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Saturday, June 17, 2006

My dysfunctional family.

The younger brother, who takes such pictures on his own.

I think i take better pictures for him. Plays up his mysteriousness ALOT, don't you think? Better than HIS EYE.

The younger brother, who plays with me Barbie and Ken. The brother who pretends to be my kitten, my puppy, my robot. The brother who is ever so loving, growing into a marvellous man. The brother who best of all, says, " i am what i am today, because of you, my sister."

The elder brother, who is so self assured with his manhood that it doesnt bother him posing like this (that is, after incessant caljoling from me).

The elder brother, who bought me my first Barbie, then Ken, then the whole range of Cupcake dolls with surprises within their colorful hair.

The elder brother, who pushes back whoever pushes me. The brother who knows me well.

P.S And dixi, that bag he was holding is your mum's.

And then the dad, whom i never knew could pose cutesy to a camera. As they say, hidden talent. Or maybe, he just got something in his eye, and water in his mouth that he can't swallow.

Its not so coincidental always, i suppose this was a kodak moment.

The father whose love is unconditional. The father who has similar interests as me. I asked, "Dad, why wont you bungee jump with me. Are you saaaacred? Like the 2 brothers??" He said, "No, i would love to. But who's to take care of the family if something happens?"

The mum, who weighs the same as me. The mum who can convert me and my brothers into health freaks. The mum who uses a hard hand to make you stronger. The mum who gave up her all for her family. The mum who all my friends say she's funny. The mum who forever stays young.

I love this picture, i love my family. This picture, IS worth a thousand bucks.
No matter what my dad says.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

An email which painted colours in my heart.

If you really want to read its contents, there really is a way. But only the determined and KPO will suceed. Of course, you will need to be SMART too.

It is never an embarrassment to tell your love. Its one thing that asians don't do enough.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Take a cardbox trip into my world

I once shunned blogs, but got into a habit of reading them. (Only interesting ones with lots of visual pleasure.)

I once condemed writing one, but am now starting one for the sake of bringing you down and under.

This is going to be PG-13 though. Family reading, children friendly. Muahahaaa, you'll never really get to dig into Chrispy Tine to taste how yummy she really is.

Now, i think my brothers are cringing.
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