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Friday, June 27, 2014

Soccer Babes

Everyday, the men were discussing about 22 men, 1 ball and 1 gold cup until the screen captured Jang Yewon, a Korean babe.
Alas, South Korea, Asia's last shot at the World Cup was eliminated. My mind went to the gutter as i looked up a different cup.

Now that the qualifiying teams are out, i wondered about the cup size of their women and if they could be "big" winners too.
According to D breast map found here, the women of U.S and Columbia seem to be the big "winners," boasting mostly D cup bra sizes.
Just further down south, Latin America's women are mostly Cs. Like Brazil and Argentina.
So is most of Europe. 

It was quite odd to not be able to find a Dutch in a bikini. 
Mexico, according to the breast map is B but it doesn't seem fair judgement. 
As for the smallest chests, apparently those are found in Africa and Asia. 

Not sure if the breast map is accurate, do breast implants count, or are we talking au naturel exclusively? What do you think?

Nonetheless, according to a study, looking at breasts can prolong life. The world cup, every 4 years, what a time to be alive!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Types of Men i Went out With

In my conservative culture, we were brought up to believe we marry our first. However, everyone's first may not be the prince charming we thought to be. We don't share pur experiences, because we don't want to be deemed a slut. However, experiences with the opposite sex comes with even just going to the movies or to dinner. It doesn't mean sex. 

With the coming of age, and believing i've decoded The Game, i feel compelled to share. So that women can learn and encourage each other. A good friend married her first & only boyfriend. When we talk about relationships, and i was able to draw back past experiences as examples, she could only listen, shrug and say, "i wouldn't know, i only had one." I'm not sure if that was a glint of envy in her eye but i'll pat her and say with a grimace, "you haven't missed much." It could be a glint of envy in my eye instead, that she struck jackpot at first instance (i hope she did). 

My European friends however, believes having many experiences with men (i don't mean sexual experiences) makes one a more interesting character. I'm still indecided if these interesting "ex" stories should make it to dinner topics with my new found date, but for sure they have made me who i am today. Clearer with a mind on what i can compromise, what i cannot. Confident with myself, to speak my mind. Generous with a soul, without fear of being left behind. 

I share not to make women have power over men, but to have power over themselves.

The Eager Beaver
I've met 2 eager beavers, whom i've decided they weren't as respectful as the rest. Coincidentally or not, both came from very wealthy families and they were both more than 4 years older than me. Both the eager beavers revealed themselves in the cinema (was a first date). We were watching V for Vendetta, my arms were crossed (they ought to know what a woman's body language say) but he managed to worm his finger into my clenched fist, with my arms still crossed! He then inserted his finger in and out my clenched fist and circled my arm with his finger tip. I felt very uneasy with his sexual innuendos, but because i was still young and naive, i had no guts to walk out of the very dark cinema. Besides, V for Vendetta was a very good movie!

The latter eager beaver booked a couple seat for our first cinema date! That is a no-no, but he did it anyway. He tried to hold my hand but i pulled it back. He then put my hand on his lap, and i pulled it back again. Exasperated, he looked at me and say, "you're just not that into me." 

The Alpha Male

I was very attracted to alpha males. I think it could be because in my household, my mum dominates and i thought it shouldn't be. Little did i know that the alpha male's heart has no space to contain you because his ego takes up majority of the space. The alpha males i know are also narrow-minded. He dictated who i went out with, what i wear and how i speak. The only time he put my interests before him (like giving up his sweater for me), he couldn't stop harping on it seeking praise and acknowledgement from me. 

The Smooth Operator
I learn to be wary of these types. I've met one that when with him, i felt like a queen. When apart, neither a text nor a call comes from him first. When the rose tinted glass came off, only then i knew he was doing the same with many other girls  and i was one of the others. Leading a double life is second nature to smooth operators. 

The Confused
They are usually nice guys in a relationship but because they didn't know what they want, they end up making bad decisions. Self-awareness comes with age and experience. I thank the man i liked who told me after 2 months of seeing each other that it isn't working out. At least he didn't lead me on longer. 

The Scrooge
Men usually are less calculative than women and find it gentlemanly to pay for a date. I've no qalms going dutch on a first date but not when its been requested schemingly like this one did! We went to an affordable Korean restaurant and the bill was $30+. On the table was a standee that advertised discounts when you pay with UOB credit.  He asked me if i had the said card to pay. After i said no, he then swiped out his UOB card. It was like a movie, where the unsuspecting murderer shows his hand. 

The Friend
They are the best. Despite having motives to ultimately make you theirs, they are unrelentlessly there when you need them (unless they get taken). Men whom i feel so comfortable with in my skin, they don't judge and love me for who i am. Ironically, chemistry is still necessary to make it brew so you don't quite get go at the first sight. When it does, i have hit jackpot. 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

How to Make a Tan Last

June is here and it’s the month of events, parties and celebrations. Needless to say, travel and beach outings. 
I’ve always envied girls with the honey golden tan, something that I felt I could never achieve. Until I found the secret in getting and maintaining that tan.   
The secret in making a tan last is exfoliation and moisturizing.  It isn’t a shocking secret, but not many of my friends have the habit of moisturizing daily after shower nor exfoliating once a week. To be honest, exfoliating regularly can feel like the last thing on my mind when I live with my parents (still) and if I take any longer in the bathroom, I’m afraid they may ask if I’m counting hairs.
But before heading to the beach, I make sure I exfoliate with Vardi & Migdal the night before. 
By gentling rubbing the finely grinded Dead Sea salt gently on my skin, it softly exfoliates and removes dull, parched surface cells to prepare my skin for the tanning to come.

  Furthermore, every opportunity I get near a bathtub, I would lug along the spa Dead Sea salt for a relaxing aromatherapy spa experience! Without paying at least $100 at a beauty spa out of home. 
If you need to know which Singapore hotels provide bath tubs for your staycations, Quincy and Crowne do!
Exfoliation regularly however, serves to reduce the build up of dead skin cells that can clog pores and prevent the skin from growing in a healthy manner. Giving yourself some body love will increase blood circulation and it will help condition even the driest hands and feet.
A good scrub goes hand in hand with a good moisturizer. They are inseparable, like ham and cheese. If not part of your regular routine, moisturizing after tanning is the best way to hang on to that sexy shoulder by slathering on lotion. Vardi & Migdal’s Dead Sea body butter in peach and wild flower not only drenches skin in moisture, it smells so good I have to resist licking.
Body butter (s) usually feel rich to the skin, but Vardi & Migdal’s Dead Sea body butter was quickly absorbed into my skin, leaving only a fresh silky softness.
I asked my friends and not all of them have a habit of moisturizing their bodies after shower. If there’s anything I learnt from the strip club, it is to slather on within 3 minutes after shower to seal the moisturizer.
Vardi & Migdal products are created by world leading dermatologists and many of their products are infused with minerals from the Dead Sea. I haven’t thought much about the fascinating healing and therapeutic properties of the Dead Sea until I made a trip to Israel 6 years ago. My pastor swears by the dead sea products, so I bought a skincare and body care set. As a tourist, I just can’t leave without buying anything from the country!
Besides, at that time I was battling combination facial skin (oily and dry) and mild alzheimer in between my toes. The minerals salts (up to 8 key minerals) in the Dead Sea each have a healing property of its own all mixed into one Dead Sea. Dead Sea products are touted to cure or alleviate ailments from skin problems such as psoriasis and atopic dermatitis to rheumatic diseases like various forms of arthritis and fibromyalgia. Whatever it is, it did not give me an outbreak on my face and seemed pretty suitable for my then problematic face.
  Dead sea products are usually not cheap, because of the large amount of science and research into a bottle. This body of water is mind bogging as it is, the astounding geography of the Dead Sea makes it the lowest dry point on Earth, and it has natural buoyancy that makes ANYTHING float without effort. 
The Dead Sea exists in an environment hot enough to leave behind high amounts of salty minerals after evaporation but I can’t be scraping this off, can I?
Neither can I pack Dead Sea mud from the source.
To continue benefitting from Dead Sea products, one source is Vardi & Migdal stores found at Wisma Atria, Plaza Singapura, JCube and Star Vista.
Treat your skin to something good, turn your bathroom into a spa.
Vardi & Migdal is giving away a bodycare package worth $365! All you have to do is, hop over to their Facebook page, like their post and share to win. Last entry will be considered 30th June.

How to Reignite the Spark

A girlfriend just passed her first year anniversary with a baby in tow shared that its a conscious effort to revive their sex life. That usually includes her making the first move like giving her husband a handjob at the lights.
A male friend shared the mini project he has with his girlfriend which is to donate a coin in a jar every time they make love. Once it is full, they'll remove a coin everytime they make love. It filled up rapidly in the beginning of the relationship but now that they're married, also with a baby in tow.....the jar reminds full, mocking at him silently.
Is it a man's role to reignite the spark? Or can a woman take charge? I believe in the Asian culture, men predominantly makes the first move but women can be responsible for their own pleasure. 

1) Pay a visit to the adult store
It's not dirty, you don't have to go for the hardcore stuff like 2 girls and a Cup, or the hannibal masks.
It can start simple, like my girlfriend who bought garters and net stockings for her first visit after much persuasion from me. I remember seeing the adult store in the middle of Bugis Village having a Ladies' night with store-wide discount on a Tue or Wed. Adult stores in Singapore are expensive, so stock up the next time you visit Japan, the motherland of kink. 

2) Keep an open mind & laugh
Love dice can be a riot. Like this pair. I rolled and got "Massage Dramatically".

Or a dramatic massage could also be like this

I rolled the dice again and i  got "Dance together- Intensely". Maybe its twerking overloaded.
4) Out of Home Sex
Notice i didn't say outdoor sex, because outdoor sex after a certain age has no appeal and is overrated. Past 30, a nice bed , clean sheets and controlled temperature gets people more in the mood for love making. That's not to say it has to be at home all the time! Being in unfamiliar places like a themed love hotel can reignite the spark.

5) Read a book
First, you have to admit you ain't very creative. Then you go online to find articles and start building a reference notebook of tips. Like a checklist or achievement list, endeavour to try a tip each time.

You're not alone, as Singaporean women reveal in a survey their inner passions and deeper thoughts.

6) Smell good
I don't spritz perfume before cuddling as perfume can be suffocating. To smell good nonetheless, I use LUX's new Classic Collection, a collaboration with a global fragrance expert Calice Becker.
As the nose behind branded fragrances like J'adore, Tommy Girl and Beyond Paradise, LUX's Soft Touch shower foam and bars is not only much cheaper than those expensive perfumes, it is also less intense on the nose when intimate. The texture is milky and left a lingering but subtle French rose smell. It makes me feel so good that it's an instant confidence booster. LUX's Soft Touch is also infused with moisturising SilkEssence that my man wouldn't be able to resist rubbing his nose into my soft and silky mounds. Hehehe.
If you need more ideas on how to reignite the spark, check out the House of Lux.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Lost in Transit, Crowne Plaza Hotel


Changi Airport fills me with all sorts of emotions. As a kid, my grandparents would take me for no reason, just to hang out there and watch the planes. As a teenager, I always loved sending people off at the airports because it means i could pay a visit and had a reason to go. As an adult, i still loved visiting the airport but disliked being the one left behind. I don't know why it didn't occur to me to do a staycation at the World's Top 10 airport hotels Crowne Plaza Hotel.

And i did.
Walking down the corridor to my room, it was surreal. I had to remind myself a couple of times that i haven't left Singapore, despite being at the doorstep of jet setting away. A tropical resort hidden within an airport with modern steel architecture. The hotel was spacious and airy, the walkways were lined up with water paths and greenery.
Singapore is starved of space. Like the cities in Hong Kong and Japan where hotels are tiny but expensive. Hotels for me when travelling merely serves the purpose of a bath and sleep. When i do staycations locally, i can't help but find myself getting out and do something. We all prefer to stay in a hotel centrally located and that often is distracting. What is different about having a staycation in Crowne Plaza Hotel is that there is less distraction to leave the hotel to do something. Although, East Coast Park or Pulau Ubin is a stone's throw away if you really needed to do something out of the hotel.

But there is absolutely NO NEED! I got the King Premiere room ($272/ night) that has a door that opens directly to an outdoor pool!
Almost at the rooftop of Changi Airport, it is beautifully landscaped with a "maze" in the pool where little pockets with jacuzzi jets can be found. 
For the same price, or slightly cheaper, as those hotels centrally located, Crowne Plaza Hotel is value for money with the standard of luxury.
Gorgeous sun set and pool lights
Crowne Plaza is located in Changi Airport's Terminal 3, where a supermarket NTUC is conveniently located. We scoot down to get snacks and bubbly for the night!
With also a 34 inch flat screen TV, I caught up on all the latest movies with the cable channels available. 
Surely, there is also a gym and a spa for hotel guests' enjoyment.
While in-hotel buffet restaurant Azur serves one of the best international buffets I've had, if you're up to venture out for a walk, you can check out the below.

Ramen Champion
#B2-58 is like a foodcourt that serves only ramen. There are 9 stalls offering all the same-same but different ramen, they are the best of Japan's brands.
Four Fingers
#B2-02 is the newest outlet of the infamous Korean fried chicken that boasts to be the best. I can't quite figure if it's Korean or American. It's supposedly Korean but brought in from New York. Nonetheless, its outlets are always packed, even the one as far as Changi airport!

I was too full from ramen to fit this one in, but it's on my list to-try.
Imperial Treasure
located in Crowne Plaza Hotel is my go-to for lip smacking dim sum. The salted egg liu sa bao and crispy pork are must-eats!
If you need to work off all that food, you can play a game or two of air hockey and other electronic games at arcade Zone X also found in Terminal 3. Nostalgia much!

And if you need to satisfy the shopaholic in you (as if you are on holiday), check out Sophisca for its imported sweets with quirky packaging like majong tiles, sanitary pads and more.

Crowne Plaza Hotel, clearly not just in transit.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Food Innovations

Singaporeans are foodies, and i'm a Singaporean who's always on the hunt for something new!

Bakeable Kit Kat

Kit Kat in Japan is legendary for its unique array of flavours. Soy sauce and wasabi was the strangest. Now, they outdo themselves with a bakeable version!
Not available in Singapore, a friend got some back for me to try and i did. Taking it out of the fridge for awhile, it started melting a little. It must be Singapore's humidity. I nibbled the raw Kit Kat, expecting it to be doughy (bake-able no?) but it wasn't. It tasted like white chocolate! Yes, it was edible. 

I popped it into my unconventional oven (you'll know when you see the instavideo) and baked. The result was an ugly looking Kit Kat because i didn't quite follow strictly to the instructions. It's fascinating how the raw Kit Kat would melt when out of the fridge, but be able to bake and change under oven heat. The result was a very crispy Kit Kat that was mind boggling with its inventiveness, but was alittle too sweet for my liking. 
Space Soups

Muji's freeze dried soups remind me of the dried ice-cream for astronauts found at the Science Center.
Except it tastes better, fresh and low in calories! There is a variety of flavours and they all taste so real! As if it was cooked from the pot, with fresh ingredients. The soup isn't cheap, each packet can make 2, 4 or 6 serves and it averages about $2 per serve. It doesn't create a big bowl either. It wouldn't be filling as a meal, but nice as a snack. Plus it's low in calories, starting from 18 (depending on flavour). Japanese #FTW

Giving freeze dried eggplant and radish soup a go                          
It's slightly salty, but Japanese soups like miso is always salty. The vegetables (cai xin) are surprisingly crunchy, and the eggplant expanded to large pieces. This would be perfect for rainy weather at home.

These freeze dried soups can be found in Muji stores in Singapore.

Design Your Magnum

To celebrate Magnum's 25th anniversary, i attended a decadent event where Singapore's largest chocolate fountain was on display. Standing more than 1m tall and over 100kg of chocolate flowing, it made it into the book of records.
A dessert chef and local fashion designer collaborated to put up a fashion show for guests using chocolate as jewelry pieces. 
If you haven't been invited to the party, fret not. You'll get to see all of them at Customs House Terrace, One Fullerton where it is the last time they'll install the Magnum Pleasure Store on our shores. It'll be a unique date idea!
The best location saved for the last. Get a view of magnificent structures like MBS and others.
The makeshift Magnum parlour is decked out in brown and silver, celebrating pleasure and indulgence.
Offering an extensive menu of desserts from cakes to cocktails to fondue, what takes center stage is the Design Your Magnum podium. For $7, create a unique flavour combination by choosing up to 3 toppings from 18 selected ingredients. You also get to choose Magnum's finest chocolate coating - white, classic or Infinity Dark.
I was feeling adventurous and went for classic to dress up my vanilla bean ice cream bar, topped with sea salt, mixed flowers and chocolate hearts. A friend commented it looked like i was stuffing potpourri into my mouth but the sea salt went really well with chocolate! The mixed flowers gave it a fragrant smell and wasn't bad to eat. We and the sun finished it within minutes. 
After all, a day without pleasure is a day lost. Go, design your Magnum before you never do again! The pleasure store is until 23 July, from 12 -10.30pm daily.
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