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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Is TV really Evil?

I have heard of strict parents who forbid their children from watching television, even going to the cinema. Mid-level strict parents will supervise their children's tele-time. My uncle ONLY allows National Geographic, Discovery and the likes to his children once their old enough to watch (4 years old?)

There's good in it, because my cousins grew up to be VERY bright (now 8 years old). He could recite all kinds of facts he has learnt form Discovery.

However, i felt a little sorry that he has not much of a 'normal' childhood. One where he can innocently remember fondly like we do now about Sesame Street and Putt Putt the car as adults.
I'm not sure how many of you are aware, or perhaps none of you is as hum sup (dirty minded)  curious as me to go google, but society now has eroded to even tainting our favourite childhood characters. 

Introducing Disney Porn.....

I had to mosaic the bits because i am shy. Otherwise, they were pretty nasty. So much so that it makes me blush. When did people start fantasizing about cartoon characters? Are the human species this warped? Have we ALWAYS BEEN?

There are alot of information on the internet about sexual subliminal messages in our cartoons. Here's a somewhat interesting opinion on Disney being 'Satanic' (you got to be prepared to read though. ALOT of text).

Here're the possible explanations for some and further accusations:
taken from 

The rather odd shape protuding from the minister’pelvic region during the scene in which a Ursula (disguised as ‘Vanessa’) attempts to marry Eric using Ariel’s voice. However later shots in the film show that the minister had rather bandy legs that blended in with his tunic and the ‘erection’ was actually his knees.
Another popular one. Long has been the debate over the dust cloud in The Lion King. In the scene just before Simba meets Rafiki, he tiredly flops down on the edge of a cliff, a cloud of dust rises which allegedly for a few frames spell the word S-E-X. The debate is that the special effects team put it in intending it to read S-F-X to leave their little mark on the film. But it really does kinda look like Sex to me even.

Now, the next one is REALLY interesting. Took me 3 times to HEAR THE REAL MESSAGE! 

The scene in Aladdin on Jasmine’s balcony in which the hero is trying to brush off the growling tiger Rajah, he can apparently be heard whispering “Good teenagers take off your clothes”. The script says that the line is “Good kitty, take off and go”. The clip sounds like somebody else other than the Aladdin voice has whispered the line in but no matter which line is actually spoken, this allegation got Disney in hot water with the American Life League who used it to try and get Disney films banned, claiming they had been sneaking sexual messages to children over the years.

In 1999, Disney studios announced that they would be recalling the home video version of the 1977 movie The Rescuers because a few shots contained an “objectional background image”. During the scene in which the mousy heroes Bernard and Bianca fly through the city in a sardine tin (about 38 minutes into the movie) a photographic image of a topless woman can be seen in the windows they pass. While some of the items on this list are objectionable and some have been proven wrong, this one is pretty clear and Disney studios had to hang their heads in shame. It was confirmed by a Disney spokesperson who simply said that the tampering “was done more than twenty years ago” and the company recalled 3.4 million copies of the video that had been sold.
Children's songs were also not let off scrutiny, adults went to reverse play the Barney song like how you'd play Satanic music. The song lyrics are still imprinted in my mind since childhood! Is this really true?

Needless to say, Little Mermaid was definitely dirty according to some. They claim that Under the Sea was downright dirty and sexually suggestive. How could you expect Under the Sea NOT TO BE WET??!

Little Mermaid was my favourite Disney film. I always imagined i was a little mermaid when i went swimming, and i would sing all its songs in the shower! When I was Wet!

Frankly, i think adults are reading too much into things. Perhaps Disney is not warped, but the scrutinizers are. Maybe they ARE the dirty minded ones. Or maybe EVERYONE is warped, there's some sort of conspiracy going on in the world i'm sure.

Sesame Street has also been under fire for being adult, what about Bert and Ernie being gay because they're both males, really close, live together and yellow (yellow yellow, dirty fellow?)
I think it's a ridiculous and far fetched accusation.

In 1983, after actor Will Lee — who played chatty shopkeeper Mr Hooper — dies in 1983, the program pays tribute with an episode that deals directly with death. Wrestling with grief, Big Bird imparts the lesson that life necessarily ends, a theme many parents feel their children are too young to confront. (Watch a clip from "Farewell, Mr. Hooper")

And in 2002, to fight stereotypes about people with AIDS, "Sesame Street" introduces an HIV-positive muppet named Kami. Some parents protest that their children are too young to face the harsh realities of the virus. (Watch Kami discuss the HIV virus with Bill Clinton)


I'm not sure how the Westerners teach their children, but i know for sure Asian parents back then were too shy and do not teach their kids about the birds and the bees or diseases. So i'd think that learning from educational programmes will be beneficial and not embarrassing!

Recently, there's been another uproar over Katy Pery's bouncy mammaries on Sesame Street. Got to admit, i did get a little high just watching it.

That spunky singer, of course would do a spoof after to further incite anger. You go, girl!
and the internet takes over, with plenty of warped spoofs (which hopefully children will have no access with child online protector software, that's sarcasm in case you didn't know).

In my opinion, the boobs were abit too overflowing and perhaps a little inappropriate for children. Then again, they ALL GREW UP SUCKING NIPPLES! So it's not like they've never seen those puppies before.

But i have to agree, children nowadays know sex and anatomies alot more than children a decade ago, due to the exposure of all forms of media. Is this actually good? Or do you think it's bad?

According to Wikipedia,

In the book Human Sexuality: Diversity in Contemporary America, by Strong, Devault and Sayad, the authors point out, "A baby boy may laugh in his crib while playing with his erect penis". "Baby girls sometimes move their bodies rhythmically, almost violently, appearing to experience orgasm." Italian gynecologists Giorgio Giorgi and Marco Siccardi observed via ultrasound a female fetus possibly masturbating and having what appeared to be an orgasm.

I have bear witness to something like this to a 3 year-old boy and a 9 year old (who seemed to have his first taste of pleasure) in a Jaccuzi pool at Jurong Swimming Complex, but that's another story another time!


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