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Monday, August 25, 2008

Takashimaya at 10AM

Siping invited me to visit Takashimaya at 10am. What a good friend! Because i got to see something i've never seen before (i don't wake up to go shopping at 10am in Singapore).

Look!At 9.55am, all the staff gather and stand seriously straight at their counters.

Can you see?? The girl is already bowing to the door before it is even opened!! Apparantly, all Japanese stores are like that. And Japanese companies conduct daily morning exercise without fail, everyday! Even in Singapore, and not just in Japan. DX, is that why your dad is still so virile? Hahahahaha......

My knees are full of bruises, because of all the floorwork we had to do in dance class yesterday. And it dawned upon me yesterday that why are humans so complicated!!!

I'm an open book really. I don't like to hide, i don't like to lie. I can't lie anyway. He always catches me bluff. I'm a lousy actress.

I like knowing, because i can handle the truth (truth hurts, but i will find a way round it). Alot of my friends will rather not know, not find out. But i can't. I need to, i want to.

I learnt alot about myself recently. But i'm still figuring out who i am, what i want in life.

I've been taken out to fine dine alot recently. And although i do enjoy dressing over the top, putting on my heels and getting doors opened, i realised that with such, brings pressure.

Its the person you're facing really. So although yes, i like being treated like a princess. But a princess needs to watch her words, watch her manners, watch her every move.

Yet then again, the pauper doesn't treat you right, but you can totally be yourself.

So what gives? I need to figure myself out more.

My smile masks my tears, my laughter masks my hurt.

She pop pill plop on the hill top.

We had a pill popping party last weekend.

Sea sick pill lah!

So that the exquisite Italian food that we're about to consume will stay within and not become fish food.

Orders (appetizers) first. (i popped many of these too)

Then entrees. It doesn't look swell here (but its colourful), but looks can be deceiving. Besides, everything was cooked fresh on board! How awesome is that. Pipin' Hot.

Going out was rough. We rocked forward and back. Every 30 seconds, the captain will shout "Hold on to your glasses!" No wonder being a pirate has never been on my list.

I half expected a mermaid to pop out of the sea. My imagination is too wild.

Must show...
Hahhaa...but ok, cannot be proud. I'm afraid that i will be punished. My legs will be scarred or something. Choy, Choy! Touch wood.
But really, i'm going into the phase of long demure skirts now. Just like how i've out grown slogan tees.

It's swell to have an appointed photographer. So we all can "bully" him into using everyone's cameras into taking multiple shots.

The impression i always give people are of the wild, party girl image. It's changing now though. These girls' first impressions of me were sweet and girlie. I'm both, perhaps. Depends on mood, location and lighting. Hahahaa...

Dessert. Also hand lovingly made on board.

Champage and chocolate.

It's about 3grand i heard. To cater for 16 people by this fine dining restaurant on a yatch. On Raffles Marina where i wakeboard(ed), i heard its 2grand to rent the yatch with a wakeboarding speed board for half a day. Its not THAT expensive is it? It's an idea to hold an engagement party on board. Small intimate party. Won't wanna sink the yatch now, do we.

That is, IF i ever get engaged.

I had 2 servings. I'm glad the next hottest thing on board eats just as much as me too. Hah!

Buttered cod fish, creamy beef, seafood salad (with scallops!) bla bla bla.

And so, i drove everyone home.

Flambé at Hyatt

Liquer, liquer, lots of liquer.


No wonder i felt sleepy while Mad About English was playing. All that liquer in the desserts made at our table! It was $28++ for non stop fire play, and you eat to your heart's content. I must say i'm not quite a dessert for dinner person though. I still need food, dessert comes after food. Not 3 main desserts as food. I had crepes, berries, chocolate, ice cream and more ice cream as dinner that night.

Mad About English was....interesting choice for a movie, however. Its about China's mad rush in learning English in preparation for the Olympics. Very appropriate, very timely, excellent conceptualisation but no, i wouldn't pay for it. Will be fantastic if it can be on free-to-air though, great education.

China has got such hardworking people. No wonder they're becoming the powerhouse. People in their 80s are also in the mad rush to learn English. So they can do their nation proud by being able to communicate when the foreigners visit. You admire them for their unity.

They have English intensive camps for the youths. With rave parties and rally speeches as part of the camp programme line-up. Children as young as 8 join teenagers as old as 20 (maybe), and they practise English day and night, literally. Thousands of them, pumping their fists in the air, chanting " Speak good English, speak good English."

I like the Policeman who can speak with multiple accents (too many Hollywood movies) and the ridiculously cute female 90 year old physician who recites funny medical terms in English.

"There is something wrong with your anus."

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Lo And Behold...

This is what i will look like if i'm 45Kg (not intending to go there, don't worry).

But...hahahahaha..its SUCH A LAUGH!!! All thanks to this fantastic girlfriend, QT. Who was very bored, obviously. And DI-ed my picture. I have stick thin arms (looks damn long), a 23cm waist, and niiiiice boobies. It's like a somewhat attractive yet not attractive me.

Reminds me of Angelina Jolie in Beowulf though, i'm animated-nise.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

An all expenses paid trip.

Bali! Ho ho i come!! Have you ever heard the myth that you should never go to Bali with your boyfriend/ girlfriend? Otherwise you will be cursed to break up. Go with husband/ wife, ok. But not unmarried. But i'm going with a bus load full of girls. I won't be cursed then, i suppose?

P.S the above picture was taken in New Zealand. But it's such a nice HOLIDAY pic. So it's most apt.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Transported back in time.

And time cannot be turned back.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Learn a new thing in 5 mins. Check.

Aaaahh...this is life. Singaporeans ought to do things out of the norm (movie and dinner) more. Even if its just a speed boat ride, it is oh so fun. Here i am day dreaming already...its good to have your partner to be interested in the same activities. I day dreamt that if only my future partner and i both buy a speed boat and both get a boat license.

He drive, i ride. I ride, he drive.

And we can own a yatch too. Hahahhahaa..i'm entitled to day dream, can't i?

OH, and if you're wondering if i got 2 stripes across my stomach. Yes, there is. But no, i didn't get funny patterns from the white one in Sentosa.

The very suave instructor i got. I clinged on to him for my dear life. I AM afraid of the water. I nearly drowned thrice in my life!

And guess what? I failed the first tug. But got up standing on the second pull and rode without falling for a good 5 minutes!! 5 minutes is very long already ok, my forearms are aching so badly now. Have got anymore.

The instructor said there were girls who have tried wakeboarding 3, 4 times but still cannot stand up. And i got it on my first try. Yay!

The weather was absolutely beautiful. So tanned now.

After an hour of wakeboarding, we chilled in the pool.

So many yatches docked, its a pretty sight. Some are massive, some are rustic. Didn't see one with any funny names though.

This dog...owned by the guy who runs the wakeboard business, lives on the yatch. And this dog, is very unique, for it has one eye blue, the other eye brown. Couldn't capture a better picture because it can't stay still! It is deaf, i was told.

Booze, sun and sea everyday. What a dog's life!

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