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Monday, September 18, 2006

Day One

Mum and Ivan have arrived!! With a whole load of my junk. hahaa..mum cooked just vegetables and mushrooms for lunch today..Somehow it taste sooo goood

Reuse, Recycle, Resource.


Happy Birthday, Dad. In advance, cause the next few days, we wouldnt be home. Hahhaa..

The work of a mass commer. You just got to be patient and understand the weird antics of one. They always turn out very good. Just like what i do, isnt it?

I like this meal the best, although abit indulgent. Eel...

My food looks more and more appetizing doesn't it? Steamed egg, soba and honey chicken.

My first movie here. Only watch movies here on Tuesday..its $9.50. On other days, whooping $15. The movie i saw? Snakes on a Plane. Don't ask me why i chose a B-grade movie, there's no other things to watch!!

The convertible that raced us to Mandurah for fishing. Its Honda, funny how i don't see Hondas like these in Singapore. I'm not impressed with sitting in a sports car though. Too low to get in and out, too chilly, too much dirt. hahhaaa...
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