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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Skin Woes


I was born milk coffee colour like Pocahontas while my elder brother came out like fresh milk. My mum couldn’t resist kopi-o after her first child you see. Not only did I not come out as Snow White, I inherited my mum’s bad skin. She had bad acne as a teenager which then later turned pockmarks like Mark Lee. All that was salvaged later on in her adult years, thanks to facials and skincare.

That's a studio shot of mother & daughter, no photo editing.
My mum gets hysterical whenever strangers comment how she looks like my sister. She is very proud of not looking her age (56). I aim to be like her one day. She was appalled with my pimply skin at puberty, so my self-esteem plummet. She introduced me to facials and skincare when I was 15. Costing $35 at Far East Plaza, I saved on skincare by dipping into her pots. That did not get rid of my pimply skin.

Only when I turned 19, then I realized I have been doing it ALL WRONG for the past 4 years!! Thankfully, my skin wasn’t beyond help. I was using the wrong skincare (mum’s for mature skin, thus oilier), the facial treatment wasn’t suitable either.

I am an active girl, and being active means being out in the sun. I’m not a vampire you see, I am not only active at night. Besides, being out in the sun prevents jaundice (although I’m no longer a newborn), it also provides Vitamin D that you can’t get from food.
Being active also makes you more attractive to men (because you look fun and adventurous). Although I must stress, there are men who prefer the fairer sex who can be go-getters too despite the skin colour.

Most importantly, having a bikini tan line undeniably gives the illusion of a fuller chest. Tested and proven!! *cheeky smile*

However, as The Internet tells us (I read it off the Internet is the new My Friend told Me), the sun is very bad for our skin. It causes premature aging, dehydration, pigmentation and many more. The end result could be as bad as a smoker’s skin.

Doing a lot of sports (perspiration, hot yoga=bacteria on mat) gives me breakouts. That’s what I’ve been battling with lately (I thought puberty was over!)

It’s a tough decision. I can either a) not exercise, get fat but have clear skin OR b) exercise, be sexy but bad skin.

I have asked men before which will they prefer. A not so pretty girl but hot bod OR a fat girl but pretty face.

Many went for the plain Jane with a hot bod. I guess its like bedding Stephanie Sun or Britney Spears! Hot bods with bad skin. Check out celebrities with bad skin here.

Bella Skin Care told me I can have the best of both worlds. The White Renew Chargold Therapy . Blocked pores, dull skin, uneven skintone, pigmentation, blackheads and whiteheads. All signs of congested skin and often affecting not just teenagers, but adults too. Damn right it does!

All these congestion is giving me adult acne, and when you get adult acne, it doesn’t heal as fast!

So they lay me down for a simple head massage while letting me breathe lavender oil. You start relaxing and drifting into lala land. I get self conscious about sleeping with my mouth open, drooling or snoring. Most of the time, I won’t remember the awesome shoulder massage the therapist performs because I was in such deep sleep. They even have paraffin wax for moisturizing your hands too!
Nothing turns a man off clasping a hand as rough as his (this is why they love long hair too because it’s a contrast to their short crop!)

The White Renew Chargold Therapy is appropriate for clogged pores because naturally you’ve have A LOT to extract = pain! Therefore a sebum lotion is applied first, to make the gunk surface up, for easy (minimized pain) extraction. Then an ultrasonic spatula is used to gently eliminate uneven skin tone, blemishes, rough skin, excess sebum & surface pigmentation. Aloe Vera gel (healing properties!) is then massaged into the skin. Ending off with a charcoal mask with GOLD pigments. Well, the gold is really there for anti-aging properties as it reduces toxic free radicals (that you get when you exercise a lot!) I felt like Cleopatra. All in one for the woes I face as an active sportswoman!

The good news is, win vouchers from Bella Skin Care’s facebook page by

Answering my question posted there correctly and get a $50 voucher which you can use at their eshop or at their outlets.

Posting YOUR question about skincare or problem at  and get a $50 voucher, no strings attached!

Posting your question + PHOTO of problematic skin and get a $100 voucher, no strings attached!

I will be choosing a winner for a Bella Skin Care’s package weekly. So long as you participate in any of the above ways, you’re in the draw. Trust me, you WILL want to win a Bella Skin Care’s package. I don’t want to calculate how much I’ve “invested” in my skin for the last 6 years.

Bizarre Mating Rituals..demonstrated with animation

I once heard a true story whereby a social worker went to Africa to educate the Africans on family planning and protection from sexual diseases. They introduced the condom and demonstrated how it was put on with the end of a broom stick. They then distributed dozens of condoms to all participants.
6 months later, they did a review of the campaign, disappointed to find increasing figures still on birth and victims. The same social worker then did a house visit of these participants.

On his routine checks, the social worker found a broom stick propped at the corner of each home. Guess what was hanging off the tip of the broom stick? The rubber.

The campaign failed because they neglected the fact that Africa has a culture that is big on rituals. The animal kingdom too, also has a way of getting their mojo grooving.

1. Giraffes
Giraffes are frisky little boogers. They partake in what is known as overlap promiscuity, which is a fancy word for having sex with as many partners as possible. Whenever either sex feels like getting it on, they’ll mate. Males will go at it with any female since he doesn’t have to worry about defending himself against other males. Mating for giraffes is year round, and a female’s estrus occurs about every two weeks. The male will test her receptiveness doing what is known as flehmen. Here’s where it gets gross. The male will induce the female to urinate. He will then scoop up some of her urine, and taste it like a fine wine. If all tastes well, the chase is on.

2. Macaques
Apparently humans aren’t the only ones who exchange favors for sex. Male macaques will give food and do intense grooming in the hopes for sex. Talk about desperation. What’s more intriguing is that other macaques will sometimes attack copulating pairs. Apparently, macaques will retaliate bullying received in the past while their enemy is enjoying his fun. What better way to enact revenge then while your enemy is distracted?

3. King Cobra
While pursuing the female, the male will give off a scent letting the female know he is ready for love. If she is accepting, the two will intertwine and make sexy time. However, the male needs to be wary of his techniques. If the female decides she’s not all into the act of foreplay, she might decide to make a tasty snack out of her potential partner. If a male is successful, he will then stay with the female until her eggs hatch.

3. Wrasse (Cleaner Fish)
There is usually one dominant male with a harem of females. If the male should die or disappear, the dominant female will assume the role of dominant male, and change her sex, which is known as protogynous hermaphrodite. The dominant male of the territory will initiate spawning by swimming through his harem and selecting a female. Once he has done so, the pair will do a loop dance and release gametes. Non-territorial males in the hopes to get their freak on, will streak through a mating pair just as they’re releasing their gametes and release his own sperm. Brings new meaning to “Whose your daddy?”

4. White-Crested Hornbill
The male of this species is a mature, responsible animal when it comes to being a supportive partner. When ready, the male will help the female go into a nesting cavity in a tree. After mating, the male will help plaster the female into the tree with a mix of wood, old fecal matter, or clay. A small slit is all that is left, allowing for the female to defecate through the hole, and receive meals through it. There she will stay for 40-100 days until the chicks are hatched and raised.

5. Serromyia Femorata

I thought the praying mantis chicks were bad by biting off the heads of their mates. These little flies do what they like to call “kissing.” Only that it really isn’t kissing, it’s more like ingesting. While mating, the pair will perform what appears to be kissing, but at the end, the female will proceed to suck out the contents of the male through his mouth. Might want to ease up on that suction there…

6. Octopus

Attending the animation workshop 2 weeks ago, courtesy of NE mation, taught me that stop motion wasn't too difficult to create (you only need the software, a story and a web cam). Creating still images, and then stiching them all up, it sounds easy. The difficult part comes in co-ordination, and maintaining the highest level of merticulous precision. Let me demonstrate to you how Octopus mate.
Could you tell? I don't think Pixar and Dreamworks will be fighting over me.

There are 289 species of octopus, and the female will only mate once in her entire life span (they live 1-3 years). The penis of a male is called a hectocotylus and it is formed on the third tentacle on the right side. The male octopus will actually lose his penis upon mating. But don’t worry guys, unless you’re the Argonata octopus, you will grow a new one, but only during the next mating season. In the Argonata octopus, the male won’t even copulate with the female. The poor guy’s penis actually breaks off and heads toward the female’s den, where it will lock itself inside her “cavity,” (her gills).

Extracted from

Set Sail with Royal Caribbean

Disclaimer: This is not representative of Royal Caribeean's crew or any sea crew. Simply a figment of my imagination.

For people who have a case of wanderlust, their ambition is to become part of the air crew. I myself, have tried and failed in my attempts of becoming one. But i didn't try hard enough! Because i only interviewed for Singapore Airlines. I only wanted to be part of the SIA crew, and no one else. Simply because SIA is known to be the best, and i only want to be with the best.

What other career options can you then pursue to satisfy that wanderlust?
Be a travel host? Tried for Discovery, didn't get lucky.
Be part of a travelling circus? I am not that flexible.
Get a regional role in a multi-national? You don't really get recreational time abroad.

I know, Set sail!

The equivalent of an SIA's boeing on sea will definitely be Royal Caribbean. A ship so big that it doesn't look like a ship, much less feeling claustophobic.

Its toilets are bigger than an airplane, its rooms bigger than the ones found in Hong Kong or Japan.
Marble and bath tubs found in suites.

Even the more affordable staterooms are comfortable and reasonable spacious!

The private balconies allows you to perform Titanic in your own privacy.

If i am part of the ship crew, i sail with an international crew.

So cute that female guests want a peice of him.

I could explore China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam when Legend of the Seas dock at the above ports-of-call.

 Oh the thrill of spotting a dolphin, a mermaid or maybe even a loch ness at sea!

Like how gypsies travel with their beat-up caravans, our five-star homes follow with glee.

 For the shopaholic, there's duty free. A shopping gallery with no less than 5 shops.

 For the foodie, there's fine dining, buffet, pizza parlours, ice-cream and even midnight room delivery for free!
 For the sporty, there're swimming pools, rock walls, yoga, aerobics and 9-hole mini golf!

 For the vainpots, get a spa or a treatment for a fee.

 For the nostalgic, take your family studio pictures in the ship.
The bookworms get to read with no motion sickness, let's not forget there's a Casino to spin the roulette at too.
Parents can steal a moment away from their children for a cup of tea. Activities for multiple age groups between 6 months to 17 years old are provided.
 Let's not forget the nightly performances of contemorary musical stage productions, live music and comedy shows.

Do explore The Nation of Why Not, stop pondering what it could be...

Dress and bangles sponsored by ClubCouture

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Total Defence through NE mation.

I saw this poster outside the MRT station.

How many girlfriends dump their boyfriends when in NS? Boy gets enlisted, girl goes to Uni. Boy comes out on the weekends, but feels like staying home because he is too fatigue from field camp. Otherwise, he grudgingly obliges to going to the movies, only to end up falling asleep! Girl sulks, eventually gets hooked up with another boy from Uni. I’ve heard one too many such stories.

It shouldn’t be like that. Other than the fact that I do have a fetish for uniforms and disciplined men, why can’t girlfriends understand what the boys go through during National Service? They need the support while they chiong sua, feed mosquitos and walk grave yards. Girlfriends should be more patient and tolerant to their boyfriends who are enlisted; after all they are defending our home, protecting you.

I like it that Nexus is using N.E mation, a competition for youths to express their notions on Total Defence through animation. Students with no prior experience in animation were given training to equip themselves with skills to convert their stories into one-minute animation clips for public viewing and voting.

I attended their workshop at NYP and discovered the joy AND pain of animation.

Look at last year’s quality

Compared to mine and partner's (SeriouslySarah).

I am not the most patient person on Earth! Those students actually animated with 10,000 saga seeds. Do you remember saga seeds? Back in my school days, people used with saga seeds or folded bus ticket cranes or hearts to show their love. What do school kids do nowadays? Maybe they poke you on Facebook.

Christmas Gift Ideas

In the bloggers’ generation now, everything is about narcissism. Ever since getting more involved with the blogosphere, I am amazed how bloggers are recognized in public like a television celebrity, their reviews are valued by companies as much as getting reviewed in traditional media, and how gossip can be as malicious amongst the bloggers! It's pretty juicy to hear, someone should start a tabloid on bloggers. I’ve heard gossips about bloggers like:

“So-and-so uses the bad publicity to get so-and-so sponsorship. Good on her, but what’s the point when it’s all gonna get really ugly.”

“So-and-so just wants to use my blog for her blog’s publicity.”

“So-and-so will get nasty and write about you on her blog if you don’t say hello to her.”

“Don’t support so-and-so’s events, otherwise so-and-so won’t sign you on.”

Indeed, the pen IS mightier than the sword.

If you have a narcissist girlfriend, boyfriend or blogger friends (if they are true at all), here’re some gift ideas every self loving individual will appreciate. After all, another bag, dress or gadget is so predictable.

1) Pop Art Canvas can help you create canvas artwork from your images. Their artists took one of my images and turned them into artwork inspired by legendary pop art artists like Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Mel Ramos and Takashi Murakami.
Blog header inspired by Andy Warhol

With the Japanese’s fascination over Manga babes, I asked to see myself animated. The good artists kindly obliged. Do my big wide teary eyes look like I’m about to be attacked by a giant tentacle?!?

Imagine if this could be hung on your wall, 12x12 inch square canvas. Prices start at $160.

2) Cartoon Caricatures

I had this drawn for free at one of those fun fairs. Being typical cheapskate queue loving Singaporean, I waited an hour. I think there’s a shop at Far East Plaza that can do this, but I can’t remember the unit number nor the price.

3) 3D figurines

I’ve always wanted something like this, but it’s really expensive, and I am worried it wouldn’t look like me! It’s the sweetest couple thing to place on the display mantel though! Prices start at $120 for one figure (without decorations), saw one such shop at Cineleisure near Pasta Mania.

Have you shopped for Xmas presents already?

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Dish of the Day

Just creating images like these that only lasts 15 seconds on screen...
is absolutely BACK BREAKING. 5 hours to produce 15 SECONDS. That's what production is like, which is why the film industry keeps drilling us about anti-piracy. 
Shoot hit my bedtime, so I snooze while standing.

I was the dish of the day. All I did was stand on the turning table and it spun automatically at 1km/hr. My face wasn't shot much, but still i had to put full make-up on. Just in case i suppose.
That's the beauty of a female body, having the curves (so girls, quit looking anorexic).
I look like a man here.
What i love about shoots is they treat you like a princess. I'm not a princess, i would have gladly done my part and stood there while they adjust the lights. But no, they insist that I have a stand-in while they prepare and i sit cuddled with a shawl and sip fresh soya milk. It's nice to be appreciated, posing for pictures ain't as shake leg as you think.
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