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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Beach Lovin Walrus

When i saw this, it reminded me of this:
I was ALMOST its twin, with that pose.

I probably seeked inspiration from watching Animal Planet the night before.

And that's a walrus's penis bone. Wait, how come animals have penis bone and humans don't have?

Oops, i don't have an imitation of that picture.
P.S 2 of the pictures are sea lions.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Fair and Square

I was plagued by teenage acne when i was 15. It was pretty bad that my self esteem got pretty low. My self confidence was 120% before, with teenage acne, it reduced to 90%. Which is still pretty high, haha! Please don't mistake confidence with proudful though.

So i knew what it was like, having bad skin. I overcamed bad skin (search archives for Saving Skin), and i asked friends if they would rather have gorgeous features but plagued with bad skin or plain Jane/ Peter with baby smooth skin. It was quite a tough choice for some, but i think i will prefer the latter.

To me, even if he is superstar good looking, I can't bear to rub noses/ cheeks with him while making out. I risk bursting his pimples, and the blood/pus, worse case scenerio,  BOTH ooze out and onto your skin!

See, this is what a girl with pretty features but bad skin looks like.
Ok, Christine Lankin was doing the movie Hottie and Nottie with Paris Hilton and that was her character image. But you get my point.
Here is her with red carpet make-up. Frankly, even with all that heavy make-up, i didn't think it made her dead drop gorgeous unlike natural beauties like Kristen Kruek and Liv Tyler.
But when she goes au natural.......WOW! That's what good skin does to you.
ZA invited me for a facial with their new products.  
 I was pretty glad this invitation came at the perfect timing. I was having a break-out! 3 sore ones on my chin (it's that time of the month). The first thing i asked the therapist, "will there be extraction?" Having extraction or not determines if the facial is a REAL full session facial or just one of those "trial" versions. She said gently, "no." My heart sank and thought today my pimples won't be going away.
Her hands smelt so nice and felt so soft. I was literally in Dream Land.

ZA's new True White Plus range. Following statistics, Singapore is following closely behind China, Taiwan and Hong Kong (in order) in vainty. Women in Asia are pursuing the crown of being Snow White!

I love being out in the sun, i enjoy water sports so much that Mix-mix mentioned that my face has 2 colour tone! He said that my forehead protrudes further out compared to my cheeks and therefore gets more sun. Thus my forehead is a darker colour than my cheek. He calls it the nice tan half. I do not want to look two-faced.

The products used in this facial used the prism enhancing system to clarify, refine and polish my skin!

I usually don't go for the whitening ranges of skin care. Knowing that i am out in the sun often, i certainly can't be slathering whitening cream on my body. That would simply be contradicting, like girls blotting their french fries with tissue to remove the oil. And assuming that the whitening skincare will whiten my face, i don't want to look black-and-white!

How wrong i was! Whitening skin care do not whiten your face. Instead, ZA's True White Plus range actually clears the dead cells then re-texturizes it to create radiance, brightness and absolute clarity!

I was so happy to see that my 3 eye-sores on my chin was clearly losing its anger to create havoc. I have to be frank, it didn't totally disappear, but i was surprised to see it NOT red. In fact, if i had done the usual facial with extraction, it will be gone for that day, but the next day, it might return WITH A VENGENCE!
You know, what i appreciate was ZA didn't HARD-SELL. The therapist wasn't going on and on about her products, she actually let me SLEEP! Seeing the results actually MADE ME all the more curious to know what were the products she used. Looking at the ingredients, there was only ONE thing i recognised...VITAMIN C!

I know this is good for the skin, because i paid $1800 for it at BioSkin. #$*&^@!

On a seperate note, i do not know what is the hype about Ippudo Ramen at Mandarin Gallery. There is always a SUPER long queue. So i had to try it. Arriving at 6pm, it was secluded. By 7pm, the queue snaked outside.

9 mini winglets, marinated with different spices. Price: $12. Verdict: Passable. Pizza Hut's spicy wings are better.

Home-made potato salad with bacon bits. Price: $8. Verdict: not worth for its small amount. One small tower, though in picture might look big.

Didn't even bother taking pictures of the ramen. Soup tasted ginger-y and i don't understand why the supposedly authentic Ramen here is always sparsely filled with ingredients! I know your essence is in the soup, but this IS SINGAPORE! We're yao kui peopld, we like to see ALOT of ingredients in our bowl! That makes us feel more satisfied, thinking we've got our money worth.

Damage done for 2 bowls of ramen plus the above 2 side dishes, plain water as drinks = $59.

So not worth it.

OH, i think you'll be happy to know you can do the facial AT HOME TOO!! The ZA products used in my facial will be out in March at Watsons. I am guessing they will be affordable too! Good skin at reasonable prices. Give yourself a treat in March!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Been planning alot of activities as of late. I didn't give them any rest. After a late night out, already the next morning i am giving morning calls asking them to come join me swinging in the trees (an adventure course in Bedok).

I have been receiving emails from Doctor Date or Love Doctor informing me of Singles Meet-Ups. Usually at places like AMK Hub, Novena and City Hall. I have to pay $10 for admin fee and expenses is on my own. I DO NOT know how i got onto that list, but i find it amusing. These emails are made to be as inconspcious as possible...exact venue will be revealed after payment.

They are probably afraid that gate crashers will appear and mock at these sad sods. But really, there is nothing wrong joining a social agency. When you hit the working class, you hardly meet new people or make new friends. I know of many Singaporeans who officially stopped widening their social circle because there is no opportunity to. Then most of their friends are either married or attached, which leaves them to their own four walls, tub of ice-cream and an erotic novel.

Expats however, are forever partying. That's my impression of them. Can't blame them either, they come to a foreign country and has effectively zero friends, not counting colleagues. I actually felt sorry for this 40-ish ang moh who was buying a single ticket for Avartar at Cineleisure. I figured he must have just arrived, and its his first weekend.

So i'm glad i am showing the new boys in town other forms of socialising other than just partying. CNN provides entertainment, drinks and fun at no cost. Cab fare home at own expense. Maybe you should join my mailing list :P

The Mystery Behind the Nod, or Bob.

I was trying to apply for my India visa earlier but first i needed some answers.

1) I forgot my passport but i have a photocopy. Is it enough?

~ wobble wobble~

I looked at the guy beside him (Singaporean Indian i assume) for a translation. He said "No, you have to bring your passport here."

2) Did i fill my form correctly?

~ wobble wobble ~

Singaporean Indian translated to me, " You need different addresses as character references."

3) Can i use correction tape to correct that or i need to fill up a new form?

~ wobble wobble~

Singaporean Indian translated to me "You can, but there's no need to."

I WAS SO AMUSED. Indians wobble their head from left to right, when asked a question. It's neither a nod for a yes, nor a shake for a no. It could mean a maybe but this documentary says it is NOT a maybe.

It's 9 minutes, but it's pretty interesting. There's more hand signals to scold somone other than the commonly used middle finger. As usual, the Japanese and their weird antics...we usually do the finger circling the temple signifying "he's crazy". To the Japanese, that means intelligient. Unless, you do it ANTI-CLOCKWISE. That, means crazy.

In Singapore, many people show the number 3 like the OK sign.
But in America, 3 is signalled like this:

Imagine, if  a US spy is among our midst, we would be able to detect him simply from hand gestures! Therefore, it will be good to watch the above documentary. To avoid trouble because of our ignorance as we are now more widely travelled.

All in harmless humour, here's a pretty good explaination with the head wobble.

Trust the Indians to come up with an ingenius idea for a Unique Selling Point, even for a small hawker like a Rojak stall.

I'm not sure which is the original one (there seem to be imitation singing rojak man), but this is the most rythematic.

I look forward to visiting India for a culture shock this March.
1) Visit the tomb of Mother Theresa
2) Attend a traditional Indian wedding
3) Visit Indian Museum where they have everything from a Mummy to the skeleton of a whale
4) Find out if India really smells of cow dung & coconut oil everywhere (it's good luck if a cow visits you and dumps in the middle of your living room!)
5) Buy the authentic Karma Sutra (the one where the pages are yellow like a Kungfu manual. Yellow with age, not anything else!)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Photographed by Dominic Khoo,
Have you heard of the library game? 5 men pick cards and 1 gets a forfeit. The objective of the game is you CANNOT MAKE A SOUND while being tortued. It's funny when you're not the one being played.

Pluck nose hair = outwitted. The Japanese obviously is bad at English, but they sure do have some crazy ideas!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Chinese New Year festives started on Kay Poh Rd. Chinese are known to be busy bodies.
We strated off with green sauce on Mexican burritos. Cafe Iguana at Clarke Quay serves the best magarrittas! With free nachos as well.
It was a good crowd, absolutely fun talk over green sauce and alcoholic strawberries.
Old friends meet up, new friends get acquianted.
Then i had our family reunion dinner the next day and it's the most indulging one we've had. We've always had been frugal and made my mum slog over the stove. My darling took us all out for scallops, lobster and premium meats. We concluded though, that it's still cosier to eat at home. Away from the hustle and bustle of the over crowded restaurants.
Chinese New Year is a period for meet-ups among family and friends. I love this part, as being Chinese is all about kinship and relationshps. The cousins were discussing about our family tree. We're actually from some clan in *fill in the blanks* province of China. A Western surname usually gives a hint about their profession. I. E Wood = carpenter, Smith = gold. That's how their surnames come about! In the olden days, they gave themselves surnames according to their profession. My surname means Yellow in Mandarin. So either i'm meant to be a descendent of the royal family (huang di = king in mandarin) or i am just a yellow yellow dirty fellow.
Chinese New Year is my most favourite holiday. More than Christmas. Being single, i get paid to eat. You get to collect ang pows (red packets with cash) for as long as you stay unmarried. You see, its a blessing to be married, and so married people being a level higher than others, according to traditions have to give out cash to bless those poor sods who are single and unwanted. Not everyone is generous though. Some ONLY give to children below 15.
My dad loves writing notes on his ang pow to us. I used to collect but after collecting 5, i realised every year his message IS THE SAME! And so i threw them away, and kept the most recent year until the new one replaces it. It's akin to the new replacing the old, since it's the same anyway. This one is what he wrote to my bf.
Ang pows as wager. Dad challenges the newly minted Army boy.
Boys eager to be Men.
And realises, it's painful to be a man.
It's also one of the traditions to "play cards" during Chinese New Year. It's a great social activity, and one believes to be lucky during this period because red colour abounds in decorations. Quentin was probably wearing red underwear that day. He is also intensively admiring the girls on the cards. The boys couldn't quite concentrate on their cards with the scantily clad FHM girls gracing them.
Such a good long weekend, that we ended Chinese New Year by trying out Wave House for the first time!
I could balance nor stand for the first 2 times. But i did on the 3rd. The trick is to put most of your weight on your back leg and lean back! Even if you do fall, it's pretty fun too. Like on a water slide.

1 hour costs $30, 2 for $50 on a weekday. If the queue is full, you probably get to go 6-7 times in an hour. Do bring your photo ID, it's VERY IMPORTANT as we learnt it the hard way.
Royal Rumble.
Silver Surfer.

The other girls didn't want to go on the waves, stayed by the sides and was our cheer leaders. Oh yes, girls wear tops because when you fall, the water rush is strong enough to undo your bikini. I saw a couple of butt cracks and i THINK i had a nip slip. Clothes are allowed on the waves. I saw men with board shorts and tee, girls with tee and shorts.
The floating heads, lined up in ascending degree of tanned skin.
There were alot of foreign workers on Sentosa that day. Where else in Singapore to go right!
Kermit the frog getting ready to jump.

Men, no matter at what age will always be boys who play.
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