Jiao, is an absolutely beauty. Ancient bridges and houses line up the sides of the canal as we see boatman still in their traditional get-up, wide brimmed straw hats and traditional Chinese costume, shuttling tourists up and down the canal.
It is a myriad of smells, sounds and sights as we walk the cobbled stone pathway trying all sorts of street food like smelly toufu and buying little knick knacks as souveniers.

Locals visit and release life (fishes) at the Bridge of Life as a Buddhist way of gaining merit.

Smelly toufu; crispy on the outside, silky soft on the inside.
You could even visit the Tang Dynasty's first post office!
Old City
While the city is filled with skyscrapers and a pulsing night life, there is the old city which we chanced upon in the city center. 
Watch a show at the old peep hole cinema. 
Marriage Park
A highly amusing sight, parents bring out their umbrellas and notices advertising their "eligible" children in this park. The notices are very detailed! With information like their education, their jobs, their assets, characteristics and past relationships.
Insect Market
Near the antique market, is the insect market which we also chanced upon by accident. Here, men frown in concentration to select the best fighting cricket.

What is there not to like about Shanghai?

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