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Wednesday, January 2, 2008


My first and possibly festive 'thing' in Perth. We took the train to the city to join in the festive mood. It was crowded, but still pleasant. Given the big amount of space in Australia, unlike Singapore.

My balloon maker. Wrong choice to have worn the long sleeve top. It was so hot! I've underestimated summer. I thought the night would be cold. But the top rocks, it has this two little holes at the wrist. For a moment, i thought 'shit, kana cheated.' Then my friend told me they were for the thumbs! You know, when you're cold, you wanna cover your hands....i knew that!

One thing, they reuse christmas deco. unlike singapore, new thing ever year. hahahaa..not so environmentally friendly hor. Or maybe Singapore richer. Haha

We were amazed at the number of police men were on patrol. So quite good what, we underestimated the security in Australia.

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