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Friday, November 12, 2010

First Kiss

What was your first kiss like? How did you know how to kiss?

Coming from a typical unaffectionate Asian family, my parents never shower us with kisses after we passed our 6th birthday. I see parents now kissing their children on their lips (father-son, mother-son), kissing lips in my hay days were taboo.

Weighing 13kg at 7, I was still light enough to be carried by my father. I can’t remember if it was on purpose or not, but I remember planting a BIG WET KISS ON HIS LIPS out of the blue. My dad’s eyes opened wide in shock, and he scolded me.

That didn’t count as my first kiss.

Then at 10, my brother bought me my first Barbie. Later on, he got me Ken. I must have read too much Enid Blyton then, because I believed that my toys will come alive after midnight. I never did stay up to see them up, but I’d make them kiss (somebody has to fan the flames!) then leave Barbie and Ken naked. Hoping they can make babies while I’m sleeping. I wanted more toys! When I taught my girlfriend this technique, her grandmother saw and I was labeled ‘Bad Influence’ and was never invited to play anymore.

I never did kiss my toys though, but my friend did confess to me he practiced kissing with a cuddly toy. Yes, it was a HIM. Boys are just as insecure as girls.

I have to admit; I observed how actors do it on TV, mimic and practiced on the back of my hand.

When nobody is looking (or so I hope), I’ll cautiously bring my hand up close to my lips. My eyes will shift back and forth, making sure there really is no one looking. My eyelids will then slowly close, just like how it always starts on TV.

My lips parted slightly, my mind wandered to that crush-for-that-day, imagining my hand as his lips. I softly kiss, and tilt my head left and right, practicing how not to clash with partner’s head, just like on TV. I did not try French, there’s no open hole in my hand to put my tongue through. I know that sounds RA, but hey, it’s the truth!

And it’s done; I’ve completed my practice for the day. There wasn’t slime on my hand (so I won’t drool on him) and I didn’t bite my hand (my teeth won’t clash with his, or worse, accidentally bite his tongue=commit suicide, on his behalf).

I was prepared for my first kiss.


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