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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

And so it is...

Finally, the bf can take his flight test after days of bad weather. He passed with flying colours and therefore as promised, he took me to eat Snow crab.

It is the posh-est restaurant he has ever brought me to and the most expensive dinner too. Snow crabs are larger than usual, sweeter and meatier and are white in colour. Only found in Western Australia.
Shark's fin! One each. I am so contented.

We cooked the crab in salted egg yolk. Very high in cholesterol but shiok. I chose this recipe because i don't think this style is offered in Singapore. It's a Hongkong restaurant.

That's my group working with a real non-profit organisation. We were to come up with a campaign plan for them. Boring topic, shan't talk about it. Ha ha.

Ocassionally, me and my house mates will find somewhere nice to dine.

On Sunday, 3 days before the bf is meant to leave for good.. i decided to throw a steamboat to celebrate my birthday in advance whilst he's still here. 4 weeks in advance, actually. Ha ha, kiasu right.

So i bought scallops, prawns, dumplings, sliced beef and so on. We were so stuffed, good thing my tax return got into the mail just in time.

And my dear house mate bought me a cake. Not knowing that, i already bought the famous apple struddle for dessert so we further stuffed ourselves.

My neighbours were supposed to come too (one couple who coincidentally works at my cafe too, and one old couple who i mentioned earlier was so nice to fix something up for my car window) The ang moh old couple has never heard or had a steamboat before, so i was looking forward to introducing them to the marvelous Chinese boiling pot of water. But alas, they had something on that night.

They made me pick up the candles with my mouth, so that's chocolate all over my face.

That's us looking stupid. Oh, and its so interesting to learn what costumes my house mate's boyfriends will buy them if they had too. One said 'nurse', the other said ' little devil'. So kinky! Hahaha, i won't tell you who said what. Don't think its very nice to reveal their identity. My bf said he will buy me kid's clothes. Phil exclaimed, " AH! Phaedophile!"

But i am quite sure my bf is joking.

P.S I now know how many insects exist in my backyard because i locked myself out of my house one day and i had to climb over the wall into the backyard, hoping the side door is unlocked. But genius me, a few months back had to remind my house mates to lock the side doors to prevent burglars. So i too was locked out in the backyard. Had to wait an hour in the backyard for someone to get home and release me. So in between, i scrutinized every insect on the leaves and in the grass.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Wedding

I was looking forward to my first wedding in a western country but i must say i was a tad disappointed. Singapore's weddings are still better, at least the food are :P. We have shark's fin..braise duck etc. This was a buffet with lots of cold cuts. Cold crab, cold prawns...even the hot food are very westernised...lamb shanks etc, and although there were chinese style soya chicken, its too dry. They don't do ten course meals here like in Singapore, but they do have the option of either a buffet or the waiters serve appetizers, a main and dessert for a wedding.

Wedding receptions are usually at a garden, and alot of them hold it in the sunken garden of UWA. That's Alvin's university, i posted a picture of there with him quite some time back. This dinner was held in a hotel but a huge disappointment. Gifts here are not like ang baos in Singapore (but they do have wishing wells here, where you can put in money for the newly wed), but wishing lists where the couple indicate what they would like with a destinate shopping retailer and you can buy them what they want with that retailer. Quite a good idea actually, since its a win-win situation for all 3 parties. But i think chinese culture is we are all too pai seh to tell people what presents we want.

The wedding consisted of a passable band, food, speeches and ballroom dance performed by the couple. I made a mental note my wedding MUST have games, prizes, performances, a funny and entertaining MC, fun fair and perhaps fireworks. And you know how in shows the bride always throw her bouquet in the end? How come i never see it in real life?

But i must say the groom gave a good speech. They have a very bright future now. Only 27, and one's a doctor, the other an accountant. But they're asians so i suppose their wedding is more reserved so i can't really say i've been to a westernised wedding. I hear the westerner's wedding are more exciting with alcohol and cheeky games.

I didn't take alot of pictures because i didn't feel quite in place. They were 'new friends'.

Very interesting deco. Its marshmellows in the vase! Supplied with tea light candles which we roast the marshmellows with. And those silvery heart shaped things...we initially thought they were pebbles or some deco, definitely not to eat since it felt rock hard. But someone got so bored that she started biting it and voila, its chocolate!

That's the door gift. A photo frame..which i forgot to bring home.

I will drink this before it expires, on the 16th Nov. Me,myself and smooth banana.

Monday, October 8, 2007

The Royal Show

When Ivan and mum came last year, we took a train to Claremount and stood outside contemplating if we should pay $16 each to go into the royal show. Good thing we didn't, although it was very tempting seeing people coming out with HUGE soft toys and colourful bags full of goodies. This year i went, and it IS a waste of money ($22 entrance fee this year).

This is the most polite boy ever that i've met. See what i mean by you going green with envy at this place? Many people walk around with such huge toys! From playing the fair games. I wasn't confident in winning any, so didn't try my luck. Although one nice man at a stall let me play for free, but i bet he knew i'm a lousy aimer, thus the generosity. Haha.

I didn't take any rides as they were $8 each and i've sat my fair share of these rides in my 20 years. Yes, entrance fee is purely only entry.

Do we look like tai-tais?

It is a colourful place.
Look at the array of toys! Some were SURE-WIN. But then, it's equivalent to BUYING THE TOY!

There were farm animals as well, nothing interesting just that they stink.

i love the weather here!

I'm a premium breed.

Now, i'll end off with this amusing picture. What is that thing sticking out from the sheep's ass? I couldn't figure it out.
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