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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Surf's Up.

It's the surfing season now in Cherating, Malaysia. So here we go, loading the boards onto that mini car. Getting there takes 5 hours, just like going to KL If we drove fast enough, our car would fly! The surf boards were like wings on the car.
Joining an entourage of 4 other cars, it was an adventure.

My beach essentials:
Redken hair protective spray- smells kinda funky, got it free.
Not sure if it's really effective. Couldn't tell a difference.

Sunblock- apply loads and loads and loads. You HAVE to slap on enough on your face and reapply countless times. I got lazy, ended up with a sunburnt on the face and then peeling= not a pretty sight :(

This little Ang Moh is SO sweet.

He strangles carries the kitty like a rag doll and took it home. When you become a parents, will you allow your child to play with strays or not? His parents were very relaxed about it, and even taught him the proper way to carry the kitty. Are Singaporeans too uptight or are we hygienic? Or is it because we're too hygienic and thus suseptible to bacteria?

Sir Stamford.

We arrived at 3am Sat morning, rised and shined at 8 to catch the waves.
That's how a sporty beach holiday is, there is an agenda.

I hired an instructor to teach me proper. You wear a rash guard to avoid nipple rash. Nipples are sensitive areas, handle with care.

I drank SO much salt water, i'll be surprised if my pee isn't salty.
Inspiring toilet. Just spoilt your appetite? Mine is not a food blog.

So, you lie flat in front, paddle out and this gives you awesome abs and defined arms.

Then you align yourself, back facing waves and as they bring you in,
you quickly stand up and balance!

I wasn't very good with it, but can do!

In the evening, we ate by the road side. Its such a small quiet town, there's hardly any choice.
We pop by a quaint bar with a live band (thankfully there is one such place), and saw call girls flirting with old men (surprise, surprise! Such an ulu place also have demand and supply). It's such a small town, that we saw her do the walk of shame the next morning.

Walk of shame: when someone wears the same clothes as the night before.
It's like school camp all over again!!

On the way back, i upgraded to Business Class (sat in a SUV, SO comfy compared to a mini car). Stopping by JB for the usuals, i made it in time for Ku De Ta at Marina Bay Sands for dinner!
and that's how you light and blow a birthday cake on th 57th floor.

Under the sheets.

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