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Saturday, May 26, 2007

I am not crazy.

Before i go into saying why i am not crazy, i had dinner last night at this new Thai restuarant nearby. Nice ambience, good food but uber pricey! Thai food is rare here anyway.

We had dinner at 10pm, after much needed retail therapy! Fridays are late nights in the city. The shops close at 9pm instead of the usual 5pm.

This is autumn fashion.

Thai fishcakes..five only! Very nice, costs $8.50 (heart pain).

Phad thai (the omelette covers the real amount of noodles underneath. Not alot) and yellow curry. Gives me inspiration as to what to add to my home made curry next time. Got cherry tomato, sweet potato, peas, bamboo shoots, capsicum..very healthy leh.

Although there werent many dishes, and 3 of us are big eaters...we still ended up pretty full. Because of all the coconut milk in the curry. Final bill split, $15 each.

Melons at an empty plot of land nearby! I chanced upon it while jogging. Was wondering what these balls were in the field...went closer and they're melons!! The right one, the small one is the usual size. THe left one, the super huge one is the extraordinary one.

They are not watermelons, by the way. Don't what yet, i am thinking winter melon. My housemate asked if i dare to eat. THe boyfriend says DO NOT FEED HIM. If i cook soup with it, you think he will know meh. *evil laugh*

Now comes to my explaination why i am not crazy. A while back, like very long ago when the japanese is still here. I remembered i had a packet of sauce to cook Char Kway Tiao (something i brought back from singapore). I left it on the kitchen counter, so as to cook for dinner. When i came home, the packet is gone!! At that time, it was only me, the Japanese and the Australian living in the house. I searched high and lo, it couldnt be found. So i start thinking that i am hallucinating, i actually didnt take out or even bring back such a packet. But i really felt i DID take out such a packet to put on the counter top! So the only reason of what could happen was..somemore threw it away. I actually went to search the garbage bags ok! That reason came about because the Japanese DID throw away my thing when i accidentally left it in her supposedly "space".

But i found nothing in the garbage, not even the big bin outside the house. (yes, i am that crazy to find out the truth). And so i thought i was disillusioned. BUt i didnt give up! I went to the Asian stores to find the packet, because i needed to know if such a Char Kway Tiao packet really existed. Or was i really disillussioned. Guess what, none of the asian stores had it, so i really thought i was siao. I dreamt the entire thing up.

6 months later, i found the char kway tiao in one of the asian stores. So yes, i am not crazy. I think she did threw mine out.
A birthday lunch for Alvin! He looks kinda cartoon here.

What a feast! Exam time now.

Friday, May 18, 2007


Mum,dad..i am going Melbourne!!!!!annnnnnd....Sydney!!!!!!

We are departing (me and 3 other girls. Their photos are somewhere below. Valerie, Angela and Siping) on the 26th June and returning on the 10th July. Flying to Melbourne first, then taking a coach to Sydney and then back to Melbourne for the remaining 2 days and then fly back to Perth.

Quite a sudden decision huh. I was very fickle minded...but then i thought i am always restraining and restricting myself and i am leading such a boring and mundane and routine life here (main highlight is grocery shopping and cooking), i decided to be inject this sudden adventure. So i pressed my friends to book air tickets and it is now! $368 return fare, Melbourne. That is not too bad isnt it.

And so immediately, i emailed Auntie Maureen and the Chin family to ask to meet for dinner when i am there. Harry replied!! He has always been the active member amongst that long distant family in communication with me. And he's handsome too...hahahaha

We will be staying in backpackers motels averaging $25 per night. I insisted that while saving cost, we get a dormitary consisting of only us four. So we wont be sleeping with strangers.

My friends were very amazed how come i could just make the decision so quick to go whilst they had to bounce back and forth with their parents. This is because 1) i am a big girl, 2) my parents are wonderful and 3) i have my savings. My friends need parents to pay they need to ask their parents. Hahahaa..but of course, their parents are also great, they said "yes" to their daughters pretty quickly. I am the second oldest in the group so i laid the rules to the girls before embarking on this trip. 1) do not wake up any later than 8am, 2) do not spend more than fifteen minutes getting dressed. 3) do not spend more than half hour bathing.

Aiyar, coz you know hor..i am very different from most other girls. I wake up early, i run, i don't like to waste time. And i hate shopping in groups!

But still, this is so exciting...if only i can persuade them to DIVE WITH THE SHARKS in Sydney. They don't want..but i waaaaant!!!! Maybe they can watch me while i do it, and be my photographers...hahahaa...i will have 3 photographers catching me in action.

Now comes the explaination why i didnt call to tell my parents first.
1) i was juggling 4 jobs and 3 assignments this week
2) the property office called me to stand in as a receptionist on very short notice, thus i had 4 jobs running concurrently this week
3) my typical day was something like 8.30am to 1pm Receiptionist, 1pm-5pm, School cafe. 6-11pm, DOME. Something like that..and then when i return home, i got to work on my assignments
4) my group mates are useless. So i had to do the entire assignment myself. i told them i am pissed with them, but told them not to worry, they will get the marks because i cant be bothered to submit a unfair grading form. It literally becomes a legal battle if you go that way. I wish them luck in the future, and told them i can be friends with them just not work mates.
5) I am being bullied at 2 of my work places. And the bullies are not older than me, mind you. But i guess its coz they are there longer than yeah. Being the typical asian, i swallow it down and just do what i am told. After all, i still want the job. I used to detest throwing the garbage. But i actually don't mind doing it now.
6) I spring cleaned my room and stock up my entire pantry and fridge space because i am preparing to go into war with exams.

so yes, that's how my week has been so i hadnt called to tell about Melbourne. And also the fact that i know my parents love me and they know what i'm like, so i surely can go...riiight?!

P.S My chiropracter's pretty good. She's been cracking my bones every week (realignment she says. Feels like cracking to me). I had 2 sessions this week, and really, when i stand the entire day, i expect my back to ache..but that ache never came. She says i am healing better than she expected so i am back to one session a week.

Now back to my 2 other assignments...ta ta!
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