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Monday, February 28, 2011

MRT Diaries 1.2

7 August 2010

I sucked in my stomach as the train doors close in front of me, almost threatening to decapitate my nose. In crowded places like a train, I often wondered how it is possible to respect another’s personal space. I’ve taken the train in Tokyo which is equally dense; however I’ve never felt violated despite the rumors of the chikan. Therefore in confined crowded spaces like this, I am often on alert and keep my hands protecting either my breast; or my ass (you've got to sacrifice one).

At Orchard station, a Malay girl and her friend squeezed in just in time. She was a little shorter than me, and looked rather pretty. To my visual advantage, she was wearing a low neckline racer-back top. I could see that she was wearing a lacy black bra, and I’d say it’s a C cup. My hands were pressed against my own chest (as there wasn’t room to move), and as the doors beep shut, she pressed her body against me to avoid her just-as-big ass being decapitated. As the train chugged along, there we were in an awkward position: my palms touching my own chest, the back of my forearms rubbing her cleavage.

She looked at me apologetically, and mumbled sorry. I was appalled and told her I should say sorry instead.

Would it be the same, if I was a man?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

R21:The King & I.

It has long been a misconception that people from the West are alot more sexual and horny. According to Louise Brown's research and book, it is the Asian men who are driving the sex trade within their own countries.
Out of curiousity (as you would know i have one of a cat's), i googled Chinese Emperors and their harem and here are some pretty interesting finds. This shall make you a whole lot more interested in Chinese history, school teachers should take heed.

A Chinese Emperor's Sex Life
  • The Emperors had many women to keep them occupied (because they hardly leave the palace. Emperors lead a secluded life. They eat alone, at 8am and then at 1pm. With the exception of drinks and a snack in the evening, the emperor often consumed nothing else.)

    One emperor in the 11th century had 121 women (a year has 365 days, so on average you see him 3 days in a year. Talk about a girl's faithfulness, that's why treachery happens) at his immediate disposal, including one empress, three consorts, nine spouses, twenty-seven concubines, and eighty-one assistant concubines. Till this day, China's prostitutes do come with interns and learning prostitues as well (or so i've heard from friends that you can buy one get one free). 
  • Some emperors believed they could gain immortality from having sex with as many women as possible but never ejaculating.
  • Emperors also had male consorts. According to legend the Han Dynasty Emperor Ai said he would rather cut off the sleeve of his robe than disturb his male lover who had fallen asleep on it. Some Chinese still refer to homosexuality as “the passion of the sleeve.”  断袖之癖
  • Imperial women also indulged themselves (you only see your husband 3 times a year, remember?). Empress Wu Ze Tian was a 7th century ruler who was previously a nun and then a concubine and briefly changed the Tang dynasty’s name to Zhou. She had her own harem of men.
Imperial Chinese Concubines

  • Imperial concubinage wasn’t all it was made out to be. One character in the 18th century novel Dream of a Red Mansion said, “how much happier are those whose home is a hut in field, who eat salt and pickles and wear clothes of cotton, than she is who is endowed with wealth and rank, but separated from her flesh and blood.”
  • More than 200 Imperial concubines reportedly died on the orders of the 16th century emperor Shizon, Hoping to escape their fate, 16 members of Shizon’s harem snuck into his chamber to strangle him with a silken scarf and stab him with a hairpin. In the struggle the Emperor lost an eye but survived with the help of his Empress. The concubines were punished nu having their limbs pulled off thier bodies and their heads were displayed on poles.
Chinese Emperor's Sexual Rotation Schedule

  • It was believed that organizing the Emperor's sex life into a regimented order was essential to maintaining the well-being of the entire Chinese empire. The great Chinese calendar clocks of the 10th century were not used to keep track of time but rather to decide the schedule, rotation and time for the women who slept with the Emperor. Secretaries kept record of the Emperor's sex life with brushes dipped in imperial vermillion.
  • In China and some other Asian countries age is determined from the moment of conception not from the moment of birth. The Imperial Chinese believed that women were most likely to conceive on the nights nearest the full moon, when the Yin, or female influence, was strong enough to match the potent Yang, or male force, of the Emperor. It was believed that on these nights children with strong virtues would be produced. As a result the empress and spouses slept with Emperor around the full moon and the lower ranking women, whose main function was to nourish the Emperor's Yang with their Yin, slept with him around the time of the new moon. [Source: "The Discoverers" by Daniel Boorstin]
  • A rotation described in the Record of the Rites of the Chou dynasty (1120-256 B.C.) was as follows: "The lower-ranking [women] come first, the higher ranking come last. The assistant concubines, eighty-one in number, share the imperial couch nine nights in groups of nine. The nine spouses and the three consorts are allotted one night to each group, and the empress also alone one night. On the fifteenth day of every month the sequence is complete, after which it repeats in reverse order." [Source: "The Discoverers" by Daniel Boorstin]
  • Some emperors kept the names of their favorite wives, consorts and concubines on jade tablets kept in their bed chambers. The most active emperors had 50 or more of these tablets. When an emperor selected the woman he wanted he turned over the tablet with her name on a teak table. A eunuch then rushed to the woman's chamber, took off her clothes to make sure she wasn't concealing a weapon, wrapped her in gold cloth, carried her through the palace since she could barely walk with her bound feet and deposited her at the foot of the emperor's bed. The eunuch then recorded the date to verify later whether or not the emperor was the father of any children born to the woman.
Extracted from

It's not me to leave my readers high and dry, so here's a Chinese visual clip, kungfu style (as Chinese are well-known for). Take it with a pinch of salt and Dad, if you're reading this, i hope you have a sense of humour because i do and i come from you.

The Phyto Experience

Here’s how I portion out my finances monthly. Half of it goes to savings (for rainy days and travel) and the rest is split up for other necessities. Shopping and beauty treatments are necessities. Like how men splurge on his car, women splurge on her body. Monthly maintenance on a woman’s image can be expensive, but mandatory.

Not everyone does it but I started caring for my body at 15. Looking good = feeling good = attracting opportunities in career, love and life.

However, if you’re a student or making ends meet; try home remedies to get the same effects. As a student, the only beauty treatments I get monthly without fail are facials. I do my own hair spa at home; get manicures and pedicures as a treat for special occasions.

Now that I am a working professional, my monthly beauty fixes are facials, manicures and a trip to the wax salon. A hair spa and a massage are indulgences I would like to treat myself to every 2 months. My hair is often neglected and it’s only recently that I start treating my hair with more TLC (tender loving care).

Better late than never, good thing I got the TLC started.
The Phyto experience was orgasmic. Facials are never enjoyable because of the painful extraction, waxing just leaves you squeaky clean and smooth, manicures make your nails look pretty for 2 weeks (only). All other beauty treatments are just part of the routine in making you look good, but getting a good hair spa not only makes me look good, but the entire process was mind-blowing (as I get my hair blowed). 
After neglecting my hair and not knowing how to treat it right for so long, I met the consultant who set me right from wrong. She analyzed my scalp and dispensed the right treatment for it. There may be Yun Nam and all other haircare centers about, but I’d dare say if you’re paying big bucks for treatments there, you’re better off taking your dough to splurge at Phyto because not only do they treat you for hair loss, dandruff, oil and sensitive scalps, they do it the pampering way! I had a trial session at Yun Nam before and it is incomparable.
The Phyto experience is getting your own relaxation corner where you change into bathrobes (optional) and slip into slippers (optional), sink into an Osim massage chair, sip hot lemon honey (other choices available) and watch the latest movies.
My consultant deduced that I have an oily scalp, coupled with hormonal changes and stress, I get flakes (dandruff, yikes!). When the scalp is unhealthy (oil=clogged pores), over time it can create hair loss. She isn’t trying to scare me, but I do get flakes occasionally and my long and heavy hair do fall when I comb through (this is normal though however if you drop more than 50 strands a day, you ought to start panicking).
Thus she dispensed for me the Oily Dandruff Detox Treatment. My therapist set to work cleansing my scalp first with Phyto’s botanical extracts to prep the hair follicles.
An anti dandruff ampoule is then used and massaged (not a patronizing 5 minute, but a full 15 minutes at least) my head to stimulate better absorption and promote hair growth (ahhh….bliss).
Then, it’s the Oxygen Therapy – A 20-minute process that involves the opening of hair pores through the oxygen therapy, that aids in better penetration, detoxification and ensuring healthy scalp for healthier hair growth.

Prior to washing the scalp and hair, an aromatherapy oil massage will be done to the scalp, providing hair and scalp with the essential oils that will penetrate deep to work on prevention of dandruff and encourage growth. (Not complaining of the multiple massages in a day!)

After the cleansing and rinsing of hair and scalp, an anti dandruff ampoule will be massaged into hair, sealing scalp with the protective guard that aids in prevention of dandruff in both men and women.

Finally, the Infra-Red Treatment that uses low intensity light and heat to jumpstart sluggish follicles and even resurrect dead hair bulbs. It reduces hair loss, accelerate hair growth and even stimulate hair growth on hair bulbs that have been dormant. A mere 15 minutes under direct Infra-Red Light can yield instant significant results.
The entire process took about 2 hours and it kills two birds with one stone. Caring for your scalp AND scoring a 20 minute shoulder and hand massage. Two orgasms in a row! Can’t get any better than that!

The Phyto experience doesn’t just end at treating your scalp. It makes sure you step out feeling and looking like a million dollars. You can request to have it thronged or straightened, perfect for a hot date, company dinners or girl’s night out! I stopped counting all many birds I get to kill with one stone just by stepping into Phyto already.
Like Barbie with beautiful soft curls, I prance towards my hot date with Rob Schneider.
Thank you Phyto for giving me some TLC when I need it most! $208 worth spending.
501 Orchard Road Wheelock Place #05-08A Singapore 238880
Tel: 6220 6948 l
Ngee Ann City Tower A, 391A Orchard Road, #05 - 26 Singapore 238873

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

He Sells Fish

To watch the videos, it's at

This will probably spark off a war of controversy, flame attacks and debates. There has always been an ongoing discussion about Singaporean women being too demanding, Singaporean men being too weak. Enough already! There will be an Eve for every Adam eventually. Even the ugliest people on the streets.

Many men have lament to me that their women are dead fishes in bed. These are usually women who don’t like the sun or break a sweat, thus are always lying on their backs (I am a great poet). I personally think you can’t generalize Singaporean women when it comes to sexuality.

Yes, you have those and then you have others. Like (written by Alvinology):

Singaporean girls are getting more comfortable with exposing their bodies these days – whether intentional (like in the case of Daphne; micro-bikini teacher/model Gwen Teng; public exhibitionist Sun Tan) or unintentional (think Tammy from NYP and FHM Girl Next Door winner, Adeline Teo).

Heck, even the guys are getting into it (Click HERE and HERE).
Happen to blog something similiar recently.

From what I’ve seen and heard, I feel that

1) Singaporean women are still bashful with talking about sex. This includes married women. My best girlfriend asked me to “teach her some tricks” before marriage, knowing that I am WELL-READ. I did and as a true blue KPO therapist, I followed up after her wedding night. Her short review : Sex is overrated. When I probe to ask her more, because I believe in a healthy sex life after marriage, she kept mum and refused to talk about it. Her reluctance to opening up and finding out I believe will be a hindrance to a healthy sex life within marriage.

2) Singaporean women ARE on par with the men in cheating and sleeping around. On the other end, I know of a friend’s friend who had sex with 5 different men at ZoukOut. Yes, on the beach.

3) To the men who complain about Singaporean women being dead fishes in bed, have you thought that perhaps YOU, the Singaporean man just DON’T GET IT?

It's not Wham Bam Thank You Mam.

Like gears, a woman needs to be oiled before activity. First you assure her emotional fears (read previous post here).

Secondly, the ambience and environment plays a part.

Here’s a checklist:

1) Candles

2) Essential oils (optional. Lavender oil is naturally relaxing and it helps you sleep literally.)

3) Music (For love making: slow, smooth, lounge. Love songs or you can have naughty blatant like Shoop Dog’s Wet.

For rough passionate sex: get this

Or this

Do respect the lady though. Remember class, not crass.


A woman like gears, need to be well oiled before activity. Take it literally, give her a massage with oils.

Don’t sell fish (selfish, if you haven’t already got it).
Footnote: Giving away your virginity takes one night, getting back your virginity, there's no turning back.

Here’s to loving women and jumpin’ fishes!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Love Songs of my Time

The love letters a boy used to give me daily without fail (including weekends) for the whole year of Secondary 3 often comes with his scent. Christain Dior Farenheit. 10 years later, if a stranger walks pass me and i catch a whiff of that same perfume, i would turn and think it's him.

I have never been serenaded (not many of my brother's kind exists) but i have many who wrote song lyrics to me. Frankly, it doesn't move me. I ain't feeling maaaaaan. It would have been much more effective if you wrote heartfelt words instead. However, this Valentine's, let me share the love songs that happened during "our time" which creates an association whenever they pass through the air waves.

Aerosmith -Crazy
My first crush in Secondary school wrote me this song. I did not know any other Aerosmith's song other than Don't Wnnt to Miss a Thing from Armagaddon. Naturally, when i heard this song, the tune just didn't appeal to me. Yet i must say it is the most flattering one a boy can dedicate to me. I drive him crazy. Wait, that's a compliment right? It doesn't mean i'm psycho, does it?

Trademark- Only Love
And this was from the perfumed boy. I cringe initially seeing the word LOVE in it. We're only 15! What do we know about love and sacrifice? Paying more attention to the lyrics (roll my eyes), he was trying to tell me it's painful, he won't give up and he is praying for my change of heart. Awwwww.....

At that time, all i thought was "hey, this is your favourite song? ok, i will do something nice back to you for all the nice things you did for me." SO I LEARNT TO PLAY THIS ON THE PIANO. Wrong move, that made him fall in love DEEPER with me.

Shakira- Underneath Your Clothes
Then came my first boyfriend at 19. It was his favourite song, which i then adopted it as mine. It was a turbulent first relationship, but like the song, he was the man i chose and i stuck by my choice for 3 years. I was waiting for all the things that i deserve for being such a good girl. They never came.

David Cook- Always Be My Baby
Ironically, i dissed the first two high school crushes who wrote me song lyrics yet when we broke up,  i wished he would write me the lyrics of this song. I'm glad he didn't, otherwise my heart would just melt and return to a less-than-ideal lover. It has remained as one of my favourite songs, however.

The youtube link has a very nice and meaningful opening scene from The Notebook before it leads into the song. However, if you want to play the embedded one below instead, no harm.

Jason Maraz- Lucky
I learnt from my first relationship is to be in a relationship where he's your best friend. He who accepts you for who you are, he who loves you no matter how you look, he who supports you in whatever you do.

This song describes it all.

The Proposal Song
Bruno Mars- Marry You
It's a close call between Just The Way You Are also by Bruno Mars and this. Nonetheless, it's a fun and cheery MTV to share!

The Break Up Song
This is such an old song that i almost forgot such a beautiful song exists. I threw this in just because i heard a touching break-up story from a friend. His girlfriend sang it to him when they broke up. I asked "Did she sing out of tune?"

The below MTV is from Glee, where the singer's character is homosexual. He was very sad when his father passed away and he felt ashamed of his sexuality.

Animal- Neon Trees
And this is my favourite song at the moment, it reminds me of the short lived romances, the lost opportunities.

Take a bite of your loved one's heart tonight! Life's too short to think twice!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Chinese New Year

Is alot of feasting and staring into space.

Cheap Vday (Without Looking Cheap)

Let's see, i have never really been "big bang" impressed during Valentine's thus there was never an expectation of anything on February the 14th.

I remember when i was 13 when i just entered Secondary school, i had a crush on a senior 3 years older and vice versa.

I gave him heart shaped Ferro Rochor chocolates, and he secretly slipped a bag of red gummy bears into my school bag. "Sweets for my Sweet."

He put in particular effort in picking out all the red gummy bears amongst other colours and i had to be the ball buster by telling him "red is my least favourite flavour".

Till the end of high school year, my heart shaped Ferro Rochor remained frozen in his freezer.

At 15, i received a BIG (at that time) Valentine's present.....from a girl.
She was a junior in Judo (2 years younger) and she is homosexual. It wasn't a romantic present, but it was practical.
It was a boom box, and no, it didn't come with a self compiled music cd (that tells me how i feel about you).

She was also very thoughtful in hand delivering it to me at home than have me carry it box and all from school back home. I thought "wow, girls make better lovers! They are very generous! And i don't have to sleep with them."

Then there was another Valentine's present...from ANOTHER girl. Though i rejected her advances, we ended up being best friends. This is only possible with a woman. Men can never be your best friend after being rejected because they will still want to be getting into your pants.

Ironically, she gave me a pendant of a boy and girl kissing. In white gold, no less (affirmed my thoughts that women make better, non calculating lovers).

Age 15 must be my 桃花 period (must be the switch from glasses to contact lens, shorter skirts and cooler school bag), because i also received my FIRST bouquet of flowers. From a boy.
We went to Sentosa as a huge group of friends and he (who had a crush on me) surprised me with the bouquet. He is a great guy and loves doing romantic things like these (including writing love letters to me daily, spraying his perfume on it before presenting). Alas, i am not attracted to short guys. I'm sorta relieved that it wasn't puberty that stunt his growth because 10 years later, he hasn't grown any much taller. Otherwise i would regret spurning him.

My first bouquet experience, however, was disappointing.

1) It's troublesome to be carrying it around all day, it's akin to carrying a baby. One you can't leave behind, one that needs a seat of its own, one that needs both hands.

2) He may be romantic, but he has a bad eye for design. I don't want to sound like an ungrateful bitch but it was hideous with big leaves and bright orange flowers. It looked like the sort in a nerd's office, if he decides to have a bouquet.

So i wince, grimace and say 'thanks'. I knew then, flowers don't make me swoon and giddy with love. I won't be spending $10,000 on flowers at my wedding.

My 15 year old fashion is gaudy too (hey,'we're going to the beach! Tie-dye pants!) and the creepy Chi-na hitman-looking guy in the background? Unfortunately, he was part of the group. I suspect he's either in love with me, or in love with the guy beside me.

At 16, i remember looking longingly at the crush who didn't like me back and feeling pangs of jealousy as i see him diligently colouring an art peice for his crush, racing against time to finish it in time for Valentine's.

She later broke his heart, 10 years on he now messages me on Facebook. (ooooh yeaaaa *pumps fist in air* Vengeance is so sweet. )

Like a diamond ring (the bigger the better), on Valentine's, it's the competition of who's bouquet is bigger on Orchard Road. It's inevitable really, even if you do appreciate whatever small bouquet he got you. However when you are standing side-by-side with another couple, you can't help by notice (or compare) their bouquet. Like how two men stand at a urinal, their eyes can't help but be drawn beside for a quick glance.

For women, it's a "hah! My boyfriend is more generous than yours. He is willing to spend more on my flowers than yours." Same concept with the diamond ring.

After that first bouquet in high school, i've not received flowers anymore (other than when i was hospitalized: which i must admit, having flowers delivered really speeds up recovery!)

Graduation is also another occasion a girl should be presented flowers. I remember feeling very left out at my graduation. I sucked my snot up and told myself it's ok, i don't need flowers from any guy, i can afford my own luxuries when i am more successful than any of these girls here.

I don't need flowers to be told how much i am loved. I don't need flowers to substantiate my existence. However, when you least expect them, it's the sweetest thing of all.

Flowers are not necessary, but for the stubborn men who say they will not give into societal norms in buying flowers for Valentine's. i hope you are doing them on other days.

It is a romantic gesture and women need to be romanced.

However, flowers are NOT PRACTICAL.

Like all these Forever Friends bears and Precious Moments figurines i receive during Valentine's. Exorbitantly priced, they collect dust.
Also not practical are the over-priced EVERYTHING on Valentine's. My younger brother is very smart (inherited from elder sister). He sent my mum to the wet market to order him 20 roses. She obediently went to the market and screamed when the seller told her "$68." Seller even said it's cheap compared to florists who would sell them at $88. My mother said, "No. I do not need them packaged. I will buy only the roses. Without the baby breaths, without the wrapping."

She then continued to haggle, from $2.50 a rose to $2 for one. Switching the country of import. India is cheaper than China.

So my mum came home and conveyed the message to my brother. My brother nodded and said he could get them wrapped himself for $0.20. My brother who attempted wrapping a teddy bear & cross in a box the last time ended up making the entire gift looking like a coffin/graveyard will attempt MAKING A BOUQUET!!

I told him, forget it. A stalk a day till Valentine's Day. It rhymes and it's romantic! Valentine's day is 2 days from now, i think he has to speed it up and give a stalk every few hours perhaps.

For many years we've always ate reunion dinners at home. In the last 2 years, we ate out. Comparing the amount of money we spent eating out as compared to eating home, it was MUCH MORE enjoyable eating at home. No crowds, food quality wasn't much to shout about and all at a price quadruple that of what we'll spend at home.
That's my displeasure with the restaurant at Reunion dinner.
Similarly with Valentine's dinner. I know where i'll get quality food at affordable prices.

Cleaned out!

The sauces are great, the rice is buttery, the calamari is springy yet soft, the fish is juicy. I love the moist brownie with vanilla ice-cream BEST!
My dad too.

Not having a Valentine's, i brought my parents because i knew the platter for two can be shared amongst 3! 

My mum had a choice between a rich suitor and my dad (not rich, but sincere). She settled for the latter and 30 years on, my dad still honours her.

Friday, February 11, 2011

The Pursuit of Happiness

I recently attended a World Volunteer Conference (where I saw Jet Li) and it was like stepping into a motivational session. Many of the keynote speakers were sharing their story of how they have found their happiness through volunteering.

Jet Li shared that while he was making a lot of money and having all the women in the world, he wasn’t happy. He only found real happiness when he started to give. Thus he started the One Foundation and a slew of charitable acts.

Instantly, I felt rejuvenated and revived. I felt a huge urge to throw my worries and fears about making ends meet, go out, hug the tree and love the world.

Then I stopped, and thought, “Easy for him/her to say! He’s a multi-millionaire!”
Yet I guess, until we truly are millionaires ourselves, we won’t know if happiness is attained then.

How can we be happy without being rich?

1. Spend Time with the “Right People”
The people that make you happiest will generally be friends, family and romantic partners. Once out of school, guess where we spend the most time at? Work. Unfortunately, not many of us have a best friend at work, even rare that we like our boss.

Sounds like a bleak situation but here’s what you can do to increase happiness.

Avoid small talk. A related predictor of happiness is how much substantive discussion a person engages in, compared to small talk. Generally, small talk makes people unhappy, and often, work relationships involve a disproportionate amount of small talk. If you want to increase your happiness, it’s far better to find one or two colleagues with whom you can have a real discussion than to engage in small talk around the water cooler.

I had a colleague who sits in front of me. We became lunch khakis, and slowly over lunch we let each other into each's lives. Though i enjoy my workplace in general, having him as a best friend at work made it even better. No office romance occured.

2. Spend time on “socially connecting” activities
such as volunteering and spending time with friends. Work doesn’t count. Unless your job is particularly fulfilling and your colleagues are your best buds, work is not ’socially connecting’ and is generally one of the more unhappy parts of the day. Commuting is also gets high marks for making people unhappy.

Volunteering has been proven to be a good way to increase happiness.
Memory is important, because it helps us take an event that happened in the past and extend its ‘worth’ into the future.

3. Day Dream
This is my favourite! Research has shown that the part of the brain responsible for feeling pleasure can be activated just by thinking about something pleasurable. And we often enjoy the anticipation of something pleasurable more than the actual experience that we think is going to be so great. The most common example is vacation planning, which some find more pleasurable than the vacation itself.

4. Expand your time
No, this does not mean you have to find a warp in the space-time continuum (although it might help). Focusing on the “here and now” slows down the perceived passage of time, allowing people to feel less rushed and hurried. How can we do that?

Breathe slowly. Just for a few minutes. As the authors write: “In one study, subjects who were instructed to take long and slow breaths (vs. short and quick ones) for 5 minutes not only felt there was more time available to get things done, but also perceived their day to be longer.”
Volunteering makes it seem like you have more time. In general, spending time on someone else makes people feel like they have more spare time and that their future is more expansive.
Pay people to do the chores you hate. Activities that we choose to do generally make us happier than those that are obligatory. So if you can afford it, hire someone else to do some of the ‘obligatory’ tasks, such as cleaning the house. Then use the time you’ve ‘bought’ not to catch up on work, but to do something you genuinely enjoy.

I HATE doing the household chores. However, once i told myself it's actually not that bad. It's exercise = keeps me slim and i start DAY DREAMING that i am like Cinderella (the Prince will come some day), i actually enjoyed housework. It'll be another story when i get married.

5. Age changes the way people experience happiness.
Youths tend to equate happiness with excitement, but as people get older, happiness is associated with feeling peaceful. Young people get more happiness from spending time with interesting new acquaintances, while older people get more enjoyment from spending time with close friends and family.

So What Makes Old People Happy (according to Stock Images)?

1. Convertables

2. Scooters

3. Bike dates

4. Tag

5. Strawberries

6. Scarves

7. Computers

8. Getting their blood pressure taken

9. The phone

10. Boobs

11. Balls

12 Slides

13. Fitting Rooms

14. Light Bulbs

14. Lollipops

15. Needles

16. Bingo

17. Retirement

18. Feeling Young

19. Playing With Friends

20. X-Rays

21. Ear buds

22. Running In Water

23. Banging Gongs

24. Raising Their Hands

25. Washing Each Other

Find your Happiness, Whatever It may Be.
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