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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Random photolog.

I took their jeans. So for $99.90, i gave my 2 hours for 2 minutes on stage. I think that's only fair.
Waiting, waiting, waiting. Amused at all the girlie banter back-stage.
"Did you bring curling tongs?"
" hair sucks!"
" Ahh! I need a straightener!"
"Oh! I haven't wear bra."
" Ahh! I need to shave my armpits!"

Ok, i added the last line myself. I think my line would be more important than any of the above.

77 turned up on stage. I wasn't in there. I exited back-stage when i saw everyone squeezing in front, flashing their pearlies for their last second of fame. It wasn't a criteria to roll up those tube tops. 77 turned up. 76 did. One didn't.
That was me. My friend said, " hey! EVERYONE showed their tummy. Why didn't you!"
I said, " I don't need to." 2 tables of supporters but the whole time i was looking out for that one person. Maybe he came to give a surprise. He would have been pleased to see i finished the night with dignity.
With all other girls shaking their booty.
He asked if i played the piano. I said yes, and i'm good with my fingers.
"What else are you good with?" I said my mouth, with talking.
"What is your sexiest?"
My personality.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Review and Rethink of the Supperclub

Was at Raffles City passing time when a friend alerted us of a opening ceremony for one of the shops. So we hop over to pinch the reception and got travel adapters as door gifts! Frankly, i think if any member of the public walk by, they can simply blend in. Like we did. American brand. Another atas label, another so not worth paying for. Their designs/colours look really cheapo to me. I've seen cheap bags looking even better. The best designed carry-on i saw was not even genuine leather but plastic and faux leather costs $900! No way, no way.
Supperclub holds a "feast" for 100 ladies each Wednesday. I finally managed to get a table for this free treat. I guess sales must really be plummeting for them to try this promotion. In hope for the bees to flock to the flowers. But that strategy is passe. Last night was Ladies Night, and everywhere i went to were more ladies than men. Everywhere. Except Le Noir. That place, is full of expats. And i suppose expats are more willingly to spend on drinking and being out. Singaporeans...are frugal with their spending.
We started off really excited about the dinner. The much heard about dinner at Supperclub. There were mix reviews. Some say its bad, some say its good. I wanted to find out for my own. They boasted of serving fine food and upclass performance. I was so looking forward to male models parading in underwear. Contortionists performing, Sado Machoist singing...
I was disappointed. The club looked just like in the picture. There was one tarrot card reader, which i couldn't get my turn with! The most exciting part is probably lying spread out on this bed.

Then the food came. Do you think that person is a Er or a Ess? I th its a tom-boyish girl. But then i saw another identical who i am sure is a boy. Were there 2 or was there only 1?
The appetizer was sliced beef with bean sprouts, prawns (measly 2 peices only!)with honeydew and salad. Followed by mushroom soup with goat cheese. Then lamb shanks for the main. We didn't even bother staying for dessert because it was simply too long = boring! There was NO performace, each course took 20 minutes to come. We were told to arrive punctually at 8pm. Dinner only started 8.30pm, by 10pm we were only at the main course.....impatient and easily bored Singaporeans just couldn't take it!!
The prawn salad came in a cute Chinese takeaway box. I dig those boxes! Buttcheeks used to give them out with purchases. Now they switch to cloth bags, and so i stopped buying.

But the food did taste fairly good. Small portions, not too oily, rightly spiced. Yes, we were grateful for the free meal, it was a good chance to catch up with friends in nice ambience and club setting. Music wasn't too loud to chat. But still....if you wanted to do this and get good reviews, then do it properly! Don't make us wait so long, don't cut out on the performances that is supposed to come as you have touted.

Although we were non-paying guests, consider you're paying for a promotional strategy. Called Word-of-Mouth. Powerful tool.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

JB supper.

My friends are crazy. They actually drive to Johor EVERY MID-WEEK for supper! After rejecting them for many weeks, i finally went.

Left at 11.30pm, returned at 2.30am. I woke up the next day at 7am for work. I thought i will be dead tired, but surprisingly not. It was a refreshing change. Going to JB just for supper and then shopping for *ahem*.That boneless chicken satay is sedap! And that green drink is Ba Long Long. It's somewhat like sugar cane with plum.
7 people. 6 dishes. Total bill RM22 each.

The other day, my best friend was telling me she was so "desperate" for love that she made the primary school kids that she teaches art to line up and give her a kiss.

1) Forced love is not blessed love
2) There's no such thing as a female pedophile, is there?
3) Good thing the hand foot mouth disease is over, for now.

Appetite for pictures.

This is a very 80s shot. Something my mother will do when she's 20. Wind blowing in the hair. How cheesy, yet i'm doing it.
My ass looks as big as that thing la!
I can almost think of something to write on the spacious right hand side of the picture.

When one boy + one girl, bored at a BBQ= 1 CAM WHORE OPPORTUNITY.

I'm not sure, i think i still prefer my fringe to the side. The bangs are SO COMMON now!
I hope that's not wrinkles i'm seeing! Gosh! I'm 24 this year!
Those wedges make me cringe. Cause they look like platforms. Those that short ah lians wear.
I'm never really good in heels. I was so worried i was going to topple into the pool. I think that'll be the highlight of the BBQ. That would have been the plan. If i wanted to steal the limelight of the birthday girl.

Someone's looking really hungry.
The sky was red! Rain coming...
I don't know why...he raised his leg, i grabbed his leg. All i said was "Let's pose Street Fighter!"
By the way, i streamed it online at (not quite worth $7 unless you're a hardcore Street Fighter or Kristen's fan)

Kristen Kreuk is so pretty!! But her Mandarin as well as Cantonese cannot make it. Edmund Chen....bleh....eeew....bleeeeh. I think Allan Wu will be better actually. But ok, give Edmund some credit. He wasn't thaaaaat bad. But i think Hongkongers do better in Hollywood movies. More realistic lah.

Speaking of Edmund, i've interacted with him before. He's a very charming (flirtateous?) kinda guy. Very PR-ish, very gentlemanly. He can charm anyone from age 4 to 80 (which actually is Channel 8's target audience).

See, i have unglam pictures too.
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