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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Dish of the Day

Just creating images like these that only lasts 15 seconds on screen...
is absolutely BACK BREAKING. 5 hours to produce 15 SECONDS. That's what production is like, which is why the film industry keeps drilling us about anti-piracy. 
Shoot hit my bedtime, so I snooze while standing.

I was the dish of the day. All I did was stand on the turning table and it spun automatically at 1km/hr. My face wasn't shot much, but still i had to put full make-up on. Just in case i suppose.
That's the beauty of a female body, having the curves (so girls, quit looking anorexic).
I look like a man here.
What i love about shoots is they treat you like a princess. I'm not a princess, i would have gladly done my part and stood there while they adjust the lights. But no, they insist that I have a stand-in while they prepare and i sit cuddled with a shawl and sip fresh soya milk. It's nice to be appreciated, posing for pictures ain't as shake leg as you think.

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