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Friday, January 16, 2009

I love free Indian cuisine.

See, already had something in my mouth.

Boy Caught on Fire in a Case of Misadventure at Barbeque.

It looks like someone's crotch is on fire isn't it? Ivan had to play with the lighter, and it burst into flames on his hand. Quite exciting. Are you afraid of fire or water? Both for me. But i'm not afraid of the dark or heights.
Not quite sure what's with all those hands.

Had a BBQ last Tuesday at the roof top of Siping's house. Fantastic hang-out place.

Look at the boys staring intently at Disco Boy. Its this lighted up ball that sings Crazy Frog and bounces around. The battery was dying and the boys were taking a bet how long it would last. So they stared, and stared, and stared!

Dogs are attracted by lighted up balls too.
They were also researching over the theory of 'giving energy' to the ball. If you touch it, your energy passes to it, therefore giving it more battery life.
It was so windy on top that we kept wanting to do a Marilyn Monroe with my flowly skirt. But it was a total failure and ended with this shot. I know, my legs look awkward.
SP was saying 'group shot, group shot!'. Obviously, everyone else ignored her. Except Elynn right behind with her funny expression.
Showing off their latest handphones.
Roof top Frenzy.

The honey wings are fantastic.

Do you see Ivan's hotdog?

Couldn't control.

Can you count how many heads are in the picture?4.
We haven't hung out for a year. It was a little quiet at first when we just gathered. But into the night, we warmed up and what a night, i miss those nights.

This is it.

Monday, January 12, 2009

And so, i need a picture to put on my CV. Since i've the looks, got to use the looks to sway applications. Haha! But now that i've to take portrait, full-on, i don't look that hot anymore, do i, Toufu boy?

Hotness is with the lighting, the angling, the sexy clothes.

IC photos never look good. Fine, maybe for me only.

See, lose the shirt, add the angling and the dress...i look more appealing. Can i use this for my resume instead?

Which will you hire? Comment on this post, if you wish.


I learnt not to be greedy. I learnt not to be cheap-skate. I learnt sometimes free things are better not taken.

My long nice eyelashes are now burnt and spoilt, they look like pubic hair.

P.S My friends who chose to lose their eyes instead of their **** in a terrorist hostage situation, perhaps you might like to watch the movie Blindness to reconsider your decision.

Friday, January 9, 2009

The Bright Side of Life includes Nice Earrings.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Turning 24.

Casanova and his bevy of babes. Maybe she's less popular this year (but really, just alot more friends are still on holidays), only 70 turned up compared to 200 the last year. 200 turned up last year, can you believe it! Machiam wedding dinner la! Nonetheless, she is a very popular girl, a social butterfly and loved by her friends.

It was a smashing birthday party because many people not only get to eat cake, they get to network too.
It was held atop The Sail. Look at that view, 44 levels up. The facilities are astounding, mud pool, spa, pool gym. I look forward to enjoying the view and the facilities on his rent! Because what good is it if you haven't got a friend to share soaking in the pool with and bouncing a tennis ball with no one? Fingers crossed that we can really host a coupling party at the same spot come Valentine's. Anyone RSVP-ing yet?

Before the sun sets. It's a silver themed party! I was telling the birthday girl i aint got anything in silver. And i thought of coming wrapped in aluminum foil. Luckily, i found my grey winter dress. Good thing it wasn't too hot.

4 men that night asked if i was Japanese or even local, and alot more others with random questions. Conversation starters, i suppose. I had fun networking, but at the end of the night, all i want to do is sip champagne and lick ice-cream with him.

Such a funny picture! They said this is a shopping ad.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Does it remind you of Mickey's hand in Disneyland? I have never counted down in public before, because i hate crowds. But i made an exception for 2008. It was a relief that Singapore had a rather good system with the public transport and police to do crowd control. I even emailed SMRT at 6pm that day to ask what time was the last train, they replied me almost immediately! So impressed. Unlike Australia...they reply enquires a week later!
We had prime not too crowded spots to watch the fireworks from On The Bund at Clifford Pier. All thanks to our social butterfly.
I was telling them i had this idea of a guy proposing to me with fireworks. Maybe i think its romantic to be seeing shooting stars with your lover. And since shooting stars are like one in a thousand times that you catch it, fireworks are equivalent.

And when i thought of that, i didn't know fireworks were THAT expensive. So the guys were saying if my man proposed with fireworks, does that mean he don't have to get a ring? Of course he had to get a ring still! Because a ring has a meaning to a marriage. But, the ring doesn't have to be a diamond one. Nor expensive. I'm quite happy with a white gold or a nice plastic one. Then again maybe i'll be practical and he can propose with a cheap ring PLUS a walk-in wardrobe of pretty clothes. 

Seriously, i don't understand why must a price tag be tagged to the proposal ring. Why does Chris Lee spend $50K on his proposal ring and those Hollywood stars $1.5 mil. If that is the case, i'll rather have the cash and buy my own multiple bling-blings. 

But i'm not quite a jewelry person. I prefer fashionable accessories. Like this, i won't get my fingers chopped or ears cut in case of a robbery.

So boring right! All in black. I wanted to wear red. But it's too sexy, and i had to take the train home so i did not.
The Christmas tree is still up! My office last week was already playing Chinese New Year MTVs.
That pose did not quite match the Pochantas look. Alot of people commented on that braid though, even the security guards! I was afraid Singaporeans don't quite take this fashion. Was worried i would be mocked at. But i guess since it was in black, it wasn't too attention grabbing like those in pink or brown.

They say i look like from an epic movie. Cleopatra perhaps? 

Kenneth says he reads my blog because he is not as happening as me. Ha. Actually, i am not happening at all. My everyday life includes going to work, coming home, jog then dinner, TV and sleep. Weekends are spent packing my room, reading and church and the occasional shopping. It's just that when i do go out once in awhile, i cam whore and upload. Therefore you only get to see the happening stuff! You wouldn't want to read my mundane life and see me in pyjamas, will you? Besides, i don't want my blog to be really like a dairy. It's more like a log of events!

But i must admit, ever since i met my new group of friends, i am going out more, and i'm loving it! Because Singaporeans just work too much=boring.

 Finally, i get to wear all my pretty dresses out.
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