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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Candy House

It was a lonely night for my house mates when their respective boyfriends went to work on a Saturday night. So, i pulled them in to tag along on my date. For a very adventurous hunt to the restaurant which serves a platter of Australian tastes.

It wasn't that easy to find it, but we managed to. The outside looked rather seedy. Nearby was a brothel. It was the first i've seen here so far, and i was rather amused. Instead of the eerie red light these places usually use, its covered in bright colourful lights. Like a candy house. It even tells us there's an ATM inside. No hookers standing outside though, maybe it's too cold.

I've never been inside one, and i am curious. I told my friends, maybe i can pop in and pretend that i'm homosexual seeking a girl. Perhaps i can see what's it like inside then. My australian housemate laughed and ask why don't i say i am looking for a job instead. Less chance of being beaten up.

In my amusement, I forgot to take a picture of the outside!

That's a platter of Australian platter. It was $13.80 per person to taste. It's more of an entree. The main courses were like $27 and above. So we only came to taste, and then went off to somewhere else cheaper for dinner. The outside looks dodgy, but the inside interior was rather romantic. Candlelight, wine glasses and all. This place only opens Friday and Saturday nights anyway, funny how businesses here ever make money.

And so, on the platter we have crocodile meat (i like!), emu (taste like beef), kangaroo (like VERY STINKY lamb), smoke chicken from some where, marron (like cray fish except australian), rustic bread called Damper (like scone, i like!), and a variety of dips, chutney and jam from around australia. Some of these jams tastes ok, but they stink. With various fetta and olives on the side.

The highlight of the day, of course is this Withiery Grub! We sliced it in four bits, so each can take one. As i sliced it up, you could see the strings of nerves squishing about. Ooooo.....interestingly, it doesnt taste bad. It tastes like mushy crab.

My australian housemate couldn't stomach it. She says she has seen the live one before in the countryside, so she just couldn't. So we made her 'ta pau' back home and give her boyfriend (who's malaysian born here). He couldn't eat it either, i told him "maybe it'll taste better if we microwave it for you? Hot."

Only true blue asians can ever stomach such stuff.

Oh, and i was telling my australian housemate i got to reconsider PR here because there is high incidence of skin cancer here. She said "that's the funniest thing i've ever heard. In that case, i should move out of this country."
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