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Sunday, November 7, 2010

That Radio Voice

Would you rather be a) photogenic or b) pretty in person?

I can't exactly find you examples but you know what i mean. Either be good looking in person but absolutely fugly in pictures or plain Jane in person, and SuperModel in pictures.

It's a tough choice, but many would rather choose B.
The closest example i could give is Taylor Swift who looks average in videos but very pretty in pictures. It's not an accurate example.
What then happens if you aren't exactly slim, rich nor dashing? How do you attract the opposite sex?!

For girls, you don't have to look like a supermodel but if you've got an interesting personality to boot, good skin and long hair, it wouldn't be too difficult to hoop.

Fortunately for boys, girls are known to be less visual than men. Humour (read: not lame) is important, bravery is appreciated (kill that cockroach for meeee!) and loyalty is needed. But before you get that chance to prove to her you're all do YOU win her heart over?!


That's always a rude joke that radio DJs never look good, yet you can fall in love with their voice and soon the person over those air waves. I've never been obsessed with any singer, but when i heard these songs/ voices, it evoked many emotions and tingling in my loins. When i finally did open my eyes to see who these melodious voice belong to, i was rather surprised to see they aren't as gorgeous as Aaron Kwok or a Victoria Secrets angel. Quite frankly, even the voices of our Four Heavenly Kings who were very handsome in those days never did make me quite as delirious.

This Korean girl, otherwise known as the Apple Girl on Youtube (who sang acapella with 3 iphones) has launched her singing career. Those strong vocals made me a fan, even though i'm clueless as to what her song meant.

She looked nothing like a sex bomb nor have a face that could launch a thousand ships, but man i could just kiss her right now. Because of THAT VOICE.
Her fame is bound to make that face turn into a desirable one (and soon plastic surgeons will be getting requests to reverse double eyelids to single!)

And if you see this face, would you think about marrying him in an instant?
Unless you're a fan of Droopy the cartoon dog.

Yet he gets a pretty one as his girlfriend!

That's his real girlfriend in the MTV.

And Michael Buble may not be Zac Efron,
But oh, how romantic it is for him to starr in this MTV with his girlfriend.

So, my elder brother is 27 and a struggling artist. He has a six pec that is currently hiding under one.

Many say he looks like Jack Neo but it's not such a good association after his pandering ways.

My brother hasn't got the looks of a supermodel, neither the body of a sex god, but he does have a good heart, and he is one helluva funny guy.
However, before any girl gets to know all these qualities in him, he has to nab the girl first. And what does he do? He sings.
My brother is musically talented and he knows how to use it to his benefit in getting girls. First he composes THE song (one generic song for all, but somewhere it has her name (but that can be personalized. It's akin to filling-in-the-blanks), then he strums his guitar (or play the piano), calls the point-of-interest (after all, still abit pai seh to serenade her face-to-face right) and sings to her over the phone. 99% of the time, he gets the girl with this technique, and they're all rather pretty!
So, my brother is a self employed music teacher. He can teach guitar, piano, drums and even singing. If you want to impress or nab a girl or guy, ask him to compose a song and teach you! You can then pass it off as your own. He he he. What she doesn't know, won't harm. Just hope she won't expect a new song every month!

Contact him here

Here're 2 good sites to share.

Convert Youtube to MP3
Convert Youtube to AVI

One last MTV to share..this is my absolute favourite. One day, I'll walk down the aisle with this one.


Unknown said...

There's also Robynn Yip who covers Bruno Mars' Just The Way You Are too,

I like the idea of how men has to shine through other qualities to attract the opposite sex. Good looks don't define good companionship, having a great personality does as you've mentioned.

Great post!


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