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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Play Dress Up.

Most of the time, people don't celebrate Halloween because of its dark history. People celebrate Halloween simply because it was the perfect excuse to be in costume. Like how a girl always find an excuse to own one more handbag, one more pair of shoes.

A night we can be ANYTHING and not be ridiculed.
I was a beer mug with a cup of salted nuts.

No Halloween party is complete without cobwebs. But it isn't easy hanging them up!! Bunched up, it looks like an abu-neh-nehs thick long locks. You actually need to stretch it out with a technique!
Daiso has all sorts of Halloween deco, and all only $2!

Bloodied Harry Potter, complete with lightning scar.
Alcoholic Kitty Abuses Farmer.
Like a typical woman, i can't be seen in the same outfit twice. So the next party, i was a Blow Fish.
Alas, i rushed out of the house so i forgot my bubbles which i was supposed to BLOW. Geddit,geddit?
W&V throws the best theme parties. The hostress puts in alot of effort in the decoration and theme.
"Who Killed Oliver Scott?"

I'd say who killed the fish?!

Somebody tries to steal the expensive Koi in the pond.

Examining my scales.

Brainchild of the hostress. So clever! When i first entered, i actually thought someone passed out drunk under the coffee table. It was actually clothes filled with newspapers!

I love my ?! expression in this one.

Yes, i am always afraid of dentists.

Best costume of the night!

And it's true, Halloween is also a night the Sluts Come Out too. She isn't exactly hot, by the way.

Then it's Spooktacular at Sentosa.
Quite frankly, i am disappointed. I was thankful though, due to our kiasu nature, we met up at 5pm, went in at 6pm and were first in line once the clock strikes 7. We finished all 4 trails in record time, 90 minutes. People who came later snaked around in a queue.

Tacky deco were strewn around.

When it came to the trails, there were too many "ghouls" springing from every corner that makes the entire trail lose its suspense. BUT i got to give credit to those ghouls who crawled on the floor. Those were scary. Wax museum was the best, because of that movie with Paris Hilton in it. Wax museums always make my hair stand even in daylight. Unless it's Mdm Tussauds, i would love for Brad Pitt or Aaron Kwok to come alive!

The Tiger Observatory Tower was renamed Tower of Terror that night. It was meant to be a "CALMING DOWN TOUR". We were greatly amused and sorely disappointed it wasn't horrific.

Kudos to all the actors that night who stayed in character throughout!

Be afraid, be very very afraid!


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