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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Check out my BICEPS.

I used to be able to do man push-ups. Not so much anymore, i have grown weak! Maybe i can still do 1 or 2, max 5. I exercise mainly to reduce stress, stay healthy and fit and to maintain slim. Ok, who am i kidding, it's mainly the last point. Hahaha! Therfore i don't do strength training but more cardio. But i am inclined to sports being a restless girl, i love them!

Every girl is vain. So don't be lazy!

But check out my BULGE (even without strength training) in this picture!!!
I think its the shadow, or maybe not. Not too sure. Can't be bothered to go photoshop my arms smaller either (you know me with highly photoshopped photos - time is precious).
I guess i do have rather defined arms, which is not from lifting weights. I used to do Judo when i was 13. Did that for 4 years, it made my arms big and then when i stopped, it turned flabby.
I still have the bye-bye bat wings now (as Ivan always teases me) but i'm happy with how it looks whether i wave good-bye or not. I am not one who can diet (very poor dicipline) but whenever i can, i make healthIER (not just healthy but healthIER, won't have to compromise too much on taste!haha) choices (no sugar, less oil, salt, water instead of soft drinks). However i still eat junk food (have anyone tried Calbee's UNAGI chips and SALMON WASABI??I saw it in Cheers supermart), chocolates and all those unhealthy char kway tiao etc. Singapore is a food paradise, it's just too hard to diet.

And to support my appetitie, i exercise regularly. Not too much, because you age. But just right. Good enough to maintain slim. I do yoga twice a week and run ever other day. Weekends are rest and relax, with the odd swim or two at his place.

My heaviest was at 52Kg (18 years old)when i kept snacking during lectures and my lightest was at 44kg (13 years old, before adulthood). I am now 48kg, a sweet figure.
People who are NOT fat =BMI between 18-25. (Calculate it here, STOP saying you need to diet.

People who ARE fat, move your ass and work out coupled by a balanced diet (not by starving nor pills). There are just too many fat people who keep going on and on and on about their weight, and then starve or take pills, the easy way out (not quite as there are repercussions). I've seen some who THINK they are shaving off calories by not eating a proper lunch but eating ONE curry puff for lunch (it doesn't work that way).
Even with my disciplined exercise regime, i learnt from a gym that in order to continue eating anything i want, i need to boost my metabolic rate. Which means.....if i continue NOT watching my diet, i will eventually GROW FAT. I remembered at Tioman, he joked that all these sexy pictures will be kept for my children and then shown and lament, " that was your mum before..."

That won't happen, because i made a vow to be a MILF.

To boost that metabolic rate, i will have to build muscles = weight training. But i loathe the gym, it makes me feel like a hamster in a cage, on the wheel. I guess i'll still stay with how my routine is because i'm happy with what i am.
Live to Eat, not Eat to Live.
Celebrate Labour Day by treating yourself well!

Monday, April 27, 2009


Saturday morning, we head up to Seletar in search for the abandoned barracks. Initially i thought it will be alot more eerie but thankfully not. There's alot of sunlight streaming in and we saw a bunch of students filming for their location video production module. They didn't have to tell us they were doing Star Wars as we can CLEARLY see.

Boy they were good with their make-up and costumes. They even had the jedi swords, complete with the "Ziing Ziiiiing" sound. We saw condoms (not surprising. Although who the hell wanna screw at such a eerie DIRTY place), beehives and DIAPERS! Eer...seriously, who hangs out here? I was tempted to flip this diaper over.
I bet it is eerie at night.
that IS my friend you see. Not some 'ghost'. And with this backdrop...we created
these pictures....
Can't wait to see the rest. If he don't make it as a photographer, he can be a fashion designer.

Grin and bear it.

If i am your girlfriend, will you be happy that i surprised you with 3 cupcakes or will you be ashamed i made you put on a sequined bow? Either way, i know i'm fantastic! Hahahahahahaha.

Image Edits.

I never photo shop my pictures, but my blogger friends always chide me for not doing it. I don't photo shop them because i am lazy, i don't know how to and i don't want to delude anyone including myself. So a friend decides to convince me i look better with photo editing by showing the difference to me. I felt something ridiculously odd when i first saw them but didn't think twice about it. Now i opened it again, and gosh! My EYES ARE OPEN WIDE STARING BACK AT ME.

No prizes for guessing right the originals.

Still, good effort my friend.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Pet Names Part 2.

Talking about real pets now...SPCA recently had a huge spike in unwanted pets due to the recession. I won't go into moral talk because that's boring. Actually, do you get a pet just because its cute? What if your baby is not cute. Do you then abandon it?
But ok, maybe i cannot compare humans and animals.
Nonetheless, these are the top 3 dogs i will adopt... because they are just....
That is...if mum allows a dog.

I want a dog so badly that during my childhood days being deprived, i filled that void with all sorts of pets.

Tortoises,fishes, birds, guinea pigs, rabbits i had them all. Although they weren't my choice of pets. They were all abandoned, i mean, given. And they all died....the terrapin showed us its new trick, by flipping over when placed upside down. Being young and playful, we flipped it over one day and forgot about it. It couldn't flip before dinner time. So it died.

Another one crawled into the hole in the kitchen and never saw the light again. Then i saw the video of the turtles mating and oh my, why have i not seen it when i was rearing them!! My tortoises have zero sex drive.
Fishes died naturally or just got eaten (by bigger fishes, not us). Guinea pigs died naturally, followed by the rabbits (knowing how close they were) but my brothers insisted i killed the black rabbit. Just because i bathed it. The birds died because my dad sunned it (thinking it needs Vitamin D). Then my brothers bought meal worms and we built a playground for it. They grew into beatles and flew away.

But I had the BEST MEMORIES with my hamters. I LOVE HAMSTERS! My first one was abandoned, no i mean, given by my primary school teacher when i was 9. Ms Diana Tien came to my house with its cage and all (actually, i can't remember why she chose me. I must be her favourite! I think i was. Course she was my English teacher and i was ALWAYS more chummy with my English teachers).
It was a fluffy white male. Looked like a crazy scientist. And it peed in its food bowl. Ms Tien said it was probably frightened from the car ride. How i bought a leash. And walked him, or rather he walked me under the void deck everyday.
Then i bought him a female..and so the family tree started. I love hamsters because they are SO GREEDY! I love feeding them. They are such fat fur balls. I bought hamster cheese, hamster chocolate, hamster sticks, all variety! Spent much of my allowance on hamster food. Then i realised they eat EVERYTHING! Including the household's leftover cooked rice.
The only thing i was reluctant to spend on were hamster cages. The fancy ones with all those fun stuff inside. Because...i built them their playground with recyclables!
Toilet rolls, legos, doll houses etc.
The babies came and i saw babies eaten, baby body parts around, blood and even deformed babies. I tell you, i was SO sad when i saw one baby born without a leg. And 1 baby fell from the table (took it out when it had a little fur and eyes were already opened) and therefore became paralysed waist down. I felt SO TERRIBLE. Saw it bullied by the rest when they push him away from the mother's nipples. So i spoon-fed him.
He was such a champion, he actually lived till a ripe old age. But his legs miraculously became well again, though weak. Maybe as he grew up, his bones strengthened so that fall didn't really paralysed him. I was GLAD i didn't conduct mercy killing when he was a baby and i felt so painful seeing him suffer. I had wanted to make him CRUTCHES!
I even saw mummy in labour! I was a very curious girl. When i have nothing to do, i sit outside and watch my hamsters sleep, eat, mate.
So one day, i peeped in and i SAW her pushing and wincing in her little house. REALLY! I could feel her pain. Do you think animals feel pain like humans do when in labour?
But alot of animals that i see on Animal Planet were expressionless when they were in labour. The females are usually VERY fierce. I saw how my female killed 2 males. They probably wanted to mate, no, rape her. So she tore their jaw and ripped their balls. No kidding.
I wish digital cameras were in trend then, i would have captured more pictures. But then, it was only film.
I had SO MANY hamsters that i started selling them (only successful once or twice)before people stopped wanting them. Then i had to give them away (surprise gift on my classmate's table). Then i had to persuade my teacher to allow class pets. Finally, pet shops took in my unwanted babies.
It was fun seeing the different colours come out. I was already an expert in cross-breeding them. They mate like there's no tommorrow. It's INCEST. And it turns me on. Not the incest part, but the mating part.
Then, i had to be the smartie and suggest to Bel to bring over her DWARF to mix with my SYRIAN (the big one) so we can have an in-between. My hamster killed hers. It was startled when the little one approached, when it gently swiped, the force was so strong, the dwarf flew to the other side of the cage.
Later i found out from the pet shop, it is impossible to cross dwarfs and syrians. He said even if it was possible, what will come out is just a breathing PIECE OF MEAT. What the......
I miss having hamsters. I think to date, i had 30 hamsters. Maximum 12 at one point. I only hated cleaning the cage oh-so-damn-regularly.
I now have a dwarf rabbit and its rabid. Absolutely nuts. Looks so innocently sweet but attacks you randomly. Only Ivan can tame her.
P.S i am not cruel to animals although i spoke about death. Its all part and parcel of life.
P.P.S there should be round 2 of my clothes. Thank you for your supportive response, i was pleasantly surprised :)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Puma, Mamma.

What good timing! Just when my old shoes ripped from running everyday, lands a brand new Puma Light! Weighs probably only 200g. I picked it from that machine behind last Friday at Puma's launch party. It's almost IMPOSSIBLE to catch.

So HAPPY and LUCKY! Thanks L, for inviting me AND guiding me to the winning shoe. Heh.
The sprouting of my wisdom tooth gave me a bruised eye lately. Its as if my eye's been punched, but visibly you can't see anything wrong with it. So i had it extracted yesterday. I have been through so many procedures lately i can comfortably say i am no longer afraid of anything surgical. Hah! But i hate taking so many pills and xrays. Makes me feel i'm harming my body more than curing it.

Surprisingly, the wisdom tooth surgery did not scare/ hurt as much as i feared it would be. When the drilling came, it did however feel like my head is being drilled! (from the vibration).

The after-math? A better eye and a swollen mouth. I was telling him i feel so much more like a lady now. Because i cannot laugh out loud and big (which is what i normally am). Haha!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

To SPG or not to SPG.

A while ago, we were educating a foreigner about SPGS. It's one of our "Welcome to Singapore" introductory speech.

SPG has always been a derogatory term. And according to Wikipedia, they often refers to solely an Asian woman who who usually dresses and behaves in a provocative manner, and who exclusively dates and prefers white men.

The term has its fairly innocuous roots in the late 1940s-early 1950s when Singapore was still ruled by the British. As a general practice, the British forces personnel socialised very much among themselves, according to their military ranks and status (i.e officers and enlisted men). However, there were some instances when specific local guests were invited to social functions hosted by the British. The term 'Sarong Party' came into use to describe social functions which included local invited guests.

The stereotypical Sarong Party Girl has extremely tanned skin, a false foreign accent, and is provocatively dressed. Originally, the outfit of choice was thought to be a bikini/tank-top paired with a sarong, but that has changed. Many of them frequent nightclubs or other nightspots that are popular with expatriate white men, in order to meet and form relationships with them. Sarong Party Girls are known to prowl specific nightspots in Singapore along Orchard Towers, Boat Quay, Clarke Quay, Emerald Hill and City Hall; the classic location being the now-defunct Carnegies at Far East Square.
Sarong Party Girls in local entertainment are usually portrayed as
gold-digging, husband-snatching Asian sirens.

Now, i've never thought that the whites are of a better species. The only merit i admit to is, you get good looking Eurasian babies. That's it.

With the influx of more expats in our country, i know of a small group of Singaporean men "disliking" these whites. "Snatching" their rice bowls as well as their women.

And truth be told, i think it IS true. But that does not mean that we Singaporean women prefer the whites! It's just a probability and ratio thing. Do the maths.

I'm surprised to know there're 2 ladies in my office who are with whites. They SO DO NOT look or behave in ANY WAY like what Wikipedia described. Dress and behave provacatively.

I, however DO dress sexy (not provacative. but sexy). Don't every young girl do? Actually, no one has EVER called me an SPG (although my ex CHINESE bf always feels i am one. It's ironic). Even if someone do associate me as one, i am flattered. Because they are usually hot. Sirens! But when my ex bf calls me that, i am hurt. Him, of all people, shouldn't be judging me. Wouldn't 3 years with him taught him better?

I am tanned by birth (mum drank fresh milk with my elder brother, but gave up with her second child. Me. Drank coffee!!).

I speak proper English (with no accent), AND singlish AND mandarin ( I am so proud to be Chinese).

I do not go to clubs. Even if these supposedly SPGS hang out at places with more Whites than Chinese, again, do the maths. There ARE more expats coming into Singapore now.

I do not need a man's money because i am capable and able myself. Girls need to be independant and respected. Don't owe anyone or be obliged just because you received gifts. You know at the end of the day, there's only yourself to rely on. Not on man's money, not on daddy's money.

Actually, i'm not even sure why i'm ranting about this. I just think this topic is so amusing. Especially when while 'educating' the foreigner, he kept asking "HOW DO YOU TELL AN SPG?" He has NEVER heard of this before, coming from a far away country and Singapore is his FIRST Asian country. We kept telling him, " WE JUST KNOW." Then again, just being with a white, does that automatically name you an SPG?

I've always thought that you need to be educated and sophisticated to be an SPG. Because you need to be eloquent in order to communicate with a White. Again, of course there are eloquent Chinese, but conversational topics are different between an Asian and a White. But usually the eloquent Asians are very Westernised, no? Then comes the culture/ upbringing to differentiate them. So i think there's another subclass of an SPG. The truely sophiticated ones who are able to hold their own and the ones who really are with an expat for a 'thought' better life. Chinese can too. Just that priorities are different.

Chinese men have their merits. I like their traditional and sole provider thinking. I don't think race sets people apart, it's more of the character that brings you together. Seriously, although sometimes i make comments, i really don't care if that Thai, Philipino, Vietnamnese or Chinese is with a white. There's always someone for everyone. Will judging them make you any happier? Usually, people are just jealous, therefore they judge.

Why are the women always at the butt of the debate? I bet Chinese men dreams of a white girlfriend too. Just that there is not so much of a supply of white girls here and they usually come attached to someone else already. But again i say, it's not about race. Just that naturally, people tend to form impressions and stereotypes about races. Its more about personalities, not races. The only thing that will probably clash is cultural differences and upbringing.

And so, after educating the foreigner about the SPG.

He excitedly says "Take me to the SPGS!"

Salang Sayang.

Not being able to buy in advance ferry tickets, we took a total of 15 hours to get to Tioman!! While waiting for our ferry from Mersing, we just sat and drank. Walk and then drank some more. Drank till i turn orange from all that fruit juice.And finally, we reach our island of seclusion. Its really seclusion because there is no public phones around, no reception on mobiles, no ferries out. All you do is..... Swim, swim, swim!
These black stripe yellow fishes are obvious cam whores!! Look at the video i took of them (towards the end of clip). They swim towards my camera, with their big unblinking eyes and open mouths. Close up, a little bit like Pirahna.

Having a lover also means a compaitable travelling partner. It's SO DIFFICULT to find friends to travel with! Usually, it's money issues (my friends nor my brothers have a savings habit).Otherwise it's a compatibility issue. Like who wants to do what, go where. Like swimming with the sharks, had to do alone. Bungee jumping, had to do alone. And usually, such activities are futher away from mainland. On the Sydney/Melbourne trip, i was blessed to have my girlfriends witness and take photos (very important!) of me diving with the sharks. They paid their own entrance and ferry fee. I was very touched, they had no obligation to. I was prepared to do the entire journey alone, just so to get another tick off my 'death wish'. I bought them lunch in appreciation.
And so as i explains to him, having a lover means having a permanent travel companion. Because more often than not, he/she is obliged to be available to you, for you. I mean, if i really have to, i have no qualms travelling alone. But i don't see any fun going overseas alone (UNLESS it's a SOLEY shopping trip!). Who's going to take pictures!!I see the air stewardesses buying tripod stands. But solo pictures are so boring!
So it's a bonus we're both adventure freaks. We stayed at Salang Indah resort. I wouldn't really call it a resort, as it has no hot water, concrete floors, wooden beds. But i'm not a princess, so i could live. All i need is a place to bathe (even if cold) and a bed to sleep.
So, after all that snorkelling and diving, we decided to fish! Here was the plan: we recee the waters out by snorkelling so we know where all the big fishes are...then we go rent a rod to cast it in the spot where we saw.
and below the jetty are SWARMS of fishes. And where the small fishies are, the big ones lurk. We saw a baracuda snapping away for food.
So he cast the rod, laid it down and said, "Now we wait." I was already taking out my chips, my mineral water and poker cards ready for a wait..when within seconds, the rod start to vibrate!
It was all very exciting when he just jumped over the railing, the whole time just shouting for "knife, knife, where's the knife!" and went down the slippery steps with a group of boys following (to join in the action?). It was a breath stopping operation. All he wanted to do was to free that poor fish. Because it was not really the sort of fish we eat usually. But it was BIG.He panicked. Because he really feels alot for the gasping fish. Its either free him fast enough to return to the sea, or kill it so it dies fast and painless. The hook was too deep. A group of people gathered to see the commotion and started snapping/video-ing away at the 'crime scene'. Maybe we're on Youtube. Hah!
We were hoping for a Baracuda for dinner. Instead, got a File fish. He felt really bad because it is more of a coral fish than an edible fish. Although, there ARE people who eat it. In Korea, it's a popular dried snack. It's so colourful when alive, but lost its colours once out from the water. Felt even more guilty when we actually saw it swimming happily in front of us from our earlier dive!
I tried to console him by saing it's the circle of life. Fishes are part of our food chain.File fishes usually feed on algae. So our bait (squid) must be a real treat for it! At least it had a good last supper.We took it to the restaurant and got them to BBQ Mr. File for us. Watched the sun set as we waited for our dinner to be cooked. See what i mean? We saw it in our earlier dive!
Now, it's this. In loving memory of Mr. File who tasted very fresh, soft and sweet. Sounds like a girl, isn't it? Hmmm...dirty thoughts. LOL. We drank fruit juice and ate ice cream everyday by the beach.
It rained quite abit while we were there. Thus the colours were not quite what i would like them to be. Rather gloomy. Had to edit the exposure and contrast with the computer.
On Salang, there're about 3 or 4 accomodations to choose. 3 main restaurants, 2 Ramlee burger stalls, 1 pub, 4 diving schools, 1 main convenience store, 4 other small ones selling LIZARD FOOD, bread for fishes and renting gear.
This was the other main restaurant where we tried on first day. I saw one of these babies in the sea! And i had them for dinner too. Haha! Stingray is my FAVOURITE! But do not try sambal kangkong or stingray on Tioman. ITS NOT THE SAME!
This place has an outdoor screen which plays Discovery Channel. We had to think what to do after dinner one night. Everyone heads to the one pub on the island. It's always rowdy there every night. We steered clear. We thought, a movie would be nice. Alas, our room has no TV. So we headed here and requested for a movie to be played on the large screen. Voila, we had our own outdoor cinema under the stars! Picked Ong Bak 2 and immediately have other diners' eyes hooked. It's my second time watching and i never get tired of re-watching fighting shows!
We woke up late on our first morning. Rushed to arrive in time for the boat out to snorkelling spots. It was a 10.30am-2.30pm tour. With no breakfast and no time to pack lunch, we only had Mr. Pringles and Mrs. Coke for survial.
We rationed our precious snacks and watch hungrily as others eat their packed nasi lemak and padang. This looks like a Pringles ad. Even the Komodo Dragons have it better than us as people throw them their leftovers. We feel sorry for the island though, as all these tourists left their thrash behind.
So hungry, he made a sand burger for me.

Rockclimbing! My favourite boy.
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