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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Invisalign Replaces Plastic Surgery

When i started the Invisalign journey with i.Dental, i did not expect this. I did not expect my face shape to change. For the better.

In less than a year, the Invisalign treatment turned my jaw shape into the much coveted V shape of Korean actresses. Without surgery! 
I was shocked at the face shape change! Braces didn't do that.
My teeth was so misaligned that when i take pictures, i look like i'm missing a tooth!
Here's how it works (at least from a patient point of view, not as a technician). 

1. Visit i.Dental for an assessment including an x-ray to ensure you are suitable for treatment.  Receive a video visualization of treatment process. Dr Cheng will explain how Invisalign will change your life. From a horse face to a human face. 
2. In the same visit, you will do mould impressions if you decide to proceed. At the same time, Dr Cheng will put on "attachments" that suit your tooth colour. You will have these little hooks on your teeth that doesn't drop off, and almost invisible to the eye (but you can feel it) to "hook on" the aligners. These extra fixtures are almost neglect able. You will forget you had them as it becomes part of your mouth. 
Matching my tooth colour
Do you see the squarish "attachments"?
3. Receive 50% of your aligners. I had 33 sets in total. In the beginning, i changed one every 2 weeks. Later, it accelerated to changing weekly. There were some weeks i totally messed up the order. I panicked but nothing could be not fixed by Dr Cheng. It was very assuring that he told me i'm not doomed. Although i wouldn't advice you to jump the order on purpose!
No one could tell i had Invisalign on. No one could tell my teeth was being fixed as we speak. No metal teeth embarrassment. No skin cutting accidents while kissing or others. No cut corners of my mouth! 
No monthly visits to the dentist required! It was such an independent process that eventually when i had to relocate, i easily administered to myself just by following Dr Cheng's advice! 

iDental was even on email response if i needed to consult or check in every now and them on my progress. They responded quickly to the photos i send them of my teeth. Virtual consultation! I've never had that with any dental clinic. Although i also wouldn't advice you to do that but just sharing how excellent iDental's service is. 

4. Finally, my entire process is complete, just slightly under a year. I then return to iDental to get my nightly retainers done that i'll wear as long as i live. Dr Cheng inspected my results and is rather pleased with his magic. I am too!
If you want to know the difference between braces and Invisalign (as i've done braces before too), i've compared them before.

Finally, if you want to know how much it costs and if you are a suitable candidate, call iDental! There is a first-time consultation fee of $20 - $60 depending on duration. If you decide to proceed with an x-ray to complete the check, there is an additional $220. The total investment for Invisalign starts from $4000 depending on the number of aligners you need based on the severity of your teeth, but they are payable with installments. The Invisalign aligners are made in USA with a patented technology. You will need to find a local reputable clinic to help administer and watch your progress. One mis-step can make your teeth worse! My friend went to a clinic in Orchard (i don't know which one) and towards the end of her treatment, her teeth actually sunk into her gum!!!! That was irreversible :( :( :(

My dentist, Dr Cheng Eng Wah, from i.Dental Surgeons won the Best Individual award for 2013 and Invisalign Platinium Elite Award for the last 5 years.  His clinic on Robinsons Road is dedicated to Invisalign treatments only.
My new teeth. Better to take pictures with!
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