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Friday, August 28, 2009

Family Trait

Something that only the siblings could do. Although the younger brother struggles with it. And only the elder one can stick the tongue out at the same time. Try it! You might be my long lost sibling.

The Cove.

Don't know why but i'm going into quite abit of a social rant now. This docu-movie is about the illegal captivity and killing of 200,000 dolphins in Japan (to sell off as entertaining dolphins or fake whale meat for consumption). It has won many awards and is a worthy mission in spreading a message out. I applaud the film makers who have such strong passion about their cause.

Different people feel differently about different things. I might cry at the sight of dolphins brutally killed, but i won't if i see the same with sharks (as of now, i still love to eat shark's fins). That's because sharks are mean machines, they are not likable. But this movie has put new considerations into my mind about the whole eco-system.

People are blaming the Japanese for this cruelty because of this movie, but the Chinese brutally kill dogs, the Canadian kill baby seals for their fur, the Europeans kill whales?? Mankind is at war with the Earth.

I haven't watched this film, but i encourage you to so we can be reminded that we share the World. In fact, just watching the trailer and interview ,the thought of turning vegetarian crossed my mind. Because one theory said that the Japanese government allows the killing of dolphins because they are depleting the supply of fish. It then also makes me think why is it ok to eat cows and then not ok to eat whale meat then? I love being a non-vegetarian! And that trailer is strong enough to actually let me entertain the thought of becoming vegetarian! But i think what i can do now is to reduce waste. Stop buying clothes that i wear only once.


The Cove is only showing at GV Plaza Sing (2 sessions only)or Vivocity

7 Deadly Sins: Jealousy

Pretty girls in the limelight often get accused of going for plastic surgery. I haven't got that defamation, but perhaps that's because i am not in the public eye, not heavily made-up, and do not have the perfect looks. It's like some post old pictures of some pretty girl and say this was how she looked like in Junior College. Thereby implying that she had plastic surgery.

This was how my family looked like at 7,11,13, 38 and 41 years old respectively.
and here's what we look like now. People change, ugly ducklings become swans. Ok...fine, maybe you can argue that the picture from Junior College is a good gauge because most features would already have developed. Like how celebrities within 2, 3 years can look SO different. I can show you my teenage pictures and i can say i have changed too! I have slimmed down, my skin is alot better, my eyes somehow became a little bigger without any enhancement, surgical or not ( this i seriously can't figure out why and how).

Maybe these girls who have gone pretty is because they now have better dress sense, more money to spend on skincare and make-up? I just think whether plastic surgery or not, it is a choice and it's not yours to live with it. Why do people have filthy mouths? Words that do not contribute in any way. I think it secretly fuels their ego using jealousy. Because they console themselves that a pretty thing that looks perfect just cannot be natural. Which makes them feel good about themselves, because they are "natural" and therefore "better" than those "plastics".

It's innate to be superficial (looking for good genes to mate), therefore it's in everyone to be/look perfect (how many skinny girls have you heard complain that they're fat? *rolls eyes*) Of course, media influence and propaganda fuel this superficiality trend as well.

For me,i'm happy with my life and how i look and am very blessed with my genes. But if the surgery is FREE and 100% RISK FREE, hmmm...i would say i am tempted to perfect one part of me! But that would really take long serious thinking in deciding one part because as of now, i like every part!

Already, girls have gone for permanent removal of hair (that's also a change against nature forcefully isn't it?Pubic hair (to trap dirt) and perhaps even armpit hair is there for a reason.)Girls have gone for eyelash extentions, hair extentions etc.

Technology has also now made lunchtime quick fixes- botox etc. available. The boob injection is the latest craze. With no down-time at all and not invasive (no knives, no cutting), you increase to a size bigger within minutes. It gives you the same effect of an implant, but only temporarily (lasts a year). But there's risks of hard lumps, and i have my doubts about the effects as it means whatever chemical they're injecting you with travels within your blood unlike an implant that stays put.

So if you narrow-mindedly say "eh, she's so fake! She went for a face lift". What do you say to someone who had botox? You find that more acceptable right? Why is that so? The end result is sort of the same, isn't it? Or if a seriously over-weight girl went for liposuction, you would say "she should have done that sooner!"

Humans are so judgemental.

But that's what makes us different from animals too. Life is such an irony.

P.S i don't know what came onto me suddenly to rant about plastic surgery. but i think the world can be a better place without judgement. Which i just committed by guessing why some people are defaming pretty girls. And i was just about to go into why some people do plastic surgery as well (insecure? self esteem issues?), which is another judgement i subconsciously made too. So you see, i am human too.
Haven't been doing such social things for quite awhile! Hmm..i'm contemplating having a birthday party again this year. I want to host one because

1) i like to give smashing (different, not the same old same old that invovles alcohol and birthday cake)

2) i like receiving presents (which otherwise i don't receive, if people are not "forced" to bring out of the courtesy of attending a party. haha..yeah, quite sad. i am not that popular.)

3) i like to give groups of friends the opportunities to meet up after a long while (how difficult it is nowadays for busy people to find a common timing and place!)

but here's why i don't really feel like doing it either
1) it costs money catering food (i spent about $400 for my last party, even without needing to rent the yatch. The amount which, i could have used to buy myself one BIG present, or make that MANY small ones)

2) i end up being tired being the host and i am not sure if i enjoyed my party or not

3) people don't bring presents, really, anyway.

So, i don't know......but boy do i love themed parties!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

District 9

It wasn't until the tourist pointed to this movie poster that caught my curiousity. I googled, watched the trailer and i must say i was immediately SOLD. Caught it in the cinema almost immediately and i must say it's seriously refreshing. Unknown actors helmed by the famous Peter Jackson (Lord of the Rings director). A cool plot (aliens and humans co-habitating) and action-packed (lots of gore). Tugging heart strings drama included. And the aliens look something like this.

Don't miss this like you missed Apocolpyto. Movie of MY lifetime.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Playing with Toys

My first toy was given by my elder brother. It was Barbie, then came Ken. Their accessories (clothes, bedroom set) came as presents from Aunties. I remember playing with Barbie alot, and i always made sure they're clothed when i store them away, just in case they come alive at midnight (read too much Enid Blyton). But sometimes, i wanted her to have some fun with Ken and thus i left them naked, hoping they'll get a pleasant surprise at midnight.

I remember when i found out how humans have sex (at 12 years old, some hormones-raging boy in school told me), i passed that knowledge on to my Barbie playmate using her dolls to illustrate what i meant. I got reprimanded for passing on the fact of life.
Some evenings, my brothers and I would go to the canal to catch guppies. Once, our neighbour caught a stingray!

With my own pocket money, i bought some Barbie imitation to be my Barbie's daughter. I suppose you need to pay for quality, as her daughter's head and hair dropped off over time.
Older brother then bought me these dolls who hid surprises in their hair (an eraser, an accessory etc). It looked something like this but i can't remember the name. Perhaps Strawberry Shortcake, but i can't quite remember. I only remember human shampoo don't work the same for dolls. It made their hair really really dry.The only doll i detest were Cabbage Patch Kids and the life-like ones that can flip the eyes open and close. Watched too much Chucky (life-like evil doll)+ Enid Blyton (toys coming alive).
Every birthday, my god-ma would buy me a polly pocket. I had the exact same sets as above. From left to right: Restaurant, child-care center, cafe, house. My favourite ones were the childcare center and shopping mall. I totally regret throwing these away now. I bet i can sell them off at a high price to collectors now.

My younger brother will play with me my dolls, polly pocket inclusive. I think that's why i would think i'm closer to him than the elder one although it was him who bought me the toys. Which advocates the theory why busy parents should shower their children with money and materials and make up for the time not spent with them.

Kids nowadays are sadly hooked to their Wii, PSP, DS and all things electronic. In Australia, i have seen parents keeping their young children occupied with a portable DVD player (usually Asians). Play on.

Cutting my hair short.

To young children, if you have long hair, you qualify as pretty.

To men, if you have long luscious hair, you qualify as feminine, pretty and more desirable compared to the same you with a short crop.

My ex boyfriend used to say if i cut my hair short, he will break up with me. Seemed like boyfriends will be the upset one more than the girl who lost her hair.

I was in a strict Primary school where only the dancers or the gymnists can keep their hair. The rest, we have to have hair not passing the end of our ears. Thus, that OBIANG hair-do you saw in my old photo.

Doesn't help that my hair is thick and rebonding wasn't discovered yet so i end up like a mushroom head.

Or like a helmet in this picture.

I am tempted to cut my hair short once in awhile. The random urge. I have kept my hair long since i was 16. A change would probably be refreshing.

spunky VS sexy
styling VS fuss free
fresh VS tired
save water VS more shampoo
high maintanance VS annual hair-cut
one style VS many styles
drop 10 strands VS drop 100 strands

So what do you think i should do? This black and white picture was the last time i went short. 8 years ago....

The Singapore Experience

Is not complete without the trip to Geylang for durians and frog porridge and chilli crabs...hmmmm......

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Before we discovered contact lens and rebonding.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

How you make your eyes make alot of difference.

The eyes were meant to be 2 peices of seaweed with a dab of mayo. But knowing how not a perfectionist i am, i cannot make the 2 peices of seaweed similar (although i could have used a kitchen scissors) but the dab of mayo was really difficult to be the same too!

I gave up after shredding the seaweed numerous times. I replaced them with blueberries instead.

And, it was a totally different look. Just like how a girl with fake eyelashes and without will look.
With my lunchbox, i travel to meet my lover. And we made our own National Day cocktails and proceeded to watch the very short display atop our rooftop.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Sunset Chasers.

Bali is so full of counterfeit goods that even the Lonely Planet guidebooks there are photocopied.
This was the FIRST holiday that i returned with NO shopping. Quite frankly, i had enough bikinis (alot of surf brand factory outlets there), i had my real branded merchandise from Tokyo already (the fakes didn't look that nice anyway) and i definitely have enough clothes already.

Still, i spent close to $400 for food, accomodation and airfare. We rented a scooter to speed down to Uluwatu for the acclaimed romantic sunset. Alas, we only found/reached the place at sundown. Admittedly, i was disappointed. But what i appreciated was his determination in taking us there. I knew the wind was cold but i didn't feel cold. The warmth from hugging him tight on the bike and the warmth that i felt in my heart was enough to prevent me from catching a cold. Speeding back home on the dark streets after sunset, i felt even closer to my biker boy.
The highlight of the trip then, was the dive. It was my first ship wreck!
Millions of fishes swim beneath,it's another world we see.
I can't quite figure out what fish is this. But man it looks fierce.
This was the stern of the ship i believe.
I'm quite excited that i finally figured out how to use my camera underwater. But i pretty much snap anything and everything underwater. My battery usually goes flat after one dive (30 minutes) and i am not so good with angling because i cannot fin as well and i cannot maintain bouyancy. The dive master holds my hand all the time..i am such a baby!
The US Liberty ship went underwater after a volcano eruption. Although it has only been underwater for 30 years or so, the wreck is already encrusted with millions of species and microlife.
I was hoping to find some treasure. I didn't even get to see my dive buddy that much! I could only look one direction...down. Hahaha! The airtank on your back makes it hard to turn your head up, left or right. Unless you move your entire body to that direction. Do you have any idea how heavy one air tank is? The women there could carry 2 on their heads, 1 on their shoulder.
Bali in general is so commercialised and tourist-y that every few steps you take, there will be someone selling you their service/ product. But the food there is cheap and good (the local cuisine), there's also alot of shopping to be done (but Havianas cost the same as Singapore), the waters are pristine, the water sports are at the usual rates. The massages a must-do! We had one everyday (SGD 8).

Another thing i had wanted to do was the romantic seafood dinner at Jimbaran Bay but it didn't happen. He did however, take me to a seafood lunch at Jimbaran Bay just before my flight, which i thought was better than doing it at night. Because the food stays hot longer. I did the romantic seafood dinner on my first trip to Bali and although the atmosphere was alot better, the food sucked. It was hard and cold as soon as the wind on the beach touches them.

As i reflected on my flight back home alone, i thought that everyday is romantic with him. I need no beach dinner with twinkling lights and a three-piece band.

As for the curse of Bali, Bel told me it's because some Prince died and the Princess cursed the island because she's this sad sod who couldn't stand other happy couples whilst her lover is dead.

To think of it, if she really did curse the island and its true, it shouldn't only apply to tourists isn't it? Bali would have NO Balinese lovers then.
I want to grow old with you, like them.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Full House.

It was a Singles party! Everyone was there to look for a boyfriend. Haha..nah, it's a "Make New Friends" party. And new friends we made indeed, amidst the whacky games we played. Things like doing the Moonwalk, doing the Chicken dance, snogging the male next to you, taking off your panties etc.
Moi, the game mistress, truely. The watermelon concoction of Mangosteen juice and Vodka was a brilliant idea!
Paying close attention to the rules of the game. I love how Mel has the wide doe eyed look and James being totally SERIOUS.Like one big sleepover party..even the mattresses were laid out.Everybody loved my Pinata. We wanted to stuff him up and get the men to hold it while the girls grope around to break it blindfolded. But i'm secretly happy my zebra's virginity wasn't taken yet. I like having him around although he's a little hard to store in my room.
Another centerpeice of the house. Everyone asked where to buy one!
Even the watermelon wants to join in the guzzling party! We infused the red juicy meat with Vodka then freeze it and pop it like popsicles. James is a must-have for party games. He willingly volunteers for every round. Especially the kinky forfeits. He did the pole dance (and damn good at it. I'm surprised he's a guy. Either that, or he WATCHES alot of strippers). And he went commando, we need something even more kinky the next time round for him! Nothing fazzles him!The guests loved my popcorn! Popcorn that i've kept for 2 months now. All i had to do was heat it up and the soft popcorn is REVIVED! one had a tummy ache right?
*some of the pictures are taken from
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