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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Walking with Dinosaurs

Other than Disney’s Little Mermaid, The Land before Time was my favourite cartoon. It was one cartoon I watched over and over again. I was quite a tough nut, but the cartoon made me cry when the 5 dino babies became orphans and missed their parents so much.
The lyrics of the theme song are imprinted in my head, just like how Part of Your World in Little Mermaid is. Listening to it brings back sweet memories of sitting in front of the TV. That’s how I became four-eyed. Hahaha.

I was absolutely stoked to know the award winning BBC series, Walking with the Dinosaurs is coming to Singapore with a $25 million production. 20 “live” dinosaurs will be roaring and roaming in an extraordinary theatrical production. That means no, it’s not a movie, no it’s not an exhibit, but a LIVE show. I bet it will be A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

When I saw the brochure, immediately I texted my friends to ask if they’re interested in a dino experience. It is, after all, going to be once-in-a-lifetime. What if they don’t return again? It’ll take another 65 million years. Then I started discussing price ranges with my friends. The cheapest would be $38 (off peak) with the next tier at $68. If the dinosaurs are going to be life-sized, I think I would be able to see from the back of the auditorium, won’t I? But then I thought, perhaps if I’m too far back, I won’t be able to scrutinise a dinosaur’s genitals! That is, if they do have one.

Like Gurmit says, the tongue is THISSSS big!

If a dinosaur can typically be over ten metres high, twenty-two metres long and weigh around eighty tonnes, if their genital is in proportion to that body, it should be a few feet long? Why do we then never see them drawn even in scientists’ reports? Then, I thought about the giraffe. They are known to grow up to six metres in height, and weigh as much as 1.5 tonnes. So a giraffe’s willy looks like this.

How dinosaurs really mate is like this:

You know, maybe back in prehistoric times, the dinosaurs were probably too stressed up about the climate change and thus lost their sex drive. Furthermore, they didn’t have a government to give incentives in producing babies.

I am really really excited about this production, why wasn’t I in Orchard to come face-to-face with baby T-rex and his cute puppeteer!

To watch more behind-the-scene clips: and
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But of course, the official website.
Tickets are selling out fast!

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