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Tuesday, November 27, 2007


As i see Mr. Integra being driven away, i feel sadness. Sadness not because i have to walk and take the bus, but because there was a special bond. My first car, although old but its reliable. Therefore, i've deduced that Honda is a good brand. Ford too, i like Ford also. Although i made a profit out of this sale, i really am reluctant to let it go.

I'm thankful for my dad who technically didn't pay for my car (because he did not send over 'extra money' for the car), but i'm thankful that he strongly encouraged me to buy it. My dad always makes good decisions when it comes to things major. Things minor, not so good. Like he always leaves umbrellas behind or something like that.

I'm thankful for my friend who passed on this car to me cheaply and all the other wonderful things he gave me, like TV, which is god-sent in my room!

I'm thankful that i did not immediately go for further studies after polytechnic. Thankful that the perfect job landed in my lap. This makes me not any fresh grad, but a grad with experience. And that looks really good on resumes.

I still remember that day i asked for guidance, the day i broke down because of confusion and frustration of what to do,where to go. The day where i was called for an interview within an hour of applying. Got the job within 3 hours, and signed up Bella in the next.

I am thankful i won my appeal to graduate (no more school fees!)

Thankful Gideon advised me to put my funds into investment accounts here so that i managed to save quite a sum (good exchange rate and interest).

I am thankful for all things wonderful, and all things bad...because if without the bad, you will never see the good.

P.S i can't wait to sky dive and see the whales in NZ! my belated belated birthday celebration. hahaa..i can go on for this forever.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

My friends gave me and Siping a somewhat surprise dinner gathering for our birthdays. And guess what they bought me? A SPA VOUCHER!!! Whoopeee.....they're so nice! I feel kinda guilty though. Coz when the boyfriend's around, i hang out with him like 98% all the time. So yeah, i very rarely hang out with this bunch of people. But they remember me, like always!

The 2 birthday girls oblivious to the cake behind. I don't know what me and Siping were laughing about though.

Such a coincidence, the 2 cakes i had so far were all Black Forest!!

Dinner was at Hog's Breath.

You realised our heads are tilted to the same angle. Ha ha..not planned, but i suppose camera whores like us already knew this trick. I think my right side is the better side though.

And this was a cute waiter, although the picture don't do him justice. I think he was afraid of us lah, coz Ck had to say loudly to this waiter "Siping thinks you're cute."

And so, actually i knew the 'surprise birthday dinner' coz Julia accidentally let it out. So i prepared something in advance back. Like primary school days, the birthday person usually gives out goodie bags full of junk food to their classmates. I remember doing that. Going to concourse to buy cute cardboard goodie bag to put old school junk food inside. In my family, i am the only one who gets the birthday parties and such. Because i am the only one who bothers to plan one. My brothers can't be bothered. Ha ha. I used to do that so as to get more presents (scared i was forgotten) But now, not so. Celebrating my birthday or not is not such a big deal anymore. I prefer to give my friends a treat on my birthday actually. Like buying my house mates a steamboat dinner, and going old school and giving my friends a goodie bag with individualized messages behind.

The 3 girls who i went Melbourne with, made me this digitial card. They all sent me with hilarious subject titles so as to catch my attention. Good thing i didn't delete because i nearly did, thinking it was spam. Their subject titles to me were, "Free Archie Comics", "Free membership to animal porn".

They certainly know me well, don't they? Hahahaa.

Thursday, November 1, 2007


Our last photo before going to the airport. Its a plane propeller by our feet. His school's technician gave it to him in remembrance of his landing without wheels. It suddenly came to my mind if it can ever be hung on the wall as a display item because its so heavy! Or maybe he can fix it on the ceiling and hook it up to become a fan!

I'm on my own now. When i booked the flight for the bf, i could have put it few days later. But i didn't. Partly cause he needs to get back quick, and also i know i have this Halloween dinner to go off too. Helps me get over the sadness of first day being apart.

Norman always asks for hot girls. I think this one is quite hot. Meant to be a bear. And she's going Singapore in Feb! I have so many Oz friends to show around when i get back.

Not very convincing as the petrol lid is not even opened... the other day, i thought my oil tank (the outside) was corroding because after i pump petrol, oil always drips (just a little, even after i shake it). So, i often see the bf use the water can to wash (not sure what, as i see from inside the car). Therefore thinking i can give the oil tank a wash (coz the part where the pump push in is sealed after u take out already what. So i thought water can't get it), i was just about to tilt the water can and someone shouted! "Oey, oey! You can't do that!"

Lucky that man was watching me, otherwise my car would have gone ka-poot. Apparently, the bf washes the outside and not the inside, so i learned. I know nuts about cars man..but i love my Integra.

People here are so friendly. Just today i was doing my jog, and i stopped by the curb to do some stretching and the rubbish truck came by. The driver got out to change seats and said hello to me. Out of courtesy, i thanked him for picking our rubbish weekly, and asked him how it operated. And he showed me! I thought he was going to ask me if i wanted to go for a ride on the massive rubbish truck. Good thing he didn't. Ha ha. I am shy. Ha ha. Its not like the smelly ones in Singapore though.

This is my friend's dad's car. Interestingly, alot of Asian dads here like humongous cars. Is it because they feel safer? Or its affordable? Or simply because they are small size naturally, so need a huge car to frighten off bullies? LOL.

Road kill!!

He looks more like Jack Sparrow in real life than in the pictures actually. He sometimes look like Tom Cruise too, i reckon. Coincidentally, he is my neighbour too. After officially moving in with his asian gf. And he speaks Japanese too.

He was Peter Pan. Can you believe after he left our party, he went to a bar to meet his friend. He actually won the Best Dressed prize right after he stepped in!! Lucky him!

P.S my boobs look abit weird and low because i did not expect to put on this costume (was wearing a nice dress!), so it was a strapless bra i was wearing thus it kept slipping! The costume was skin tight by the way. Probably i shouldn't mention. Coz now you will go and observe right...

They're meant to be pirate whores. but they remind me of the Van Helsing's vampire sluts.
Nonetheless, they really got the look going.

Jack Sparrow is THE COOLEST outfit ever! Such a turn on.

The middle one is my house mate who got me this job. Now, she's leaving to go to another cafe. Ever since i got my car, we used to go to work together at no more :"(

Amusingly, they knew its the Japs who do this sort of poses.

I am meant to be Violet, as my friend told me. But i don't know her signature move! Except she tells me Violet super power is invisibility.

That's the appetizer platter. Honey chicken (do we have this in Singapore? But i love honey chicken here while the bf loves sweet & sour pork) and fried dumplings.

We went to a Korean restaurant, using our year's consolidated tips and had Korean BBQ.

She is so darn adorable.

His face is so darn happening. I love it! One of our colleague's mum is a professional face painter so all paintings were done by her. I didn't dare try, scared pimples!

Perth is really a place to start a family. My friend's mum actually made my costume! (she made it for her daughter) And my other friend's mum sent him home cooked lunch everyday when he was in high school! Then when he left high school, his brother and sister got in so she decided to work in the school canteen! When they graduate, she will quit too. How committed is she! Even want to make sure her children get good food in school. Hah. I've met her, very jovial and young lady.

Life's like that here. Work hours are short, leaving plenty of time for family. Also i suppose for mothers who don't work, they will get bored here thus they make super hero costumes! Ha ha.
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