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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Revisiting Perth for ONLY 2 days :(

It feels unreal that just a few hours ago i was in chilly Perth in company of amazing friends and eating the best of Italian food. Now i am back in Singapore and i am perspiring like a pig. No, i didn't get the swine flu. Seeing Hungry Jack as opposed to Burger King.You indulge in all things sinful on a holiday.
Oh, how i love Nandos.
The highlight of the trip was Ciao Italia at South Perth. No reservations can be taken, and there'll be hoards of people. Inside, every table is packed chair to chair. Very squeezy and expect to wait long for a table, but all is VERY worth it. Our appetiser was Bruchetta. The juicy olive vinegar soaked tomatos and onions on crusty bread is divine.
Colza. Which is chicken and tomatos and other ingredients stuffed inside. Very cheesy.
My favourite is still the pasta named after the restaurant though. The Ciao Italia. Creamy linguine with roasted chicken and sundried tomatos.
This girl who is unabashed to cam whore with me. She has so many expressions to pose with and she calls ME the pose-r.
We waited 30 minutes out in the cold for our table. I had to hound the waiter 3 times.
I am really touched by V's gestures. From picking us at the airport to sending us here and there to planning our itinery to make sure we got the most out of Perth. He's a perfect host!

Our holiday was 10/10. Quality food, good friends, laughs, fun and professional photography.
We were all so STUFFED after all the main courses but no matter what we HAD to fit in the tiramisu.
People always lament that Perth is boring. It could be, if you are looking for constant action. But our typical day starts with spending time in the sun, coffee at a nice cafe, some shopping, then coffee again at another nice cafe then ending with drinks at chill-out places before heading home.
We are organised stickmans. All standing straight and somewhat leaning to the right with hands in pockets. We arrived in on Friday night with light rain. It poured on Saturday morning and our spirits were a little dampened as we thought how unlucky we were to have arrived this weekend of all times! Perth is known for perfect weather all year round. Sunny always, with little rainfall and gloom.
So lucky that it cleared up by Sat afternoon. I like the cold weather with sun! So nice to cuddle under the warm blankets. Not so nice when you undress to shower though. It kills you to step out of the hot shower!
We showed the German Caversham as soon as the clouds cleared. That's a family with the joey in the pocket. Can you see? We saw how a joey got in and out. How fascinating!Another masturbating or doing yoga, either one. Their national animal totally represent the OZ culture. Laid-back!
There was a donkey that reminded me of the one in Shrek because he is SO talkative. Made sounds non-stop and constantly opens its mouth to be fed. Felt abit sorry for it as the sign wrote "Feed everything else but the donkey".
The donkey gave us a very glamourous showcase of its fart though. And even gawfawed after that! Too bad i wasn't in time to take a video. Always something unexpected comes up at Caversham. You should go with a video camera, seriously. The last time, an Llama spit on C's face, literally.
That's a 30kg wombat.
I thought that was its vagina. But noooo, it's its pouch! Its newborn baby is about the size of a new born hamster. All tiny and red. I never knew wombats have pouches.
Caversham's like a wildlife park showcasing Australia's animals. And i love that place because it allows you to get interactive with the animals! They don't rip you off by asking you to buy animal feed too. It's provided free around the park.
Sunday was BEAUTIFUL. Our hosts took us to Cottlesloe (or Coleslaw as MK calls it)My salt pepper squid salad was superb! No wonder so many people were having it.
We could sit there all day. Or rather, MK would have preferred we sit there all day.
This fawn is SUPER duper nice to stoke. Its SO soft. No wonder baby lamb meat is so much more tender and costly. MK kept making comments about how good Emu burgers will taste and how much he love Kangaroo meat. His appetite is ridiculous ever since he started seriously working out again.
How cool was it that at the end of our trip, V burned a CD on the spot with many unposed pictures. It felt like we hired a professional photog. to record our every step! Sitting by Fremantle's harbour with my girlfriend.I hate this long distance relationship!

I now know what friendship means.

Monday, May 4, 2009

The Lady in Red.

Once upon a time, lives the fox spirit.

She loved to dance.

she had the power to make waves.One day, she got her heart broken.
So heart broken, she could never dance again.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

My May Day

Woke up bright and early to get into Johor fot this... the race track. My friend looks like she has no foot. That is SERIOUSLY eerie!
Surprisingly, the jam wasn't as bad as what we would have expected. But it sure was stressful organizing the convoy of 4 cars.It really is fun doing a day trip across the borders. Good and CHEAP food, shopping and just hanging out in a different country. I think even with the traffic and the dirty toilets, it is all still rather bearable and worth it.
She pretends blowing a whistle.
I floored the go-kart and made the boys' eyes open wide. They were all thinking, " Is this girl CRAZY?" I got dizzy after 5 rounds. Heat + the curvy track.
Typical Singaporean + Girls? Knowing the helmets will be stinky, we brought precautions. The smartest of them all is the one with the shower cap. Ok, it wasn't me who was THIS smart. My neighbour who is an experienced racer loaned me his personal helmet and passed me the shower cap.
I don't see why i bothered smiling.
Total Expenditure: SGD $30
Total Cost of fun: Priceless.
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