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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Set Sail with Royal Caribbean

Disclaimer: This is not representative of Royal Caribeean's crew or any sea crew. Simply a figment of my imagination.

For people who have a case of wanderlust, their ambition is to become part of the air crew. I myself, have tried and failed in my attempts of becoming one. But i didn't try hard enough! Because i only interviewed for Singapore Airlines. I only wanted to be part of the SIA crew, and no one else. Simply because SIA is known to be the best, and i only want to be with the best.

What other career options can you then pursue to satisfy that wanderlust?
Be a travel host? Tried for Discovery, didn't get lucky.
Be part of a travelling circus? I am not that flexible.
Get a regional role in a multi-national? You don't really get recreational time abroad.

I know, Set sail!

The equivalent of an SIA's boeing on sea will definitely be Royal Caribbean. A ship so big that it doesn't look like a ship, much less feeling claustophobic.

Its toilets are bigger than an airplane, its rooms bigger than the ones found in Hong Kong or Japan.
Marble and bath tubs found in suites.

Even the more affordable staterooms are comfortable and reasonable spacious!

The private balconies allows you to perform Titanic in your own privacy.

If i am part of the ship crew, i sail with an international crew.

So cute that female guests want a peice of him.

I could explore China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam when Legend of the Seas dock at the above ports-of-call.

 Oh the thrill of spotting a dolphin, a mermaid or maybe even a loch ness at sea!

Like how gypsies travel with their beat-up caravans, our five-star homes follow with glee.

 For the shopaholic, there's duty free. A shopping gallery with no less than 5 shops.

 For the foodie, there's fine dining, buffet, pizza parlours, ice-cream and even midnight room delivery for free!
 For the sporty, there're swimming pools, rock walls, yoga, aerobics and 9-hole mini golf!

 For the vainpots, get a spa or a treatment for a fee.

 For the nostalgic, take your family studio pictures in the ship.
The bookworms get to read with no motion sickness, let's not forget there's a Casino to spin the roulette at too.
Parents can steal a moment away from their children for a cup of tea. Activities for multiple age groups between 6 months to 17 years old are provided.
 Let's not forget the nightly performances of contemorary musical stage productions, live music and comedy shows.

Do explore The Nation of Why Not, stop pondering what it could be...

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