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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Review: Megamind

Movie goers dressed up in their favourite superhero costumes when Megamind premiered in LA. Vivacious Omy challenged us bloggers to do the same. So we did!

Before the real mascot showed up, i was the temporary mascot to entertain the kids.
Super Mario is really legendary. It's a game played decades ago, but till today 6 year old children are aware of him and there are many creative variations of Mario on Youtube and cyberspace.

Then the real mascot appeared and stole my temporary thunder.

Moustache barely stayed on for more than 3 minutes. The perspiration on my upper lip wore it down.

Santa is certainly EVERYONE's superhero.
1) he can fly (with reindeers)
2) he can read our minds (he knows what presents we want)
3) and he brings presents (hero!)

Very creative, Yongwei.

For the first time, there's no misleading advertisement with their tagline 
"Superhero movie will never be the same".

It certainly isn't your typical Good Guy VS Bad Guy. I love how the story opened with a little backgrounder on the 2 superheroes. Childhood IS very important to character development.

Then pleasantly surprised how an entire romance develops between the characters (this then becomes very adult as the principles about loving someone without judging a book by its cover).

Do we be this person just because everyone says so? Once a rotten apple, always a rotten apple?

Whether it's a bad apple or a good one, do you know what they have in common?

They both have a core that is shaped like a star.
Like humans, we all have something good in us.

The movie's gonna be big for a reason.

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