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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Only Young Once

The 'tourist' who actually knew Sentosa even better than i do. I'm gonna stay out of the sun for a while now...totally baked. Its not good for your skin you know!! As i get older, got to care for the crow's feet, age spots yadda yadda...

But er...maybe after i try cable-skiing first, and er...also after i finish my scuba diving course.

Oooh, this is so exciting. My life is becoming active again!

Introducing... the amazing amateur photographer friend of mine. Yes, he's in my reflection. Its always the amateurs who produce nice pics u know. I've had studio shoots by professionals, but not all of them turn out nice. Worse is, when they pick the ugliest one of me to front their product. Eesh...

I totally do not understand why i ALWAYS have this spastic look at the beach.

And then totally out of relevance, i back track to before the beach. Isn't this like a movie? U move forward, then flash back abit, then move forward.

Actually it's coz i batch upload. And you know i don't have the patience of reorganizing them.

Thanks to my air stewardess friend who invited me to join her and her friends. I've a new resolution. That is to stop being such a rigid boring person who just goes home to run everyday after work. One who only goes out if it fits her schedule. I'm gonna be more spontaneous from now on. 

This dinner was interesting in a way, coz i thought i was joining her and her friends right. It ended somewhat like a speed dating concept. Not everyone knew everyone there. So there was alot of introducing to do. Which is all good, except the ratio of guys to girls was 3:1. 3 girls to 1 guy. So not a good thing for me. Hahahaha..but at least the girls were quite amiable. So i'm not complaining about making new friends. And i bet my existing guy friends are happier because those girls are actually quite pretty.

So then, fast forward again...Saturday we joined Cleo magazine to set the record of the most number of girls in bikinis to form the letter CLEO. I picked the alphabet 'C' naturally. I don't think the event was successful (ok, my real reason there was to spy on the 'competitor' Muahaha) Not successful because not ALOT of hot babes turned up (yay for me, because i hate crowds!) But the goodie bag was pretty neat. Except that the coke can burst and flooded my goodie bag!

Ok, i underestimated Singapore's beach. It can produce just as vibrant colours as Australia's. But of course, our sea is not as clean as theirs. Although ours is man-made, theirs is natural. You would think our maintenance would be better! But darn dirty.

When i just started yoga, i nearly fell asleep! It was SOOOOO darn boring. Seriously, yoga is not for me. I can't stay still. But after doing for a few months, i'm beginning to think its a good work out. Challenging in fact. I look forward to each class now. Best of all, its only $2 per class. Subsidized by company :P

Oh, but i must tell you something funny!! In my first lesson right, this woman was in front of me...her ass was right in front of my face when we bend over..then suddenly, *pooooot*

She farted!! I was like 'waaaaaaat', then the person beside me farted too!! And everyone was like nonchalant.  And farted too.

Ok, apparently all that stretching releases some gas.

The amateur photographer did some editing. He should have enlarged the top, size down the bottom though.

I'm like a pizza delivery girl.

So auntie-ish! Like we went shopping.

This was totally candid. It looked like we were bathing. Actually, someone really was washing their clothes there. Foreigners..guess who? Don't sue. Hahaa

The flip flops totally spoilt the look. As Dixi commented before about my shoes in my Hong Kong pics....haha..

Oh, shoot..i forgot to take a picture of this girl!! Oh my gosh, she turned up for this event right decked in 4 inch HEELS, heavy make-up (this still ok as most girls did anyway. Its Cleo's Swimsuit shoot!), and she wore a dramatic floppy hat! Not being shallow here, but her looks and body didn't make average. Wait, maybe that's how she'll draw attention.

This Neutragena girl is very pretty. She is there to help spray us with sunblock! A nifty invention. Sun block spray.

The End.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

It hadn't been an easy week.

Amidst all those celebrities pictures, here's ... oh shit, i forgot my cousin's name! New arrival to the Ng family. Matthew i think, oh no..i hope my Uncle doesn't see this. How can i forget his son's name! Plus my Uncle dotes on me quite a bit...ohhhhh shiiiit....
Holding this warm squirming thing against my chest give me this feeling i can't comprehend. Sorta can't wait to have one, yet don't really want the responsibility of having one (i wanna play! Spend my money on clothes, fun!) feeling.

And he's one blessed kid. Because he's gonna be chauffered around in this Rolls Royce. Which, me, the big sister had the honour of being chauffered in first. Hahaha..oh my, the stares we get. Luckily i dressed glamourous that day. Did not planned to be taken around Singapore in this manner, however.

Footnote: for those interested, in this limited edition Phantom something, there were 2 foldable tv screens in the back seat. A refridgerator, and a case of crystal globets (for your chi chi drinks, i suppose)

And before this Phantom ride, i was taken for lunch by a friend in his latest BMW convertible. Now, i'm not a person to be impressed by rides, lavish lunches, gifts and handsome men. But oh, how it feels good being pampered like a princess.
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