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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Moi, Best Dressed?

I love theme parties. The bunnies over at White Rabbit threw their 2nd Anniversary party over the weekend with the theme Double Trouble.
Appropriate poses for bored receptionists.

My friend and I went as a dynamic duo.
Met other characters along the way.
They sure do melt in the mouth, and not in the hand.
For the first time, people came up to compliment my male partner instead of me.
Pimp Pumpin' Hunter & Lapdance Leopard.
My vote goes to this duo. Awesome creativity! Guess what's in their wrapped package?
A 6 inch dildo!! Best present ever??
The girl on the left was hot, the way she danced, nonchalent yet aware of the attention she's getting. She worked the outfit, even they barely covered nothing (hot shorts, butt cheeks showing, you get the idea).
This Uncle and Auntie took their role play serious and spoke in character. The girl even walked hunch backed all the way lah!
He obviously had a big appetite.

I bought the dress in Australia, but never found the guts to wear it out because of it's loud leopard preens. (i'm not Ris Low). Finally found it's use, coupled with tail and ears from Japan. 

You should totally check out (and i must stress only Asians can carry it off, Ang Mohs don't try, ever).
Sorry! Nothing against the teenager, but i find that Ang Mohs don't suit the 'act cute' or teh (as we call it) look. They're better with the Victory sign or act tao or sexy look.
It's like look at this Asian chick who did the same pose, she's doing it half heartedly, but she still looks cute, although to me, it seems like she's doing a fart with her arms or she looks like a duck (quack quack).
Ok fine, if you're pretty, no matter what you do, you still look good. Just like a supermodel can make ugly clothes look good. If you say it's unfair because the Asian girl looks better in general (subjective) than the first ang moh girl, here's a better looking Ang Moh.
                                      My younger brother says: Her forearms are fatter than her face!
Although i think she has quite a pretty face, otherwise she's actually ugly and she uses her hands to cover her face.
Younger brother: *cough*
Younger Brother: Oooo, chio.
Younger Brother: squeezing blackheads?
Younger brother: You look like you're going to punch someone.
"This pose is the classic anime/manga cat girl pose, where they put their paws up to their cheeks. The word “nyan nyan” is sometimes used to describe the noise a cat makes. The pose is quite simple, using one or two hands, make a fist and put it up to your cheek with palms facing outwards. Optionally, you can wear cat ears and a collar with a bell on it, if you want to make sure no one misinterprets this pose."
 The Korean and Japanese stars started this trend, uniquely Asian!
All these cute asian poses remind me of this advertisement. I can't stop replaying it over and over again because of the song!

Apparently, it's a phenomenon that people started imitating it. Most of them makes you cringe like this one....

So that's how WE won best dressed. And my friend has graciously given me a larger share of the prize!

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