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Friday, February 14, 2014

Sex Trek: Into the Darkness

Innovative adult toys have always tickled me silly. I wrote a post in 2010, and thought it was time to get updated on the latest trends.

If a phone could evolve so much in design and functionality...
 If uses of 8 gadgets can combine into one....
What would the sex toys of the future look like?

The vibes of the future don't raise my eyebrow any more. Water-proof, different vibration modes, wireless/ controlled by a partner...they're as normal as you would expect fries with your burger.
What made me giggle were the ones seen at the Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas early this year (originally seen on Huffingtonpost).
The Japanese are acclaimed for their realistic love dolls. American brand Real Dolls tops the cake by allowing you to render anyone you like into one of them. Are you narcissistic enough? How about taking self-love to a whole new level?

Since it is the year of the Horse, how about trying out porn star Tasha Reign's line of products? I also learned a new term, Bronies. Grown men who enjoy "My Little Pony" products. No prizes for guessing what that thing in Tasha's hand does.

And if this year, its about getting fit, you can try these exercise balls. Not sure if it comes with a USB on how-to-use too.
If you want to find out more about futuristic toys, find HuffingtonPost here. If an average Singaporean downloads 30 apps or more in their phone, you might want to check out the 10 apps that could spice up your sex life. Otherwise, if you are the geeky sort, you might want to check out tech-tastic vibes of the future here.

Seen fr

There is a website called Lick This that promises to let users hone their cunnilingus skills by licking their smartphones. 

The app requires no download; you just go to on your mobile browser and start tonguing away at your phone screen. Precautionary measures suggests that you "wrap it up" by putting some plastic wrap over the screen. This is presumably because your cell phone is dirtier than a toilet seat.

Some of the mini exercises include

  • "Up n' Down," which challenges users to flick a light switch up and down as quickly as possible.
  • "Circles," which has users move the handle of a mechanical pencil sharpener around as quickly as possible.
  • "Freestyle," which asks users to use their tongue as an implement to jab at a beach ball bouncing seemingly at random around the screen.
Kissing the back of your hand as practice has gone tech!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Oriental Beauty: Amoy Hotel


I'm a sucker for boutique hotels and i discovered an oriental gem in the heart of Singapore. 

The newest boutique hotel and a first in Singapore that incorporates a museum that traces the footsteps of early immigrants from China, i thought it was the best choice to put up ANY visiting guest in AMOY. Singapore being so modern, can't quite count as the real Asia. My expat friends call Singapore 'for beginners'! Therefore, anyone coming to visit, AMOY as accommodation is highly recommended to get an authentic experience. 

Located in a heritage conservation area, AMOY is hidden within a temple facade. 
We missed it first time round, but when our taxi circled the street again, we found the tiny #76 imprinted on its exterior. It might be useful to know the more visible bistro Dean & Deluca is just across the road.
I love entering the hotel via Fuk Tak Chi, Singapore's first street museum that was formerly a temple and headquarters for the Hakka and Cantonese communities in the 1800s. It feels like i'm entering the Forbidden City as a princess!

Entering the hotel lobby, I was blown away by its high ceiling, stone and brick interiors. 
I could almost hear birds chirping. 
I'm not only a sucker for boutique hotels, i am also a fan of nostalgic items! Found them dotted around the hotel. 
A real well from the 1800s!
An ode to the contribution of Singapore's early migrates, all 37 rooms in the hotel are represented by the most common Chinese surnames.                 
How about ROLE PLAYING as Mrs Huang tonight? Teehee. 
The room's interior was intricately designed and the in-room experience seemed totally bespoke!       
A personalised greeting card painstakingly handwritten by staff.                              
For coffee lovers
For tea lovers, AMOY is the ONLY hotel who carries this brand,
touted to be even BETTER than TWG.
In-room drink refreshments are free to enjoy. 
It was a very pleasant contrast how the ancient facade of the hotel leads to a high-tech room interior. 
We oohed and aahed as our butler explained the features of the room to us.
A charger within the safe box.
Man's shaving mirror with in-built light.
Night light!
iPhone 5 dock! Most hotels are still supplying iPhone 4.
I particularly like how most hotels are fitted with carpets but AMOY is lined with wooden flooring.  It gives an old feeling and feels cleaner than carpets too.
Needless to say, in such a high-tech room, broadband internet is unlimited.

Continental breakfast with yogurt, pastries, toast, ham & cheese with cornflakes is provided in the foyer.
Following the theme, cutlery are ancient replicas!
Things to Do Around
AMOY is located conveniently in the Central Business District area. Try

  • A walk to Promenade
A nice breezy walk in the evening along the river against Singapore's city landscape.
If you're lucky, you may catch fireworks atop 1-Altitude bar at One Raffles Place.

Otherwise, there are 2 light shows around. At Marina Bay Sands casino resort, otherwise at the super trees at Gardens by the Bay! You won't regret this romantic encounter.
  • Chinatown
You cannot miss Chinatown with its cheap buys, traditional desserts and massage.

  • Ann Siang Hill, Keong Siak and Duxton
Popular yuppie haunts for food and drink these streets. 

For more unique things to do in Singapore, you can check out my posts on
places to go and unique souvenirs from Singapore. 

Friday, February 7, 2014

13 Things to be Grateful For

I've been asking people i met last month "how was 2013?" & received much chatter in animated fashion. While i'm an entire month late in penning my closing thoughts for 2013, but hey, for the Chinese, 2014 only starts today!
1. I Made it Count
Counting down to 2013 was a solemn one. I remember finding myself alone in my car, counting down as i hear the jubilant cheers from the row of houses beside. I whispered to myself, "2013 will be good." 

Countdown to 2014 didn't quite happen because shockingly we found out the Swiss weren't so organised for the one major thing that mattered on 31 Dec 2013. There we were, champagne in hand, not getting to pop it dramatically as we planned to. Still, it was memorable. We had friends over, cooked dinner and then out gyrating in a pop up club & drinking B.Y.O champagne. NYE didn't cost a thing!
2. I got my Game
2012 was the ephiphany of the root of my insecurities. I became self aware that i never spoke my mind in relationships because i was afraid of him walking out. 

2013 was applying the new rules of the game. I consciously willed myself to not follow-up despite making a first move (a girl can still take an initiative). An initiative is still necessary because you need to communicate your interests & availability.

Understanding the laws of nature and mastering the game, alpha males need a girl who does not take their bullshit while still maintaining her femininity.

3. I learned to rest
I dialled down my independence & asked for manly help when i need. Like moving things, or asking for protection or taking a hand when the downhill was steep. This revealed my vulnerability, something i have kept close to heart. 

4. I tasted an Expat's life
My eyes were opened to career's opportunities available to me. Unlike many Singaporeans who are unwilling to leave their comfort zone, i can't wait to leave. To push myself forward, to grow and to be creative. 

5. I got New Bras 
Best friends are like bras. They are supportive, they are comfortable, they lift you up and they make you look better. I made new friends all over the world, they who accepted me as who i am. They made me teared with everyone's little personal note behind my 'graduation' photo. They who only knew me for short, know me as much as a long-time friend would. As much as they learned from me (my strange useless random facts), i learned from the Spanish how to love, the French how to be empowered and the Greek how to dance. I learned generosity from everyone and when you make mature friends, there is no selfishness and competition. 
6. I can Fly Without Wings
I have never felt more carefree. Being in Switzerland, away from friends, family, my creature comforts, i felt free. Without a care in the world, without any heartache of missing someone, i focused on myself and i felt whole. The Swiss lifestyle made me punctual, made me eat better and gave me a new perspective of being human. I liked that marriage and children do not hold one back from personal goals, i liked that the Swiss couples carry 6 month old babies up mountains, i liked that the fathers are actively involved with their children.
7. I Opened my Chakra
Because i had to fend for myself as a kid, it built a tough exterior that made me quite a cold unfeeling person. I have never let my tears flow but Europe made me emotional. Since relocating, i teared first in the church when the songs got too familiar to home. Then i next teared in my boss' office, grateful for the opportunity. Choked up with tears (and salad) during lunch when i read everyone's personal note on my farewell card. I also burst into tears in bed 2 weeks before departure, finally screaming, kicking and crying as i was dragged into the van that sent me to the airport. Ok, i exaggerated the last.
8. I Bought a House 
Unfortunately not a zoo, but just a house. 

9. I Learnt to Ski
In March last year, i first learned to ski in Dubai mall.

What are the odds that 7 months later, i was skiing in mecca!
Interestingly, I posted on my Instagram early in the year an image grabbed off the Internet saying i would like to go there. I had no plans to do it but in Dec, i was ACTUALLY staying in the exact same hotel i posted in Feb. Could this really be The Secret?

10. I Found Love
Love came in all forms, not necessarily just the heterosexual type. I was particularly touched by my 2 flat mates. Sylvia opened a Chinese restaurant and served me a banquet pretty much all the time. Unconditionally giving and putting me first. My birthday in 2013 was gonna be pretty bland being far away from home but Sindy took me to Paris despite having been there twice herself. 
11. I was Protected
Europe wasn't as safe as Singapore and i was very blessed that i was protected from burglaries and 3 attempted pick pocket incidents. 

12. I (almost) Ran with the Bulls
I had many cool experiences the past year, that made me cherish experiences over materials so much more.
I remember there was one year i got upset with an ex who didn't get me a present but a haircut! Thinking back, i smile and understood the 'gift' he was presenting me was an experience. The San Fermin in Pamplona is an experience to have once in a lifetime.

The Bond weekend i had with my dad was also pretty cool. Grateful for my father who is still adventurous at his age!

13. I Fought like a Gladiator 

Travelled 15 countries last year, it was an experience unforgettable.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Escape to Quincy


I have had experienced full-board accommodation overseas and was pleased to find the first in Singapore with a similar concept.

At Quincy, the full board package includes a one-way airport transfer, all-day snacking with your in-room minibar replenished daily. You can even get 2 peices of laundry done (psst, bring your winter jacket for dry cleaning?). 

While i enjoy receiving the ang pows , i didn't want to quite face the Aunties' interrogation this Chinese New Year. Knowing that it would be a city shut-down this long weekend with exorbitant air fares, an escape to Quincy where I can eat and drink all i want (other than fast food) sounded apt. 

Tucked away on Mount Elizabeth, it is a 5 min walk down to Singapore's main shopping street. Because of its concept, i thought that Quincy is the perfect hotel for a lovers retreat, otherwise a potential recuperation haven for cosmetic patients at the hospital next door. 

I was greeted with an immaculate officer who swiftly checked me in and explained to me the rules of the game stay.
a modern and quirky lobby
#1 A daily replenished mini-bar at my disposal
Cookies, chips, tea, coffee and sodas were at our disposal to cosy up in front of the 31 satellite and local tv channels as we stay in-room. 

#2 swim & gym on level 12 at any time of the day
Our eyes light up when we heard about the pool being accessible 24 hours. Not sure why, but it made our hearts pound a little faster at the thought of moonlight skinny dipping. The infinity pool is glass enclosed and it makes scenic exercise both morning and night. There were also sauna and steam rooms big enough for 2 each time for steamy sessions with your partner. I like the considerate thought of having the fridge on this level well stocked with mineral water and 100 plus for guests to freely quench their thirst. 

#3 all-day refreshments
The full-board package includes snack bites from Dean & DeLuca and Modesto's . We particularly enjoyed the happy hours from 6 to 8pm, a free flow of good wine and cocktails. Conversations assisted by alcohol allows us to know each other better!
#4 unlimited Internet access, luxurious toiletries and a Room for the Exhibitionist
I get a spiritual high whenever i get branded toiletries in hotels. It gives me the impression that the hotel spares no expense to provide quality. It makes me feel very pampered.
made in UK
There is an iPod or iPhone dock (4s and below), otherwise there are 4 radio stations to tune up your room.
I'm convinced that Quincy is made for reigniting the spark between couples, with the see-through bathroom. Spacious and well-fitted with a bathtub, rain shower plus hand-held shower.
#5 extras for a Sat or Sun check-in
As i checked-in on a Friday, i didn't get to experience the cupcake or fruit tart making class nor the movie night. Apparently, you get these extras as part of their Qool Weekend deal. 
The full board package starts from 6pm of your night till the next day at 2pm. Despite having to check-out at 12pm, you can still enjoy food, drinks and facilities till 2pm. 

Quincy is having a Valentine's Day promotion. With their full-board concept, reignite your passion by spending quality time in-hotel with everything you need!
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