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Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Birthday Suit.

ClubCouture sent me my birthday suit so I won’t be naked on my birthday!
Call me a granny, but I never liked the idea of shopping online. I am too paranoid! I worry about lost mail, worry about the fit, worry about the material, worry about being cheated. Readers who have returned again and again to purchase my old wears have come to know I am very particular about fit, quality and style.

The only time I purchased online was from Victoria Secrets because they were simply irresistible! VS has a formula of using super hot models, naturally everything they wear look gorgeous, you get blinded, before you know it, you click purchase. When it arrives, you excitedly tear the VS box open, only to be disappointed that it doesn’t look as gorgeous on you (we secretly all want to be bomb shells!). Worse is, sometimes the apparel’s material is thin and cheap!

After that experience, I stick to only purchasing books online.
Then ClubCouture came and after reviewing the pieces they generously provided me, I must say 10 for workmanship! It isn't like the cheap made-in-china thin material. The top feels like wool, while the bubble skirt is chiffon. I worry about it making me warm, but the top is slightly translucent, thus amping up the girlie-sexy look!

They have a customer friendly policy that offers refunds if they don’t fit etc. They don’t have any breath taking model faces to distract us from scrutinizing whether the outfit is really our style or not.
I wear Ange mixed fabric dress in small, and if you join the member club (no purchase needed), you instantly get a 20% discount code to use on your first purchase!

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