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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Hello Panda

I asked a friend what's his 3 favourite animals and 1 of them was a bear. He thought its fanscinating how the bear (teddies) is universally loved by everyone, made into the eptimone of a cuddly toy despite being one of the most fearful animal to meet in the wild.

Since Kai Kai and Jia Jia arrived on our shores, there's been much hype about them that i even see banners on lamp posts by the Tourism Board. I didn't even see banners on lamp posts welcoming Prince William and Kate.
I walked past a pre-school classroom and saw these!

It's a pity that the pandas on loan from the Chengdu government are adults though. Baby pandas are the cutest!
I suppose Chengdu didn't want to give away a cute panda and only to get it back 10 years later, no more cute.

Here're the most viewed panda videos on Youtube.

16.1 million

4.9 million

2.4 million

However, if you plan to visit the Singapore zoo to catch sight of these adorable harmless fur balls, here's how you can become a Youtube sensation.

Just don't wear an expensive jacket, oh and if you're a girl? Remember to wear a nice bra underneath.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

50 Shades of Corruption

I've a confession to make.

I hated reading the newspaper when i was younger. As a result, my general knowledge is very poor and i can't point out countries on a globe.

Today, 4 year olds can do that if you enrol them in a $1000 per month for extra cirriculum class.

The times i HAVE to read, i'll flip through but stop at scandalous titles reporting murder or sex. Alas, hard-nosed news are not written like a detective novel. Details are scarse.

I asked my journalist friends and they informed me that news need to be objective, neutral of a stand. If they are too descriptive, they influence the reader. So they directed me to the tabloids, but my parents don't subscribe to TNP.

I was sorely disappointed, if only ST would be filled with descriptives, the one reason that'll make me read ST and feel informed......

with lurid details.

Today, hard nosed news have become what i wished for!

To my surprise and enjoyment, Channel News Asia reported a pretty detailed summary of the scandalous corruption case headlining the past few days. Words like "pushing aside panties" and "fellatio" were used (no cunnilingus?) My dad asked me just now what DIY means, he guessed it must be something sexual. I replied him, "it means do it yourself", he immediately exclaim, "OH! Masturbation!" #ThatAwkardMoment....

Interestingly, while i was searching for latest news about the scandal with keywords Sex for Contract, Singapore, guess what came up?

Sex contract jobs in Singapore on Alas, it was a misleading search result. I clicked and none of the jobs was about sex. They were technical positions.

However, the recent sex for contract scandal, whatever verdict it may be, reminds me of my personal encounter in my first job.

My first marketing job at 19 was with a fashion retailer. I was meant to acquire merchants onto the loyalty card programme we had, albeit like credit card merchants. My boss put me in contact with someone she knew. He was the manager of a well-known club, my job was to get his club to agree to be my merchant so that it can be a win-win situation for both company's patrons.

I made an appointment and i met H. He had spiky golden hair, just hit 40 but looking like Andy Lau. He is from Hong Kong but grew up in the States. He ran a successful strip club there however, i didn't know why he came to Singapore. He is also short like Tom Cruise.

We hit off candidly and because it was a late afternoon meeting, he asked if i wanted to join him for dinner to "continue this business discussion".

It was my first job, i was performing well and while i don't have a sales target neither do i get commission, i suppose i did want the praise from my boss when i return. While I have made many good friends from business contacts after, i was a bit more naive starting out in my first job. I didn't want to be someone who knock off promptly at 6, so i agreed to have dinner with H.

After agreeing, he said he needed to go to Chinatown first to collect a toy he placed an order for. I was a little disgruntled, i thought "ok, this is OT already, can't i just finish dinner and go? Now, i still have to go with you to Chinatown first?"

However, being the very accepting me, i smiled and nod. We took a taxi to China town and after collecting the toy (i can't remember what figurine it was), H said he needed to go home to drop the toy off first before dinner! He was testing my patience. 

This time, i protested. Saying can't we have dinner in Chinatown, why are we going all over Singapore bla bla bla.

But he insisted his house wasn't far AND he don't feel comfortable in work pants AFTER WORK. He NEEDS TO BE IN JEANS FOR DINNER.

He made it seem like his legs were going to grow sores any moment trapped in linen work pants.

So we boarded another cab and head to Toa Payoh where he lives.

My mother taught me not to visit strange men's house. I don't judge 40 year old men who collect toys, neither did i thought he was a stranger since he's my boss's friend (or so i thought). I resisted visiting his house, saying i would wait below. But i didn't resist hard enough. He persuaded me to come up for a look and at 19, dating my first boyfriend, i didn't want to seem like a scaredy cat.

I wanted to be seen as an executive, someone who is capable at doing business.

I reluctantly followed him into his lift, down the corridor and into his home. The moment i stepped in, a feeling of dread overcame me. None of his windows were open, he shut the door after we entered, locked and STUFFED THE KEYS INTO HIS POCKET!

Now, alarm bells were ringing. It is abnormal that someone after returning home wouldn't place his keys on the coffee table or somewhere near the door. It couldn't be just a habit of mine right? Also, with no windows open, my screams will be muffled.

I stood near the door and folded my arms. I hurried him to go change his jeans, the reason why we're back in his home for.

He motioned for me to follow him as he gives me a tour of his place. I rolled my eyes, if that will speed up the process of him getting change, i'll do a courtesy sweep of his place. With my arms folded, i hmm and ahhh as he showed me his kitchen (he pointed out his washing machine), and his bedroom. At some point, he mentioned about being able to perform the helicopter sex position. I laughed nervously.

Getting out into the living room, i inched towards the main door, arms still folded. I asked him kindly to get his jeans again. This time, he slithered over in front of his TV and sunk down into a red velvet bean bag. He lit a cigarette, took a puff, pat beside him and drawled, "Come, sit here and relax for awhile."

I HATED CIGARETTE SMOKE. Plus it's in a room with no open windows!

I replied with my arms still folded (a defense stance) and grumbled, "I'm fine here."


I stood, appalled at what I'm seeing and in that moment, he must have snuck up behind me because the next thing i felt was him hugging me from behind and his wet tongue was running along the side of my neck.

I immediately whipped around, pushed against his chest and demanded to be let out. Like a dejected cat, he went to his bedroom, changed his jeans and we went out for dinner.


Confident, outspoken and an extrovert as i may seem to be, at 19, I don't think i handled such situations well. Even when i was mildly molested in the trains, I didn't make a whim.

We went to Harry's Bar at Novena Square and H was absolutely disrespectful. He didn't apologize for what just happened, and he sat with his legs up at our table.

That was quite an experience and i was grateful it didn't turn out to be something worse. This set the precedence and i was extra cautious about visiting anyone's homes alone thereafter. When i tendered my resignation 2 years later, i recount this incident to my boss at my farewell lunch. She was appalled and asked why didn't i tell her immediately the day after but wait till my last day at work. I thought since nothing bad happened (unless his saliva is contagious) and i wasn't taken advantage off other than getting my neck licked (i pretend it's a dog), i'll sweep it under the carpet. Besides, if he was her friend (which i thought he was), i didn't want to talk bad about him.

I found out that he was merely an acquaintance of my boss. What do you think i should have done in such a situation?

Friday, September 28, 2012

My Favourite Facial Parlour

Porcelain Face Spa have been taking care of my face this year. My unbiased preference (i swear) for a facial salon is really Porcelain. I have my own facial package with a much bigger and international beauty chain, one whom i've followed since i was 19. I was happy and pleased with them because i always walked out with minimal redness. I didn't find a problem, until i faced (pun intended) Porcelain.
 They start like any other facial, a cleanse, a wipe-down and removal of any make-up.
Then, instead of a scrub like they normally do at other facials, they roll on a sticky substance onto strips of paper and plaster it over your face. You know the blackhead strip that you can buy off the Watsons shelf? It's similar except it's not restricted to your nose.

White heads and black heads removed from the entire face!
 Then, comes very long and slightly uncomfortable process of extraction.
Tools to do the job, flower pot thrown in for photo styling purpose.

Using a needle, they pick out very gunk skillfully. Here is where Porcelain stands out from the others. I believe why i am able to walk out with minimal redness from other salons is because extraction was not deep and through enough.

What i don't experience elsewhere is also the red light therapy.  The red light therapy stimulates the collagen production. While i don't really know if its working, if its good, i'll take it!

I look like Boris from MIB, at least i don't have his skin!
The final touch is a mask, like other salons. 

I was hideous for 3 days after with red dots and marks all over as if i had chicken pox. So hideous i refuse to show you the full face.

However, once those have healed...smooth fair and without a bump underneath.

Strengthening Hair with Protein

This is me when i was 15. While hair loss isn't in my genetics, I am concerned with the amount of hair i drop a day. It could be due to the length (weight makes it drop) and i've read its normal to drop an average of 100 strands a day ( i counted 80). In the MRT, especially when i'm standing up, i like to peer down into the seated women's scalp. I'll compare it to mine and i'll make a sweeping statement that most women's hair get thin with age! 

I've seen women from the front, who has long hair and they look ok. But if you get a birds eye view, they are slightly balding. Doing it doggie style will get a birds eye view, fyi.

I'm not going to allow myself to get there.
So i've been getting Protein Treatments at Hair Sciences.

The hair protein treatment helps to fortify the hair shaft, making it less brittle and reducing breakage. 
Located conveniently in Somerset, it is currently co-sharing location with a hair salon.

I look forward to my weekly sessions because it's pretty enjoyable. 

In that 90 minutes, i get a hair wash

and then application of the protein treatment that repairs dry damaged hair from all that curling and rebonding.
Thereafter, my hair is steamed to open the hair follicles so that the nutrients can fill up the gaps in the cuticle.
This is the BEST party. A meridian point head and shoulder massage is performed to increase the blood circulation so that when the hair root is well supplied with blood, it is able to better absorb the effects.
 Finally, a hair regeneration essence made in USA is sprayed on to seal the deal.
 I like to go for my treatment when i'm going out after. So my hair is nicely done without self effort!

Quote "Chrispytine Blog" for a complimentary customized scalp treatment with head and shoulder massage worth $360.

Terms & Conditions:

·       Valid for Singapore NRIC/PR/EP holders only
·       Valid for female & Male customers aged 23 years and above, and strictly by appointment only
·       Customer has to arrive 30min before appointment time for the complimentary hair & scalp analysis.
·       Call 6100 1698 for appointment.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Circuit Lounge with Zalora

How was your Formula One weekend? The city was more alive than before, with simulated racing games at events, it's the only time you can drink and drive.

I met Kimi Raikkonen, Lotus F1 tea, 1st driver at CLEAR's Helmets for Heads initiative. The initiative is aimed at promoting road safety to increase awareness about the importance of head protection and raise funds for the purchase and distribution of helmets in lower income communities.
Funds raised from the auction of these tiny (as well as the normal) autographed helmets last Thursday night at Ritz Carlton will be channelled through the Road Safety Fund and injected into programmes like road injury prevention programmes in developing countries and enabling global advocacy in building awareness and support.
I remember not wearing helmets in Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam because the locals weren't. I now know the importance of wearing helmets and when i do remove that helmet, i want to be shaking off dandruff free hair.

I'll never forget this Thai commercial where when the man gives up his helmet for the girl, she asked, "what about you?"....

Then, i attended the party of the year. Filled with beautiful people as always, the Circuit Lounge wasn't not overly crowded as i hear from friends attending parties elsewhere because Johnnie Walker is exclusive and they mean it.
Found a very nice dining spot with good pizza (peking duck!) by the bayfront called Pizza Bar before the party.
Asked my friends to pre-register before the party to make entry seamless.
It's both their first time attending a Johnnie Walker party and i don't think i oversold it. Their expectations were met!

Situated in the latest buzz spot, Flower Dome in Gardens by the Bay. Time and time again, we marvel at the Avartar looking trees.
Stepping into the flower dome, the air was cool, the fragrance of flowers filled my nostrils.

We immediately took to the photo booths and with our pre-registration, the photo booth recognized us and posted the photos taken immediately to our Facebook walls. My friends were super impressed with their technology.

Not failing to impress, Johnnie Walker introduced 2 new technologies to their party this year. There's the digital autograph using a wand like laser pen. I liked how the premium whiskey brand is an advocate of Never Drink and Drive. I love it how they mean it. Bottles of water overflowed tables around and all party goers signed digitally swearing to not drink and drive!
The other new feature at their party are these whiskey sensitive tables! Check out the gold spirals when a whiskey glass is placed.
WWW.ZALORA.SG styled me for the party of the year with a Rare London dip-dye fringe dress. It's loud, it's dramatic, it's every bit THE PARTY DRESS ($99)! Almost every girl i crossed praised my dress.
Some dudes politely asked and ran their fingers through my tassels. They say it's a visual sight seeing them sway back and forth when i move. What's a party without dancing? Every bit THE PARTY DRESS.

With a very loud dress, Zalora's in-house international stylists advised simple accessories. Earrings are my own, gold mesh collar necklace ($19) from Pretty Little Things available here. Zalora offers 30 days return, free shipping and cash upon delivery by the way. That's the best online shopping terms i've ever encountered. I love coming across quirky items in the stock list, sourced from all over the world, like this Question Mark earrings ($9)! Something in everyone's price range.
To be honest, when i saw the collar online, i thought it would like cheap thin plated jewelry (it is $19 after all right). It was a pleasant surprise that it came heavy, thick and seemed to be of quality material! Zalora is NOT a blog shop, they have a team of 200 and their fashion buyers are solid stuff! I've even interviewed them in a day of a life of a fashion buyer!

Ever since i lived in Australia, i've been inculcated with quality. Quality food and quality threads. I'm still a cheapskate in some ways though! I'm glad i found gems Zalora's exhaustive online store. I always felt online shopping was a gamble, but when you hit jackpot, you're going to keep going back for more.
I seldom party, but at a party like Johnnie Walker, i stayed out till almost 4am! All in these incredible sexy stilettos.  It didn't even hurt at all and it was my first time wearing it! It must be the soft leather made in Brazil.
Do you know that nude shoes with ankle cuffs extend your gams? 
Sunday was then spent watching Resident Evil in the cinema and checking out the new alfresco restaurant/bar Lavaedge in Macritchie Reservoir! Nice ambience but the food sucked big time, averaged at $20 and up for a very small portion too.
That's my F1 weekend, how's yours?
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