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Monday, October 31, 2011

Be a Movie Maker with Canon PowerShot SX230 HS


It's no secret that i am a fan of martial arts. Donnie Yen's quick chops often make me miss the move, making it hard to imitate in private training.

Sherlock Holmes was one of the first to utilise slow motion fliming and i love how raw and surreal it makes the scene.

You don't need to be on a real movie set to make such scenes now. The new Canon PowerShot has a Super Slow Motion movie function that allows users to record video at a very high frame rate, possessing the appearance of slow motion when played back at regular speed. The Super Slow Motion movie function captures a subject at 240 frames-per-second (fps), and later plays back the footage at 30 fps, allowing each moment of footage to be appreciated in super slow motion while maintaining great image quality.

You also have the option of reversing it back to regular speed with the help of Canon's downloadable free software as well.

But since we are in Hong Kong and for my love of fighting scenes, i directed Darren to act with moi!

With the super slow motion, the scene becomes SUPER DRAMA!

Another interesting feature is the camera's Movie Digest Mode, which records quick video clips in the camera's buffer right before you take a photo, and then stitches the short videos together to create a video montage of your shooting day.

What i really really like is not only the slow mo is funny to play with, while other cameras merely records videos, Canon Powershot records in black and white and even with Miniature special effects!

Here's an example of blogger's day out on Duke, Crocs boat. See how the boats look like toys and fat people smaller. What movie making magic.

No, you don't need huge ass cameras like this
Michael Bay with camera.
nor spend hours in a studio mixing special effects. All you need is this baby that can fit into a handbag!
Now you can win your OWN Canon Powershot too! Just vote for your favourite travel pictures. Hong Kong Tourism Board and OMY recently invited me to see Hong Kong through the lens of Canon, thus these wonderful sharing and memories.

With the Powershot in hand, try the famous 300 scene below with the slow mo function!

Upload it to Youtube and maybe you'll become a star!

That's how happy i am with my Canon Powershot!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Month in Snapshots

If i were to ever get married, i'd wear Crocs underneath that wedding dress.
 Comfort over design, i'm sold. Although their design is improving...honestly!
 Was invited to board their sailing boat, Duke.
 Crocs is water resistant, good for flash floods!
 Immortalizing youth.
 Highlight of the day, a boat capsized! If they were wearing crocs, it would have stayed afloat and not spoilt unlike the iPhones.
 Then there was the Pyjama party at Orchard Scotts.
Get your paws off me!
Clever way to mark our reusable cups.
Marge and Homer in da house! They made the costume themselves! How awesome.
I'm that cuddly soft toy you hug to sleep.
What's a PJ party without some boobies.
 From Shanghai runway to my wardrobe. Panda got my ass.

With beautiful girlfriends at Olay's finale. Now i understand what the hype is about that ring light every darn blogger is getting! 

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Full Moon Party in Singapore!

The legendary Full Moon Party originated in Thailand on an island called Ko Pha Ngan. It started in 1985 with only 20-30 travellers at a wooden disco and has now grown to 30,000 travellers thronging the beach on the full moon night.
It is seen as the ultimate party experience as displayed by these funny pictures.
Partying from dusk to dawn, albeit like HangOver 2 ( i love that movie!)
This 25 November, Friday, Singha Beer is generously organising its 3rd installment of Full Moon Party at Attica (Singapore)! They may be clubs at Clarke Quay, but i anticipate a wicked time! From 9.30pm till late. Expect free flow from 10-11pm!

International DJ Sophia Lin, former Resident DJ for Playboy Club will be spinning. Hot hot HOT!
For the girls, there is VJ Utt as the host. Party with fire breathers and flirt with the Singha Moon Brigade.
RSVP early to avoid disappointment! with your name, NRIC and mobile number to enjoy
FREE ENTRY before 11pm!
*Females must be 18 yr old and above; Males must be 21 yr old and above

Ultimate party experience, i hope my "hangover" pictures will be a riot!

A perfect mix of Groupon offerings.

Group buying is popular. Before, i was skeptical about group buys. Worrying if the deals were legit, worrying if the merchants are of quality, worrying if the deal is too good to be true.

Until engaged me as an blogger in reviewing their deals, i wouldn't be sold on group buying. Jigocity took my virginity in group buying and once you start, you can't stop! Jigocity introduced me to merchants i never would have heard/known or try. And i must say, all of their chosen merchants are tried and tested by the employees themselves, so it's 90% a good deal (because tastes are subjective). They wouldn't have introduced it if not for valid reasons.

Because of Jigocity, i opened up to group buying and started trusting deal sites. Just last week, i redeemed a Groupon deal for Gelare waffles at $5.60 (u.p $10.90) and the other 2 customers before me were holding on to that all-too-familiar email voucher print out as well.

The dangers of buying group deals are:
1) you buy without thinking twice if you really need it just because it's cheap (i have a stack of printed vouchers waiting to be used).
2) you forget about them, and soon they expire
3) reservations are really hard to get & then they expire!

I recently bought one of the travel deals from It is a good deal (however, the savings were exaggerated by the deal site), but when i was making the reservation, there were alot of restrictions with regards to the time/date for flights. Terms &conditions are now stated clearly on the deal because of unhappy bad PR. When i purchased the deal, it clearly mentioned that weekend flights were available for booking as well. So when i did try to book, i was told they are not available?!? If i insist of having those dates, i have to top some fare up. That certainly wasn't a pleasant reservation process.

So as group buying takes over the world, they are not group thinking. Here's a group deal funny (in Hong Kong) spotted.
An appopriate daily offering of a Japanese BBQ, followed by a semen analysis and a drainage breast massage. How thoughtful of them to know that after eating BBQ, it is advisible for the men to do a semen analysis. Afterall, you are what you eat. Then for the ladies, it is advisible to do a drainage breast massage because of congestion from all that heavy eating!

"Heavy pressure has a great affection on city people, especially women, which can easily lead to lymphatic congestion. Deluxe Beauty uses their exclusive method to open up mammary glands that help break down toxins, allowing nutrients to penetrate deep into the breast tissue to achieve excellent results."

Yum yum..Prawns boost sperm count.

Semen analysis measures the amount of semen a man produces and determines the number and quality of sperm in the semen sample. It is done to determine whether: a man has a reproductive problem that is causing infertility; a vasectomy has been successful; the reversal of a vasectomy has been successful.

Group Buying..the re-birth of copy writing.

Scaling Heights in Hong Kong

This is a media trip made possible by Canon and Tourism Hong Kong.

Would you like to peep into Nicholas Tse’s house and know what really goes on behind the curtains instead of relying on the tabloids?

Get up onto Sky100, the only vantage point commending Hong Kong’s most panoramic day and night views of the city and the best and longest skyline in the world.

The Canon Powershot SX 230 HS has a panoramic stitch mode for 360 pictures!
North South East West, capture iconic Hong Kong skyline with Canon!
Singapore's Swissotel and MBS are not even on it!
To be honest, at first I thought it’s just another observatory deck but I was pleasantly surprised how different this observatory deck is! The 4th tallest in the world, it is however reasonably priced and the third cheapest in the world (sgd 20).

The high-speed elevator was a first. It whisked us from 2 to 100 in just 60 seconds. With some imagination, we did feel like flying when we look up at the screen on the ceiling
Up on the deck, there are multi-media exhibits vividly presenting Hong Kong’s unique culture and growth. Tools are also provided to help tourists create tailor-made sightseeing itineraries, thus recommended a first stop for visitors to begin their stay.

Here, this is where Nicholas Tse lives.
Very exclusive isn't it? This up-in-the-hill spot, away from the congested central is where the rich live.
You can use the advanced telescope to zoom in like a hum sup fan. 
Special visual effects for sunny day, night views and fireworks scenes.
Landmark indicators available too!
My favourite park of the deck is the photo booth! For $10, you have a variety of backgrounds to choose from, including famous spots in Hong Kong. What’s really special is the sophisticated augmented-reality technology that creates fun and interesting effects to ensure a one-of-a-kind souvenir photo! 

Can you guess what this is?

Posing with Hong Kong’s world famous snacks!

I’d say the most value-for-money time to visit Sky100 would be when there’re fireworks display on New Year (Dec/ Jan) and National Day (Sept). 

Sky 100
International Commerce Centre (ICC)
1 Austin Rd West Kowloon

While you are at Sky 100, you may pop by The Ritz Carlton in the same building. Marina Bay Sands in Singapore charges $20 to go up to the sky park. It is only level 57 if i remember correctly. Kuteda, the bar/restaurant at the top also have a cover charge.

OZONE, proudly positioned at level 118 do not have a cover charge and delicious cocktails and food are not priced sky high. How's that for a change?!

The signature bar snacks are the deep fried peking duck rolls that i am holding,
and the crab balls (my favourite) that Darren is holding.
That's some huge ass cocktail! A wicked concoction of alcohol & fresh juices, i love it!
$15 only. In the background is also highly recommended signature: Parma ham with apple slices.
With futuristic designs and choice of a indoor or outdoor bar, Ozone is definitely my favourite bar thus far! My favourite in Singapore is Lantern atop Fullerton.
I am in love with Hong Kong's The Ritz Carlton. Not only was the Ozone bar impressive, but they have Italian or Chinese restaurants and even a chocolate buffet according to your fancy! Each restaurant have a different theme, a different ambience but you dine at all with a view!
It's almost like Alice in Wonderland.
Definitely a romantic place to take someone special and i've read that it is more intimate to sit side by side than to sit face to face. Guess who took that into account?
Ritz Carlton! Sit side by side facing the city lights.
With you by my side, we can conquer the world!
The Ritz Carlton
International Commerce Centre (ICC)
1 Austin Rd West Kowloon

For a little bit of adventure, scale heights with the Ngong Ping Cable Car. Not for the faint hearted, the crystal cabin sets the heart racing with a glass bottom. A new experience, this 5.7km/25 minute! cable car journey takes you to the Tian Tan buddha Statue and Ngong Ping Village.

My boots kept me snug and looking great! Walk long hours on heels?
No problem with Timberland.
Joanne the drama queen.
Getting to Ngong Ping 360.

Win your own Canon Powershot Sx 230 HS camera here! Hong Kong Through the Lens.
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