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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Taking Revenge.

Gary Ng have made headlines in the local news (i'm abit slow catching up on this), for being Singapore's "Edison Chen". A sex-video blogger, Gary has been posting up videos of his sexcapades with bankers, students and even Tiger beer aunties ladies . He blurs their faces though, so he won't infringe the law. But i think you will still be in trouble with the law, won't you?

Gary is a ghost name and it stands for Girls Always Remember You. Very creative, i have to give him credit for that. Now, what follows i think is an inventive marketing ploy. That is, if he even had this strategy from the very beginning. After all this media hype about Gary (you can see his interview clips at, Gary now shuts down blogger and moves onto his own website and subscribers pay an annual fee of $50 to continue viewing his sexcapade videos and read this : get tips on love making!

From the interview clips, although his face is blurred, you can tell he ain't no sauve hunk. However, according to Gary, his viewers (mostly males) are actually writing in to him requesting for tips/advice on how to last long, how to make the girl xxx because he seemed very expert at it in the videos! Then, the female viewers write in to him, offering to be the female lead just because they saw what he is "capable" of!

His new website also allows subscribers to interact with one another, be it casual sex, exchange videos or simple FIND LOVE! By the minute, i am getting more and more amused. He claims that already one couple have met and got engaged from meeting on his website.

I don't know what his website is, but i admit i AM curious. Neither have i seen the videos (because i knew too late?).

What interests me was...the human behaviour behind all of these scandles.

1) Am i really that naive to believe that women with boyfriends/ husbands don't cheat?
Mix-mix has constantly told me women cheat as much as men. Some other guy friends said the same because they've experienced it. Now, Gary is making these videos to show women are JUST as promiscous as men. IN FACT, sometimes he entices attached women on purpose. Just to PROVE HIS POINT!

2) Women are sluts
For a long while, i refused to believe that those faces as innocent as angel's are actually capable of casual sex! My friend told me of his friend, a female who can have xxx with 5 different men in ONE night at Zouk Out. For a long while, i did not want to acknowledge that Singapore is tainted with casual sex everywhere.

3) Intent
Now, Gary started this journey because he was jilted by 3 previous gfs. One of them slept with an ex boyfriend, and that ex boyfriend sent Gary their steamy video. Then another girl whom he knew online, met up for closed door action. He promised her $200, she asked for $400. He gave after realising he was the one who took his virginity. Later on, she became suicidal and he comforted her knowing it was related to their sexual heist. They then sorta had something going on, but then Gary was betrayed when he found out she was sleeping with other men. The irony bit was, at that time of seeing her, Gary was ALSO sleeping with other girls he met online. What double standards. So it's revenge. Gary's intent on this journey was to take revenge on women. To prove that they are sluts.

Gary wasn't the only one who used sex as revenge on women. Coincidentally, i am reading Criminal Intent, this book writen by a journalist on true stories right from Changi Prison. The sexual crime stories was exceptionally juicy. Nothing graphic, but juicy in how the inmates detail how and why they did it. All of them, had one thing in common....they detest women. Its either they got spurned or jilted by women/lovers, and therefore they end up with crimes like rape, molest or even indecent exposure.

Bad breakups lead to sexual crimes. There was an inmate who got jilted by a gay partner, which was the catalyst in him raping young boys in canals.

Which leads me to think..if men use SEX as revenge against women because women are sexually vulnerable. What do women do when they detest men? WHAT IS VULNERABLE TO MEN?

From reading extensive newspaper reports, i deduce...

DICKS & their MONEY.

Either cut their dics (criminal offense), or use up their money (crime debatable).

Pre Flight preparations.

Having not seen him for almost a month (30 days only nia), i feel a need to doll up so i can look like a goddess when i arrive. Reigniting the "what a beauty" at first sight. Hahahaha. Totally bimbo i know, but you know how they say you should never let anything go loose or hanging even after marriage. I even bought Colgate mouthwash just for this trip! I don't usually like mouth washes (chemicals) nor mints (sugar), but i was abit nervous about kissing him again.

I really really admire those girls who can 24/7 dolled up. Pure vanity cultivates real discipline. But i thought it's NOT practical to be dolled up when upon arrival, i will need to hop on into a coach bus for 5 hours to the next destination! It is going to be rough ride into the late night hours.I wanted my skin to breathe.

So i just slap on some moisturizer/sun screen, draw my eyebrows and mascara. That's it!

Then i slip into something comfortable and warm and put on some goddess sandles (ok, i would prefer to wear shoes so my feet are warm but sports shoes always make u frumpy). I love big handbags, but this time i limit myself to a small one with the absolute essentials. Mouth wash (to kiss upon arrival), moisturizer, perfume( just in case the passenger next to me has BO & also to mesmerize him with my smell upon arrival), health supplements (to boost my immunity) and FRUITS! A good trick when taking budget airlines (no liquids on board) is to take some bite size fruits (i.e. grapes, berries) to moist your mouth. Try to eat discreetly though, before the airlines start to ban them too (to make more money from their trolley sales).

I'm going to KITE BOARD this weekend! Woo hooo....

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

All the wax salons are fully booked on the 30th.

Plenty of naughty girls planning to enter New Year with a big bang ;p

Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Meats.

Warning: Please scoll to prettier pictures below if you can't stomach raw meat.

I went to the Body Show at Clarke Quay on Christmas day.

Final Warning: Please scroll down fast if you can't stomach raw meat.

These exhibits were real humans, in the preserved form. I touched them, they felt smooth but you know it's not plastic. Everything was kept in its form. From their eyelashes to their nails.
The specimens were from China. I suppose why not donate your body/organs for science after death. Your family could use the money anyway.

Did you know that testicals technically hang from above the penis? I didn't know that.

Very interesting. That thing in the middle? It's your belly button. I would never have known when stripped off all skin, that's how my belly button looks like. It's abit daunting to be seeing all these exhibits, i suggest you go without eating. Even without food swimming in your stomach, it is a controlled effort to hold your bile down.

Ivan had some difficulty digesting the sights. I was peering into the eye of one, i was afraid it will wink back.

This is a baby, showing his sinus. Do you know that we're technically blue-blooded? Our veins are red and blue. Our blood is blue, but turns red when it surfaces (oxidised). It's pretty amazing to look at the human body. You marvel at this creation. How everything in our body has a purpose, how reading words form images in our mind.

The rectum is just black and nasty inside.

Complete with some remaining strands of pubic hair.

When i first saw the raw muscles, they reminded me of meat. When i saw the preserved liver, it reminded me of herbal chicken. We went to a Japanese restaurant after for lunch, and look!

Aren't they both food?

Then a chauffered Maxi cab took us to Ivan's friend's private land.

She reared stingrays and sharks.

I was fearful crossing the bridge. Walking in heels was a challenge. I was afraid i will fall and become fish food.

Ok, they weren't sharks but they were monster fishes! If a fisherman spotted it from afar, he might mistaken it as a mermaid. When we threw in their food (dead fishes), the splashes they made will shock you. Each fish costs $1000 and can be bought online.

I love their outdoor patio.

Her father single handedly decorated the place.

My brother is such a cam whore. He poses exactly how you asks him whenever wherever. That's my good boy.

The private land also keeps.....


20 dogs of different breeds have their private air conditioned rooms with attached bathrooms.

It was almost like a Never Land for the kids. These girls picked me up! The little one next to my left led her pack to come up to me and say in Mandarin, " you're very pretty! Your long hair, and the way you dress up makes you very pretty!" I didn't quite know how to respond to that.

Christmas was just many gatherings that couples food, presents and friends. Spending time with people whom i haven't seen for awhile.

House pets join the cheer too.

Mad Hatter's party, i recyled that paper bag.

This woman makes the best food. I would travel ALL THE WAY to Pasir Ris just because her Shepard's Pie and Devil's Curry awaits. I can't decide which i prefer more!

I had 2 LARGE servings, was so tempted to go for the 3rd. It kinda made me think of Mix-Mix for abit, because i know he appreciates good food! I was glad i skipped breakfast for this. She asked me if guests would appreciate her recipes as party favours. I said, of course! Though she didn't have time to prepare them for this year's, i was once again reaffirmed that she's not selfish!

This generous woman even braved the crowds to get every single guest a present.

Christmas ended with a ride across the borders.

Me & my big jugs.

7 dishes of seafood, when we split the bill it was only SGD 25 each.

I was a happy happy girl.

Good thing i don't adhere to the 12 days of Christmas feasting.

Thursday, December 24, 2009


When i saw this bag at Far East Plaza (no longer sold now), i didn't think its worth it to pay $70 for it. When i went to Hong Kong's Ocean Park, i couldn't resist buying it (also in the gift shop.Tourist syndrome kicks in) after i saw the pandas in the enclosure. They're SO CUTE. I even bought a panda coin pouch too.

You probably seen this before too. But if you haven't, pay attention to the last few seconds. Don't be distracted course the beginning has not much movement.

You probably know this or don't know it. Panda porn is being produced to stop them from extinction. Pandas need some help in arousal you see.

Cancer Questions.

Meeting the cancer researcher last Sunday was the greatest thing! I can now field my queries to someone i can "trust" rather than be reading all these news reports that you're not sure if its just propaganda or empty scares.

Many years back, i was going out with this very eligibile friend. As i got to know him better, i got to know his family has a history of cancer. Bad ass history. Almost all his uncle and aunts have it, his grandfather died from it. His parents (fortunately or not) do not have it. Yet they do not have insurance because premiums are high due to the family history. I heard cancer can skip generations. Therefore if his granddad had it, and his parents don't have it, he might get it. My future husband MIGHT have cancer!

After considering all these factors, i decided not to develop anything more. Other than the fact that, there were other changes that made us drifted. I felt selfish, i felt shallow. Then i realised, i was just animalistic. Instinctly, i AM looking for the fittest of the lot to mate with. It's just weird yet very intriguing how basic instincts kick in. Yet i wonder if it is JUST me.

So with the cancer researcher, i verified that cancer IS hereditary and it can skip generations. In fact, smoking is in fact the cause of less than half of the cause for cancer.

With my own discovery of how animalistic i was, i started asking if men would consider not being with a woman with implants because implants are a likely cause of cancer. Therefore your future wife MIGHT have cancer and bring the curse into the family blood.

Nonethless, i believe in marriage. It's for better, for worse. Till death do us part.
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