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Monday, March 10, 2008


I love Sashimi. Japanese is my all time favourite food. 

Spot anything amiss?

What is he doing?!

It was meant to be in the kitchen, the one my dad and mum uses the phone the most. It was meant to make my parents silly. But nooooo...looks like my brothers will rather look silly.

We're going to the zoo zoo zoo, how about you you you

My dear Jenny had my heart, she got me this while i was away! When i just got back, i saw this in my first outing to the local malls. I wanted to get mine, only to know it was sold out, no more stock returning. Gutted, i left. 2 weeks later, Jenny presented me this!
I've planted it like 2 weeks ago...not sprouting yet though :(

The zoo was crowded and hot. Now i know why i never liked going to the zoo as an adult. But i suppose the kids enjoyed themselves with the elephant show and presents from the gift shop.

The boy's quite good with his poses.

hahahaa..though they're not very camera whores...i managed to coax them in and 'pretend' to be animals about to be shipped off!

Look closely at the middle thing.

Ivan's retarded.hahahhaa
Ivan and his *cough* friend.

They were meant to be frogs. The boy said "hurry ivan, i can't hold much longer".
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