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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Kung Fu series

Very korean drama, isnt it?

And the kung fu story begins..

We never planned it that way. It was hilarious when it turned out like this.

And i did all this in a skirt!

I can put in a torch there...

Proudly taken by me. It really does look like he is going to take off, doesnt he?

Eugene, eugene..the guy who took over my room in the hostel now. He's has so much originality in his poses, i tell you.

This one was very natural, we were both caught unaware. I like. We actually had a picnic this day. Just the three of us..fancy having picnic in the winter! Was so cold, but a blast!

Friday, June 15, 2007

It IS that emotional...

my friend teared after her last paper on friday. She was the last one among the group. I was the second last. And i tell you, i can TOTALLY understand. 3 weeks of no playing you know...stressful period.

So,woooo hooooo! Exams are over! Interestingly, i am bogged with job offers before and during exam period..but now that exams are over, i have minimal job offers!! So good thing i did take on whatever job offers i had before exams and during so got cash to sustain.

I didnt take much pictures last semester. Now, its as if i am making up for lost time. As i was looking through pictures, i found this. The boyfriend seldom likes to take pictures, this was a perfect one. Taken by my younger brother when he was here. Made me miss him alot, he's got quite a talent, don't you think.

This is my new found good friend. I'm her nutritionalist cum fitness instructor now. Am so proud of her, she's been running with me everyday and we just went swimming! The other day, i brought her to church for the first time and she got very emotional. Then, i did too. Oh, and i told her that she can pray to God to lose weight. Well, i did when i had bad skin! My beautician then suggested to me, and she prayed with me! It sounds silly, but that just shows how good my God is.
The colours here are just so vivid. Nothing is edited on my blog.

The leaves are turning red and falling, winter is approaching.

A chinese teenager took this picture and the one below for us. I complimented him that he can take pictures, the ang mohs usually cannot take a decent picture for us!

City-wide-mid-year SALE!

Shows how much i like to jump.

My friend commented that i should check the cathederal out up on the hills. Apparantly, they have a fantastic choir. With my car, i am able to! Will find it one day. Oh, and did i mention i am going to bring my travel mates to the Hill Song church for service in Sydney! I cant wait to attend service there. Hill Song is like such a big name!

Haha, because i am the itinery planner. So although they are non-believers, they will have to follow me.Otherwise they are clueless! Ok, ok..i am not dictative. I did give them a choice...but they don't mind attending a free concert (that's what i told them about Hill Song. hahaha.)

See, i am not spoilt. Even though i own a car, i still take public transport! We're on the bus.

The funniest thing was, my friend actually took the EXACT SAME pose as me last year, without me knowing when i took this pose! Guess its natural for everyone to do this. Very typical.Hah.

I did not chao keng ar...that is my skirt! This beautiful dog came up to us when we were waiting for our food. Owner was nowhere in view. The dog actually immediately jumped on me and pawed me when i was walking towards it. The boyfriend said, "Must be a boy." So cute, so cute. Whoever wants to propose to me next time must do it with a puppy. Oh, and fireworks.

Don't say why i never study but work during my's because i can study while working!! Yeah, Singaporeans probably cant comprehend how that can happen. But i'm telling you, i can here!
Look at my temporary collegues from the office. I did most of my studying there.

Such a different experience mingling with the Australians. They tell me more about their opinions, culture and perspective. The girl in black is my age, and actually worked in the mining area for the last 3 years! So she was the only girl there, yadda yadda..and the mines here are something like in a ulu place. So she was telling me about the brothel there etc.

Train station. This was the night of my last paper. Must celebrate mah!

The supposedly Chinatown. Got sambal stingray to be found here!

I simply love this Korean steamboat lah. Brought mum and IVan here too. My third time eating.

The winter jacket dad bought me with the recommendation of my aunt in Germany (its actually considered their budget stores) actually keeps me so warm till i perspire! So even though it comes from a budget store, its of quality i guess. Maybe to Germans its budget, but to us, its quality already. But the test will be when i go Melbourne and Sydney. Its much colder there. Winter is actually sunny here!

I met the migration officer. I actually meet the requirements for a PR. Not easy yes..should i?
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